Operation: Inspiration


Here's a few elements of influence for those "necessary" times and jolting needs for motivation. Many of us bloggers have read the very helpful articles on what to do when you're in a dispirited state. They have aided me in times of blogging halts, and certainly there's hundreds of good ideas out there, but what if you've done that already?

Or perhaps you're trying to ponder about an idea that isn't quite like your blogging norm or usual posts. Here's other ways in case you need an alternative inspirational HELLO!

What I Did Last Week: Surf
Take a moment and surf blogs that aren't on your blog roll, I have recently been inspired by several blogs that I came across merely by reading threaded comments on someone else's blog. You may have started doing this in the beginning, maybe it slowly faded as you got busier or stuck in your routine. 

Though it's great to visit your daily reads and regular blogging hubs sometimes it's quite a refresher to make a pit stop at an entirely different blog, one that you wouldn't normally read. It may spark inspiration for a post. 
Pinned Image
 Lovin' From the Oven

For instance the other day I went to visit food blogs (one of my favourite things to do), initially I was in search of a specific recipe. Sure, I found the perfect meal that I wanted to prepare, however the added bonus was not in the simplicity of the recipe. In fact, after viewing images vivid enough to make anyone believe that all items plated were tangible through the computer screen ... I found inspiration.
Make a point to visit a museum or select of a period of art, educate yourself and search art from that era. It may help you find a new love and more importantly a new post. I know everyone may not love museums, but I try to make it a point throughout the year to visit a museum from time to time, even when travelling for work. The influence does not have to be literal. Often a piece of art can inspire you to do what you've been trying to do all along ... to THINK!
                                                      (Broccoli handbag source)

Pinterest, The One and Only:
Pinterest is absolutely addicting, you'll get no argument there from me! And I love viewing inspiration from all across the globe. Instead of only posting the images on your blog, tell your readers why you loved it? What drew you to the image in the first place? We cannot always assume because it's a beautiful sunset, does it remind you of a significant time in your life?

One of the elements of pinning that I love is the fact that the origin of the link is attached [to the image pinned] from an online source. I almost always look at where the image was initially pinned from. Why? Because many times it's from a new blog or website that I have not viewed before. Additionally, it's an excellent way to see what other inspiring photos you may want to pin to your boards. Think about it! That one image pinned referred you to loads of elements that may potentially be of great influence to you and for a post.

Music of My Fashion Heart: Finding Your Tune
Music brings me joy and makes me smile, whether I'm having a glowing day or going through a dismal period. Remember this lyrical post last year? I was originally inspired from my own playlist, one that I call "Early Riser," a concoction of worldly upbeat tunes. 

There were several influences for this post, one being the connection that I made of the artists on my playlist ... diverse groups of people who are all categorised as musicians. Hence, the sharing of  a wide range of bloggers who I asked to interpret their favourite song or lyric in an outfit. In the end I was influenced more than before.

  *prior tweets before this tweet*
A Tweet of Inspiration:
Do you have a brand or style icon who isn't a typical "style icon per se?" How would you dress them? How would you translate details of their style to suit your independent style? On twitter the other day, Ashley of What Would Ashley Wear asked tweeters a simple question (above) that caught my attention. Our session went on a bit ... by tweeting her back my answer it helped me to think of a new project that I'm currently working on. 

You may also want to check out the IFB Project! Even if you don't participate, reading various inspirations from the posts may trigger another thought for a future post.
    Everett Collection

By now we all should be aware of how much of a role social media and your networks can play. It may be especially difficult to keep at it minute to minute and day-to-day. I know that I occasionally have fallen from the tweet towers. However, I'm gradually getting back into the routine of tweeting and have been influenced in more ways than one in the past week alone.

These may seem obvious, but when the day seems dark in self-motivation and inspiration there are times when it's not only the rules and guided lessons that help you. It's in addition to everything else, often the simple details that we may already know and overlook. 

Other images: www.gamemedia.wcgame.ru, www.pinterest.com, edited by Ladyofashion


  1. I did it... I joined pinterest.  I know-- late to the party!  But I am quite excited to be there... and of course the inspiration it provides.  
    I've also taken up a bit more surfing lately.  Nothing crazy, but just a bit....

  2. These are great ideas for inspiration! Thanks for sharing them as sometimes I definitely find myself in a rut! 

  3. Heard a lot about Pinterest but how does one join? Is it open to everyone now?

  4. Just messaged you + invite! :)

  5. Thank you! they've helped me many times! Thanks for sharing as well. -xo

  6. I often find inspiration when I get out of the house and explore!

  7. OMG I remembered that game. Good times!!  Love this post. :)


  8. thanks for the great tips. I like to visit new blogs too but sometimes I just wish i have more time to. But ever since getting a smart phone, I can now surf on the go...yay. I like Pinterest. I am going to follow you now.


  9. These are great suggestions!  One thing I really miss about living in New York are the museums.  I used to go all the time and just get lost getting inspiration from everything! 

    Sometimes just doing other things you love besides blogging can inspire a blog post.

  10. Fun post, darling!
    Loving that broccoli bag!


  11. Oh, yes NY has some pretty incredible places. I've never lived there, but only visited. I'm also often inspired by non-blog related things.  Thanks for your comment dear. -xx

  12. Hey there Mongs, thanks! Mobile blogging and surfing is pretty much how I do most of my blogging these days, being on-the-go! So happy that you are apart of Pinterest world now. Will see you there! :)

  13. Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle31 January

    love your inspiration, it's so important to remember to keep all of this fun and creative!

    xo mary jo

  14. GlamKitten8831 January

    I lovelovelove blog jumping.  You call it surfing.  I call it jumping.  Same thing.  It's one of my favorite things to do.

    http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  15. you are right, i feel like my blog reading has become a routine, and that I MUST get back to everyone who commented on my blog and by the time i'm through I feel like I don't often have enough time to go exploring new blogs.

    But that is not something which should be ignored, and I know my readers who enjoy my blog will return again, even if I skip commenting for a day or two.

    I definitely need some fresh finds!

  16. Thanks! Yes, responding should not to be ignored of course, (however way that one does it, whether it's visiting their blog or replying back, or by tweeting, etc.) 
    It's also refreshing to grab inspiration from unexpected, and [sometimes] simple places. :-)

  17. Thanks Mary Jo! I agree.

  18. Oh to Be a Muse01 February

    i agree that visiting a different/new blog can spur inspiration. i also am enjoying sites like we heart it and fab.com.

  19. Paulinalg01 February

    I like everything that inspires you!


  20. I absolutely LOVE this post! It is amazing just how many places we can find inspiration!  :)

  21. nie post :) i like the broccoli bag and the operation inspiration!


  22. Da Paura03 February

    Love this post, such great blogger advice!  I too like to once in a while check out new blogs via comment threads, etc.  It's so exciting to come across new inspiration!

  23. I wish I had more time for Pinterest or Tumblr! lol, I definitely agree - I try to visit new blogs every now & then, and of course, you know how much I love music!

  24. Thank you very much! :)

  25. Absolutely, sometime inspiration is literally around the corner! Happy weekend to you doll! xx

  26. Great! Can't wait to find you! :-)

  27. These are all great great suggestions. I especially love pinterest for finding new sites...I am always so happy to discover new places for inspiration.

    And thank you for including my pic! I loved that post of yours; all the contributors really took a different approach and it really came out lovely. 

  28. Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com06 February

    I'm a blog surfing junkie. :)

    GREAT blog btw. Thanks so much for popping by mine recently.

  29. Surfing is such a great way for discovering new blogs. Thanks, it was my pleasure to visit your space. :)