DIY: Boot Strapping

Haven't you ever wanted to change a plain boot at some point? No? Well, I have! Perhaps you acquire some boots strictly for the reason of being able to integrate them into diverse ensembles. As you know I enjoy changing up my accessories and this time I wanted a shoe embellishment ... make way for the boot strap!

Here, I've created a no-sew versatile boot strap. Initially, I designed a strap that included a small amount of sewing, but I had a few of you in mind for this no-sew project and decided to create a simpler one. 

Don't fret, I have many other projects in the works that do require a good sewing machine for my fellow advanced fashionistas. Enjoy!
Leather or Textured PU
Metal rings (circular) - 2/ea. strap
Paper for pattern
Studs - 8
Other trim (optional)
Chain - Cut 2 approx. 6"
Fabric glue-heavy duty
Measuring tape or ruler
Needle-nose pliers

After I created my pattern [essentially from the width and length, the circumference of my boot ankle area] I cut my fabric; the widest part of my strap was approx. 5cm/2 -2.125+/-. Seam allowance was added only at the ends of each piece for folding over the ring. approx. 4cm/around 1.5" for larger straps and 5/8" for smaller ones.  This may be adjusted depending on how you want your straps to drape. I decided on a tiered look. 
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There are two identical pieces per strap, depending on the thickness of your leather, (for my second style I used one-layer pieces). On each strap fabric glue is applied in-between each layer. Let dry, then start folding each side of your (widest) strap on the metal ring. To secure attach a stud to each strap-end, using the stud's prongs as a guide for piercing ... an awl may be used to pierce through the fabric as well. (Secure and flatten the studs with needle-nose pliers by squeezing the prongs closed). Repeat these steps for each strap.
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Next, attach chain to the metal ring between one of the tiered straps (I altered this for my second pair). You may need wire cutters to adjust the chain links to your liking. Lastly, trim your straps by adding studs and/or other embellishments and that's it! Repeat steps to complete second boot strap.
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  1. wow!! me encanto!!!

  2. francesca romana capizzi20 February, 2012

    Woww! What a cool idea! You did a great job!! I love these straps!
    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  3. Absolutely brilliant. I wish your photos were bigger, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a lovely week, Madison

  4. That is really cool, must try that!! Hope you have a great week :) xx

  5. Looks so simple, but what a great transformation!!!

  6. Oh wo you have done an amazing DIY job on these boots!! Love them!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  7. sartorialsidelines20 February, 2012

    Wow, those came out so well - they look great!

    Courtney ~

  8. Very creative looks great!

  9. GlamKitten8820 February, 2012

    I might be slightly obsessed with this DIY.  It's so cool!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  10. I know super easy and so much fun to wear and dress up a boot!

  11. You may always click on the images to make them larger!  :-)   Thanks!

  12. These are pretty cool!!!!   I would never have thought of this!

  13. amazing DIY! well done ;)

  14. Stop it you! I feel like this is one of those addictive diy's. Like now all your boots need fun strappings, lol. 

  15. This is so cool. I never would have thought adding straps on my favorite boots. Great idea. :)

  16. so so cool thank you for sharing!!

  17. Oh to Be a Muse21 February, 2012

    i've definitely wanted to recreate and switch up boots so this is pretty awesome. another great DIY!

  18. Madison, you brilliant woman you!  I absolutely LOVE this!  I nearly spent $150 on a new pair of boots because they had the embellished straps.  Now I can make several that I can transfer to a few pairs of boots I already own!  What a wonderful DIY :)


  19. So cool that it belongs in a mag!

  20. Yes, I wanted a couple of changes to a boring pair of boots. lol   Thanks so much!  I'm happy the way they came out. -xx

  21. Thanks so much Cy! So glad that you liked them. Well, to each his/her own, but it I can get away with making many things like this I try to, unless it's AMAZING! I suppose I'll be selling some of these very soon. haha! 

  22. GlamChameleon21 February, 2012

    U have such a marvelous DIY brain!!:) Luckily for us!!!;)


  23. This is seriously one of the coolest DIY's I have ever seen. I LOVE the way it changes the entire aesthetic of the boot!  :)

  24. You are talented, man. That is cuuu-uuute!

  25. you never fail to amaze me with your creativity. This is such a fabulous idea! Definitely resurrect a plain pair of boots!

  26. toooooo cool! i love the studs and other embellishments! very rocker chic!

  27. Thanks dear! So glad that you liked it! It's entirely versatile. -xx

  28. So cute! Adds such a great element of color to boots!

  29. What?!? This is seriously amazing!! Wow!! I love your DIY's, but this one is one of my favorites!! I really love how they turned out. 

  30. How fun and cute is this. Love it.

  31. Wow. What a great DIY! I love anything that I don't have to sew too much. :) The result is amazing!

  32. Thanks so much Mongs! That means a lot.  -xx

  33. Aww, thank you love, I actually created some a while ago, but wanted to design new versions! :)

  34. Chelsea Howard23 February, 2012

    You're a DIY goddess!!

    Now following your blog :)


  35. Thank you so much! Welcome to my blog! :-)

  36. Catarina Teles23 February, 2012

    That's the BEST idea that i have seen!!! Can I share this?? Visit and follow my blog if y like! thank y!

  37. Yes, you may certainly share my post, just be sure to link it back here. Thanks!

  38. GASP!!!! omg!!! you are truly creative these are beautiful!!!!

  39. I really like the first pair and think it would be fun to try something like this is in a statement colour like orange or fuchsia. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Bayann Aburub29 February, 2012

    love post!! following :)

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  41. Thank you. So glad that you were able to visit. Yes, I'd recommend bright colours as well. :)


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