Fashion Cassettes Side B: Getting Through The Storm


Both literally and figuratively speaking there are certain types of fashion selections that help me get through those stormy days. You know what I'm talking about! Whether it be a day filled with an incessant downpour or even those moments of feeling slightly irritable from mere situations of life. There is always something about fashion and art that I take away with me making it my own style-inspired demo. 

Sounds like ...
The beat would drop in an in your face Swarovski way of course, and punchy soundbites of platform struts would slowly fade in ...
Oh yes, a soul-lifter, a smile maker, and sparkled embrace it would be: I would grasp it and let the style potion run its course! The result is typically an inspiring air that radiates throughout whatever room I am in.
So, I thought that I would be so kind to grace you with a few fashion pick me ups, which are diverse types of inspiration that helps me get through the storms. A partial ode to followup from my fashion cassettes mixtape if you will. Enjoy!

For those times ... 

When your loved one is away: If you have an ultra-busy schedule like me then you may not be able to spend as much time with your significant other as you want, so cherishing precious and playful moments are even more important. However, when they're away there is still plenty of fun things to do!
Vogue Japan Nyasha Matohonze Fashion
 Vogue Japan: (Source)

Pull out a spectacular outfit from your closet and round up the girls for a night on the town! Every lady needs a fun party dress or even an over the top style that's perfect for such an occasion! This is truly a winner and an excellent mood booster! Especially, if all of your best gals don't get a chance to hang out very often. My friends and I generally have a fun dinner party twice a year where we come together from whatever location we're in, dressed glamorous and with no time constraints!

When it's raining outside: perhaps a cold chill is in the air, and you feel like it could not be more relaxing. Your eyes are engrossed in your favourite book, you're covered with a luxurious blanket, and the sound of raindrops hitting the window pane simply gives you that good ol' cuddly feeling inside. You know special tunes are required. Create your custom playlist or get inspired with soft melodies of rainy days.

 -In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
                              -Albert Einstein   

When you're going through a life storm: one that seems like everything is impossible, try reading inspirational words and center yourself around positive people. This is definitely easier said than done, but I will tell you it truly works! We've all been there ... in times of turmoil or feeling a bit dispirited. There may be moments when it merely feels like it's pointless!

These daily affirmations and uplifting words will create a powerful shake of inspiration and soon you will be the one inspiring others during their moments, and without even trying to. Go ahead, embed optimism in your life! 
Inspirational Quotes 
 (Image), Words of Theodore Roosevelt

Note: Also, don't forget to check out my interview with my friend, celebrity costume designer Andrea!


  1. I think this is some great advice!  And I couldn't agree more: clothing does have the power to effect mood!

  2. Mitha Komala12 July

    i love that white dress on vogue japan, so beautiful! nice quotes, clothes always affect my mood =)


    Letters To Juliet

  3. sartorialsidelines12 July

    This is perfect advice -- I need more fancy dresses and daily affirmations in my life I think!

    Courtney -

  4. francesca romana capizzi12 July

    great advices! I totally agree with you!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  5. Kim A.12 July

    this post is awesome! i have a small book that has daily affirmations in it and i read one every morning before i get out of bed. love what you wrote here. so beautiful.

  6. this is such a creative post, love it :)

  7. Love that dress in the first pic - so unique!

    The Other Side of Gray 

  8.  Yes, daily affirmations are good to have! Thank you, Courtney.

  9. Love girls night!
    Fun post, darling!


  10. Man, you have a really fantastic style of writing. It's almost a form of poetry, and was really really enjoyable to read. 

    Such great pick me ups here. That white dress is out of this world gorgeous. It's so sexy, but really feminine and classic at the same time. 

    I totally need that rainy day advice too! It's raining like crazy here in Paris and I seriously am going out of my mind. You remind me I just need to chill, embrace the moment, and persist. 

    You've got an exceptionally unique blog. Love it. 


  11. I just went through a life storm...this affirmed my changes!

  12. Anthea13 July

    nice quotes to keep me going these days and gorgeous dress!
    thanks for commenting on my blog dear, would you like to follow each other?Axx

  13. Thecloset36513 July

    Love the quotes!! They definitely lift some positivity to a person.

  14. Viviana Alma Falcone Molinelli13 July

    Love your post!!! and the Einstein and Roosevelt quotes! they´re great! xo, Alma

  15. miss b13 July

    Such an interesting post! I love the white dress- unusual design and you have chosen three excellent quotes - good advice!

  16. Hi doll, thanks for the beautiful inspiration for today, a lovely way to start the weekend.

  17. Clara Turbay13 July

    Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!

  18. GREAT! Interview. Your friend sounds so humble and appreciative of what she does...these kind of people make me happy :).

  19. Nice post! I love the quotes you posted here

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  20. Great post! Absolutely love that white dress.

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  24. Great quotes. And  that dress, so pretty..

    Satu Indie by heart

  25. Love the quotes but also the dress !!




  26.  Thank you Kim! So glad that you like it and came by to read. -xo have a great w/e.

  27.  Thanks so much! :)

  28. Thanks J! Yes, she is very humble, and always the same no matter what. :)

  29.  Thank you. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  30. Oh to Be a Muse13 July

    I've been seeing that dress from Vogue Japan around the blogosphere and it's awesome. And that quote is perfect for when it's raining outside.

  31. oh, thank you so much for the sweet and kind words. I'm happy that you were able to come by ... Welcome to my blog dear. Hope the sun shine for you in Paris soon. Have a great weekend.

  32. Inspirational post, thank you for it because my week was especially tough and not very uplifting till today!
    have a lovely, lovely weekend!

  33. That white dress blew me away - how gorgeous? Lovely quotes lady!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  34.  Thanks! Enjoy your wkd. as well love! -xx

  35. i LOVE that ribbon dress! it's so beautiful,. and wonderful little quotes and inspiration

  36. Clara Turbay15 July

    You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

  37. love this. you had my heart with the mixtape!

  38. love those quotes and that dress :)
    this is great post dear!!! take care.
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  39. Wow that white dress is mesmerizing. :) This is such an inspirational post!

  40. trishiekoh16 July

    I love the idea of having a mix tape for cold rainy days...lovely!

  41.  HA! thanks so much!  Glad that you liked it. :)

  42.  Thank you Jennifer!