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DIY: From The Girly Files

Fashion Tales DIY
It's a notable fact that I enjoy everything from an edgy outfit to donning lace, ruffles (frills), and sweet feminine infused accessories.

Occasionally when I'm travelling I bring an inspirational bag with me, but this particular of bag is filled with needle and thread, scissors, glue, and a few random notions from my steam trunk of crafting goods. You never know when someone may need studs, an extra button, or a wire cutter on hand, right! And as a bonus this was the perfect simplistic punch that I needed to get my motivation back!

Without too much time available I decided to take some lace, grosgrain ribbon, and a handful of adorable bears to create a belt. I'm not certain if I was subconsciously influenced by the fact that my good friend recently had a precious baby girl or what? But, pale pink hues and nude delicate trimmings have been on my mind this week.

Note: Sparkle was additionally given to the belt for good measure.

Lace yardage
Grosgrain ribbon
Trim (microfiber bears)
Glue-(for fabric or beads)
Hot Glue

Needle and thread
DIY Fashion Belt
I cut the grosgrain ribbon at my preferred length (including waist + measurement tied as a bow) approx. 37in./94cm +/-  Then, I placed lace atop the grosgrain, gluing it to the ribbon starting from the center to the outer edges with small dot amounts. Playing with the placement of the bears I finally positioned them around 3-4 finger widths apart. Next, I dabbed bead glue to adhere the drizzle of shine that I wanted, which was the love of sequins placed across the length of the belt to add the elaborate touch that it needed. Complete!

I also found a few d-rings that I used to make a scarf belt. When you're in a pinch and want to rock your scarf a different way just take circular rings or d-rings and wrap about 2.5" of your scarf or any fabric around one side of the ring. If you don't have rings you may also use your bangles. Thinking on your feet will never feel better for those scarf-to-belt moments!

Lastly, make a double straight stitch on the inside of the folded end (where rings are) securing the fabric together. The opposite end is left free to wrap your scarf as a belt to your special styling as seen below. You may do other wonders with just a couple pieces of hardware. Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy belt options!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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