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DIY: The Glam Brooch

Oh, I feel the presence upon me ... the textural sparkle and twinkles of gems, and you know what that means? It's time to get glamourous! Understanding that for "some" of us that means just about everyday. As for me, well I've recently been eager to create a glam brooch, a versatile trim to add to a favourite hat or blazer.

After gathering a few remnants of fabric that I initially regarded toss worthy; of course I decided to grace them with one last look  only to find an end use for the sheer pieces. Enter, the glam brooch. Enjoy!                          

Materials needed:
Leather or PU

Small scraps/1X1 pieces of sheer material
Clear all-purpose glue/Sealant
Gems, stones, acrylic beads, etc.
Loose glitter 
Brooch pin back 

Empty stone settings (optional) Easier way to manually place fabric around gem)
Sewing machine/Needle & thread (either)

Glam Brooch DIY
Click images for zoom

Cut a rectangular piece of leather to size preferred. Mine is approx. 3" x 1.5" or so.
Fold pieces in half or sandwhich them together (with fabric face-to-face), stitch all around rectangular shape or whatever shape that you create. (If you don't want to use a sewing machine, with right sides up, carefully glue your pieces together. Or by folding in each inside edge of the leather use a needle and thread to make a whipstich or straight stitch around the leather.)

Next, for visual sake I arranged my gems on the leather beforehand to get an idea of what I wanted.

Take a circular cut piece of fabric (lace, or sheer, or netting material), slightly larger than each gemstone, and one by one cover a gem. If you use a larger size or square sheer piece make sure to twist the bottom ends and tuck underneath, still leaving it fairly flat on the bottom. Holding in place, glue back bottom of gem. Let dry. (If you use hot glue wait a few minutes.) *You can carefully place each covered gem on wax paper until dry. Cut excess material from gem back. Repeat steps on each gem that you want covered with fabric.

Ladyofashion DIY
I only wanted a few gems covered to give my brooch character. Place a small amount of glue on the leather areas that you want your gems to be positioned, then place each gem on glued area. Let dry completely. 

Use scissors to cut around the shape of your brooch, carefully cutting in-between the spaces of the gems that are hanging along outter edge from leather. Hence, I've made an irregular shape (for the body of the brooch) by using teardrop, square and circular sized gems, along with other various shapes. Take sealant or all-pupose glue to dab small amounts atop the gems. Lightly sprinkle brooch with glitter to add a glam effect. Let it sit to dry. Afterward, brush a coat of sealant/clear glue to lock-in the glitter.

Fashion Tales Brooch DIY Tutorial
Lastly, use glue to adhere the metal pin backing to the brooch. You may also use a clip backing or add a clip to the pin back, making your brooch more versatile, additionally as a hair clip or hat adornment.

I loved it so much that I made a second version! 

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