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DIY: Black Collar Fashion

I have a couple of bold collar "statement pieces" made years ago from costume work, however they aren't as casual as I'd like them to be. I thought this was the perfect moment to show you a way of creating your very own collar treatment, and in leather form, because I love working with leather just as much as lace, but that's a whole other story!

I designed several versions, and since there are many of you who have recently requested a few more simple sewing DIY's here's an easy version of my leather collar piece below.

Metal Snaps (3)
Metal piece as trim 
Measuring tape
Sewing machine 
Awl (optional)
DIY Collar Style Trends
Measure collar from shirt or create a pattern. Either way is painless, however by saving time you can simply use a blouse or shirt as an outline.

After deciding on the shape of your collar, mark and cut the leather. Make certain to follow the neck-curve, because your pattern will not be a straight line. You may create a piece with or without a collar stand. This version is done without a stand for my style versatility, and there’s hardly any sewing required. Of course, you may be prompted to use an ready-made collar with a stand from an old shirt as well!  

For stability cut interfusing, and adhere it to the collar piece by steam (ironing) or fabric bonding glue. Press flat. *This will be the same shape of your collar, yet slightly smaller than your collar piece from the top edge.
Fashion DIY Bloggers
Fold in the top edge of the collar and topstitch 1/8” (from right side toward wrong side), with the starting point approx. 5cm/2in.+/- away from the front end of the collar. With chalk or an awl mark placement for snaps, I opted to put them on the top part of my collar. Insert snap-tops: one on each side on the face side of the fabric.

Put the collar on, measuring the distance between each snap and cut one strip of fabric/ neck strip (+ with interfusing) that covers this distance measurement + desired width. This measurement will depend on how you want your collar to look, i.e., having a more open or closed appeal, and/or how your snaps are initially placed. My neck strip is approx. 3”L X .625”W.
DIY Collar Statement Pieces Fashion
Add the snap-bottoms (snap #1 and #2) to each side of the neck strip, leaving space in the center for your trim. Add a new snap-bottom (snap #3) to the center of the neck strip. For my trim I cut and used a metal filigree design. Glue the snap-top (snap #3) to your trim. Let dry.
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With this snap technique I am able to change my collar by using other trims I've made ... if you want to use ribbon instead of snaps that's even easier! I also decided to make a second collar in a different style using shantung silk, old chain necklaces, and a button trim in black and white. 
Mission complete! Now you have a new leather collar statement piece!

Stay tuned for more DIY's of all levels soon! Enjoy!

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