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Several days ago I received a couple of beauty parcels, one being from my mother. It's great when something comes to you at the absolute right time. About 10+ or so years ago my sister introduced me to Yves Rocher, a French cosmetics company. 
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They sell worldwide and have an array of [affordable] diverse products. I've only been to one of their actual standing stores when my sister lived in Austria, which was nice because it was great to see loved products up-close and personal instead of merely on a computer screen. 

For some reason I had forgotten about this company, probably because there's loads of on-line sites that I frequent now, but it wasn't long until I was warmly reunited thanks to the beauty parcels sent to me.  
Outfit sneak peak: Sunny beige tinted worn alone w/ Kohl liner. Pardon the indoor mobile upload ... time crunch you know!
When it comes to make-up, for me it's always a bit difficult to find an excellent colour pigment match, however over the years I have found a few great brands that I do love. But, just like the changing of the seasons, my skin changes as well, therefore it's typically between a couple different shades and depending on the location/climate my skin just changes anyway!

So, I was extremely elated to see this sheer foundation/tinted moisturiser in the package. I don't typically wear foundation, I usually stick to light powders or bronzers - the very quick and easy solution. But, this doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all, and goes on smoothly.

There was also kohl liner in the beauty goodies bag, which I love! But, enough about that here's a few other treats that was included. 

  This is in sunny beige, basically perfect for me!
I have already made good use of the creamy kohl liner, which she says was a free-gift.

Restorative lip care: Lip balm glide with shea butter (above) It smells good, and works wonderfully!
       Smooths on like dust! 
This sparkle powder creates an illuminating effect, can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your preference: Made with virgin almond oil. It's growing on me, however at the moment I am a little too impatient to get it's full benefit, but I was able to use it once. Perhaps I'll use more for a night on the town! 

Of course, it's a bit different for me because I've been a long time Yves Rocher customer. In case you've never heard of Yves Rocher, I'd recommend grabbing their catalogue, or browse briefly on-line to see what products they have. 

You may also check your location, because they might also have a standing beauty store near you! I love trying new items, especially when it comes to beauty. 
An added surprise was from another company that I loved! It was the Hydra Mar Paraben-Free Face Scrub by Dead Sea. Skin rejuvenation: thumbs up! I found that you may buy it here!

Do you love any new beauty companies or stores that you've tried recently, or  even items that you've been graciously gifted?

I am living life, and working on an important project for work, so I've been a bit absent ... will catch up on your blogs soon. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


  1. The products look pretty luxurious!  I have a couple of favorite products from Stila and Laura Mericer, but otherwise I am always trying new things.

  2. heatherfonseca17 March, 2012

    I've been trying all the drug store brand options recently. I still find that my favorite foundation is br make ip forever. I guess we all have favorites! Your selections look interesting though.

  3. You look so gorgeous, darling!


  4. Notafashionblogger17 March, 2012

    They seem to be good products, I'd love to have the sparkle powder, I was looking for something like that!

  5. Sara Ucker17 March, 2012

     Beautiful! :)

  6. nice make up review! i like the way that liner looks!

    im holding a giveaway

    enjoy ur weekend!

  7. Your make-up looks flawless and gorgeous; and your the Cleopatra-esque cat eyes!  :)

  8. sartorialsidelines17 March, 2012

    I recently got some Urban Decay razor finishing powder and it's my new addiction, it's perfection!

    Courtney ~

  9. looks good ill try it!

  10. I am so boring when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products..i stick to the same brands. but I have very sensitive skin so when I find something that works I stick to it!

  11. Clara Turbay17 March, 2012

    cool blog well done.

  12. Emma Yamada17 March, 2012

    Your makeup looks Gorgeous! I recently got some Lancome lipstick that I am Loving!

  13. Oh nice, I've tried a few of their products. :)

  14. Thanks dear! I love the Cleo-style, it's the best one to fit my almond shaped eyes. ;) x

  15. Yes, it's pretty nice, and they have loads of other great products as well.

  16. haha! Yes, when you find a good product it's always great to keep it bookmarked. I also like trying new ones sometimes in case your favourite gets discontinued. (happened one year to  my fav lipstick :)

  17. Thank you! I love Lancome! :)

  18. I love your eye make up! It looks perfect. I actually just ordered a new skin care regiment, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

  19. One of my Mum's friends used this range and often sent me things she'd tried and wasn't keen on. I always forget about them. x

  20. love this, i'm always up for some new product ideas!

  21. I haven't heard of this brand before, but it looks like they have some amazing products!

  22. Cute pieces! I´m adoring your necklace. There was a company and it was an expensive brand but they did not ship outside US so I had to give it as a gift to my virtual friend who lived in the US. You´re lucky. :)

  23. mythriftycloset19 March, 2012

    so many interesting products. I don't use a lot of products on my face, my make up routine is pretty simple. As far as possible I try to make my own like scrubs. That sparkle powder looks really fun, it's great for evenings. What a lovely package!

  24. Yves Rocher has quite a few shops in Budapest,  so I know them well. :) Their anti-shine daily face cream is a dream, I love using it! As they use a lot of vegetal ingredients, their products smell soooo good! :D

  25. Fabriziaspinelli19 March, 2012

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    products are so nice!

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  26. oe I love the sneak peek, that purple color looks amazing on you! perfect with your skin tone, curious 

  27. i love it when you find new products that work for you!

  28. Oh to Be a Muse19 March, 2012

    Looks like a nice tinted moisturizer. i like to use TMs too, especially in the summer, but right now my skin is acting a fool, so i've been using foundation. but it can be hard to find the perfect match at times.

  29. I want that sparkle powder! Love that shot of you!

  30. I love trying new skin care and beauty products!!


  31. That liner rocks! Your eyes look incredible!

  32. Yes, it's so good for the summer. your comment made me laugh when you talked about your skin acting a fool! Totally understand that one. lol  -xo

  33. I love their products! It makes sense they have one there as well. Glad that you've heard of them too! 

  34. yes, a good time to give it a go. (if they are still fresh) :-) xx

  35. Yes quite nice products from bath, and skin to makeup, etc. Thanks for your comment. x


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