Colour-Blends: A Pail of Inspiration

     Lanvin- Spring 2012 Ad campaign (Source)

If you follow me on Twitter then you're probably aware that I've been heavily into orange, and yellow colours quite a bit recently. Honestly, I actually adore a multitude of colours and their variance in shades, however I wanted to provide you with a dash of inspiration for several other colours that I'm looking forward to wear. 

Each year and season we [the stylishly flavoured] get anxious for another environment transformation as well as changes within our wardrobe, thanks to the effects of our surrounding climate. And that's what makes it fun! The constant evolution of art celebrated on our bodies. What hues will I be expressing? For starters these ... and here's a special taste in fashion, home and everything in-between ...

I have been delving into the archives of my closets feeling the need to bring back a few items worn previously, because you know clothes are meant to be worn more than once!  From colours resembling candy to blinding brights with an almost intensifying heat index there's something for everyone to enjoy and wear in their own way. 

Green: Mint/Neon:
             Inspiration: Wear them all!   (Source)
                   Breckelle Oxford flat (Urbanog)
                                       Celine  (
        I also like to interpret trends in the home.  (elementsofstyleblog)

Orange: Peach/Coral:
Excellent, I can bring back my coral top!

  Old to new: A favourite coral top.                         Mila Shon (source)
Brood Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear 
                  Brood  (Source)

Blue: Sapphire/Teal:
Acne Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Acne (Source
CARVEN Spring 2012 Fashion Week Photos 562718
Carven  (Imaxtree

Yellow: Butter/Marigold

      Burberry iPad case- (Luis Viaroma)                   AX Armani Exchange men's watch (Nordstrom)

 Jil Sander Tonal Check TieLanvin Double Bow Tie

Pretty, delicate, feminine, and airy. What's there not to love? A candy-coated embrace with soft fabrics brushing against your skin, and the setting: a perfect climate.
Elie Saab Spring 2012 Haute Couture Photos 577229
Elis Saab (Source)

Preen (Imaxtree)
Oh yes, I almost forgot, haven't you heard ... lace isn't going anywhere! It's a good thing, since I have loads of it. You know I'd wear it regardless.      
  Cameo via Pixiemarket
And I may bring this skirt back to life!

Enjoy your week fashionistas!



  1. I say, bring it all back!  As for me, I am loving pastels!

  2. Brilliant inspiration, Madison

  3. I can't wait to wear it ALL!! Thanks for the inspiration Madison!

  4. such a great post! loving ALL of the inspirations

  5. An amazing collection of photos!! Love this post,inspiring! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  6. I am so obsessed with mint. I need more of it in my closet.

  7. I love colours!! Need to buy something yellow! And Elie Saab is my obsession:)  I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)

  8. haha! ALL? Absolutley! Thank you Rocquelle! I'm so looking forward to spring and all of these beautiful colours. 

  9. So am I... so am I Sherin! -xo  :)

  10. Spring Fashion is usually not that exciting to me but this year...I am SO ready for it!  I love the variety we're seeing in the trends, it's not geared all within 1 particular trend.  I can't wait to see you bring back that skirt in the last photo :)

  11. this post is a beautiful feast for the eyes! i cannot live without colour!:-)

  12. Great neon balloons! :)

  13. What a fab post babe, loving all the inspiration!! :) xx

  14. You're a girl after my own heart, colours is my kinda thing too and that Lanvin ad campaign captures that stunning aquamarine colour I love so much!

    Amazing imagery and loving your outfits too!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Slowly catching up with everything I've missed!


  15. I'm really starting to feel springtime with all the vibrant colors here!

  16. Yes, I loved this Lanvin campaign so much as well! 

    Thanks doll happy weekend to you too!

  17. It certain is!  Thanks for your comment Stacey!

  18. I'm loving all of the colors!

  19. lovely colors, and that house with the mirrors, crazy!!

  20. I cannot wait to break out the color.  I've already started to, in fact.  Was tired of everything being so dark. xoxo

  21. i really want a pair of yellow shoes... they look fantastic!

  22. mint, i am completely into mint! i have an AW mint sweater, so hard to combine, but it is one of my favorites! 

  23. Stringsandbuttons18 February, 2012

    That lace skirt is GORGEOUS! And I especially love that it's in pastel. Very cute blog all in all! Thanks for sharing.
    Dee from

  24. I'm super excited for yellows and oranges toO!
    I am definitely excited for neons and bright oranges and yellows!

    Shasie of Live Life
    in Style

  25. I'm so ready for spring as well! Enjoy your weekend hun! -xo

  26. Gizelle Faye19 February, 2012

    i am never one to shy away from colors and this post is just soo stimulating with all the amazing color inspirations...<3

  27. Ohw, it looks all exciting too try out. Don't you love it when u can bring back a piece to a new season? I'm definitely going in my wardrobe before buying anything this year, u never know what u'll find.

  28. Jonna Hammarén19 February, 2012

    Love all the colours, great post :)

  29. GlamChameleon19 February, 2012

    I'm sorry but I'm gonna need to say both neon and pastels will work for me this spring (and summer)!:) Marvelous selection and examples my dear!!!


  30. so many great trends!!  beautiful inspiration!!

    - aimeeSwellMayde DIY's

  31. Great inspirations lovely!
    If you love my blog follow me on bloglovin

    Dasha Gold

  32. Loving all of these colour combinations - especially the saphire and teal + the pastels - so lovely! xx

  33. I love yellow and could use a pair myself! Have a great day. :)

  34. Yes, I am loving pastels so much lately!

  35. Thanks Aimee! Have a great day!

  36. Definitely! And I am looking forward to wearing more items from the closet, pretty much the norm but changing it up a bit for fashion freshness! -xo

  37. Ha - I'm working on a pastels post right now and I was thisclose to using the photo of the kitchen you chose. :) I'm loving everything mint green right now.


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