See and Be Seen: A Bold Brow Business


Let's face it creative packaging and marketing is everything when it comes to any type of business, particularly beauty related. Whether it be a sleek shape, intense colour choice, or minimalism in the typography, these may be additional deciding factors that are involved before the buy now verdict is deliberated.

When a specific item is admired, we dash out of the house chiming to our friends with praises of the newfound beauty loves, which occasionally may even resound of higher octaves than our normal speaking tones. Well, I had one of those days, but it started with a playful double feature film, only the technicolour was in the palm of my hand.
Fashion Tales Beauty Review Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anastasia, the same folks who created the Lash Genius sent over their new See and Be Seen beauty set, which included tinted brow gel, an eye shadow duo set, and two candied colour glosses. Before I attempted to open the items, I proceeded to do what I normally do ... inspect the exterior packaging. From a designing perspective, I tend to pay attention to why a company does certain things, i.e., placement of their icon or mere image selections.

Other than the splashes of pink and the vintage Hollywood glam-themed enticement, it was the '60s nostalgia of the 3D Viewmaster that struck me! Remember these? Oh my, how cleverly put together! The Viewmaster that was included in the parcel basically sold me ― it was the gift of beauty brain food providing a thorough rendition of their campaign's must-have items.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow kit Best 2012 Makeup
It also came with two slideshow cartridges that featured ladies with bold brows, including the one and only Audrey Hepburn and Lily Collins from the new film Mirror Mirror. Hat's off to them for brilliantly putting this marketing together. And, I had not even opened the main parcel at this juncture ... hence the entire point right?

The Beauty Scoop:
*Pros: It's an easy to carry feminine coloured glam set that works good on-the-go! The benefits of the entire set is that you may use each item separately if you so choose; none of them are completely dependent on the other. Certainly, they also work well when used as a beauty team.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Press
ILLUMIN8-Eye Shadow Duo-"On Set:" This was a winner for me because I adore golden eye shadow hues. This had tints of pink as well. I used it on my lids and right in the corner of my eye for an illuminating effect.

Tinted Brow Gel: Initially, I was put off by this brow gel, as many brow gels are always too dark or way too light for me. But, this one is surprisingly great and it sets the brows nicely! *Tip: works wonders with your favourite brow pencil for those in-between times, when there's no time to make an appointment with your regular "brow lady."

Hydrafull Glosses: "Heiress," the warmer tone of pink was my favourite colour gloss in the box, it's also very easy to mix with other lipsticks if preferred, so I was quite the fan of this one. However, "Plastic" was a bit too pale of pink for me, and even by mixing it I found that I much preferred "Heiress."

Both glosses glided on smooth, gave me great lip hydration throughout hours, and came with a flat applicator as opposed to the traditional brush style. I like flat applicators (for this), as I feel it allows you to use less gloss, yet still being entirely effective. Of course, like any makeup, you just have to try it out!

*Cons: At the moment, I don't have any! Therefore, I give this a 9.5 out of 10 from me, because I am able to use 3 out of 4 items, so I'd say it's worth it in my book.

When to grab this glam box of goodies? It will be available this month!

All opinions expressed are my own. 
Product: See and Be Seen-Courtesy of Anastasia.
Photo (above left): Anastasia Beverly Hills, all other images by Ladyofashion


  1. omg the viewmaster looks really cool! I'd want one of those haha

  2. Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle10 May

    Your brows look fab! I have all the brow stuff and always forget to do it, but it does make such a difference!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I have this set, too!
    Love the glosses!


  4. francesca romana capizzi10 May

     love anastasia products!!

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  5. Hi there, thanks so much for visiting. The packaging all looks so quaint and pretty. I hadn't known about Anastacia before, thanks for filling me in on the brand

  6. I love that it came with that old fashioned photo wheel. Very retro and cool.

  7. Loved reading your review.  I work in the beauty industry and can never get enough of hearing what people think about new launches :) xoxo

  8. WOW a product with 9.5/10!  This must be amazing and I'll definitely have to check it out!

  9. Great reviews - I must check this stuff out :)

  10. Ohmigosh I need the glosses immediately!  :)

  11. GlamKitten8811 May

    A bold brow goes a long way.  I'm a fan of dark brows.
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  12. Such fun stuff!  Have a great weekend. 

  13. Yes, it did its job! Have a great weekend. -xx

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  15. Thanks Mary Jo! I agree, yes it does make a difference. :)

  16. Thanks Dawn! Good to know that you work in the beauty industry. Enjoy christening the beach house. -xxoo :)

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    I didn't even know of the existence of brow gel... need to try this! The viewfinder certainly is genius. xo

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    I love all the new items!!

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  19. I loved that part of that package so much! -xx Happy weekend dear.

  20. The viewfinder is such a cool touch!  Thanks for the product review - it's cool that their non eye products are good too!
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  21. What clever packaging-- and it is nice to read that they back it up with a quality product!

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  23. Wow! I want one, I remember having that viewmaster when I was so young. Clever indeed! I hope we have that already here.