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Complementary Combinations


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I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Well, I took a short stint off last week, because I was taken out for an early birthday retreat, although my actual birthday is on Wednesday! However, since having to work away on an assignment I was quite happy to be fairly whisked away for revitalising moments. 

Though, it was only a couple days of rest, I do feel completely rejuvenated. And now, back to normal. 

I have also been actively planning a dinner party (for a friend), and trying to wrap things up soon as other important summer tasks approach. Lately, my event planning and negotiating abilities have been very useful ... this specific event is of a smaller magnitude than preparations for my parent’s anniversary gift, yet still a lot of work, so my attitude has been to just go with the flow!

This is an outfit that I actually wore not long ago to a fun outing with visiting family. I pulled out my DIY collar to pair it with this scarf printed dress as a unique accessory addition. I like scarf prints and other border-styled motifs, and I'm normally very selective with purchasing them.
 Scarf Prints
I acquired this dress in the Bahamas, essentially for a fraction of the price of a cocktail! It was during a period when it was beyond humid, of course, and one of those times when an easy pull-on silhouette (that wasn’t typically my style) spoke to me. Other than the striking yellow colour in this print, I was immediately drawn to the richness of the purple as well. The result: simply a couple years later becoming fond of scarf prints even more!
 Summer Scarf Prints

The goods: Dress-random store in the Bahamas, Collar-DIY, Sandals-Love culture 

*Lastly, I'm happy to be featured as photo of the week on Streets & People even though they got the city wrong!

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