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Getting Back to Normal


Unaltered and accidentally taken this photo happened when trying to turn off my camera, and quickly before heading out to catch a flight. Afterward, I sifted through images as I normally do deleting second-guessed ones, also keeping many that seemed only loved by me. 
Although some images taken from holiday time spent were great others weren't very much, but along came this shot (above) ... one that I just loved. Certainly, it is blurry, however at that specific moment it really captured the essence of how I felt: slightly out of focus, yet still able to get through the day and figure out what tasks were needed to be complete.

Everything is much better now that I am slowly getting back to normal. Are you managing? Perhaps, you've already gone through your swing shift and now able to enjoy being at ease. It's interesting how just one major holiday can transform your regular routine, and so rapidly. As for the rest of us (myself included) it may take a little bit longer to entirely change back into professional gears and work-related day methods. 

So, yes I am back ... happily very busy, and propelling forward with gigantic breaths as I continue to enjoy this incredible new year, which may also have me buying a new pair of superwoman shoes just to keep up! Pardon the delay, but this layover has now ended.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

The goods: Belt-DIY/ladyofashion, Beaded necklace-Gestalt Collection, Dress: Love Culture, Clutch-DIY/ladyofashion, Tee-H&M, Swarovski earrings-gifted

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