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Purple Rain

Here's 2 of 3 crafting projects that underwent a revamp for spring colour surgery over the past week. I suppose the one thing that I had in mind initially was the fact that I enjoy experimenting with colour. And as I always say dyeing fabric is definitely an easy way to showcase such an experience.

Then, there was also a pair of comfortable canvas wedges that I believe I've had for a good 8 or so years, and certainly on it's ending life threads. Originally the wedges were cream colour; throughout the years they have surprisingly remained cream, but I wanted a purple hue!
Before you toss those old shoes out, try dyeing them for one more wear!
Pardon the indoor shots, I had to make haste to head out for work errands today.
Remember this lovely crochet top ... well, now it's purple as well! Fret not, there are plenty of other lace items in my possession in cream and that I will never alter. One might say that I went on a purple semi-over-dyeing frenzy, but this is not so. I also dyed an old jacket orange (will show you at a later date) and sewed a couple of handbags. 
Yes, it was quite the creation festival last week in the studio with artist friends, gourmet food, and beautiful inspiration. Perhaps it's the transition into spring that conducts a symphonic flow of loveliness, one that affects us all in some way. Whether it be in colour, a blooming floral or just mere bliss in climate change. You know, that upbeat melody that we all hear around this seasonal timewhatever that is, it's marvellous!

Is there a special colour transporting you into good ol' springtime?

The goods: Lace top-Anthropologie-last seen here, Denim-Cheap Monday, wedges-last seen here, Necklace- Ladyofashion, Clutch-vintage

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