Sean McGirr: Street Spirited With a Fresh Gait


Often the cover of a magazine catches my eye and I peruse through pages, and decipher just within a few seconds whether or not I want to know more about its contents.

There's also a moment when I'm on a call and the decision to press hold comes when another call is intercepted ... unaware of the details! That's exactly what happened when a friend of mine phoned me to view the work of emerging talent and designer Sean McGirr. 

After taking a brief look at McGirr’s pieces an expressive and wearable tale was utterly apparent. But, this time it was quite singular to your typical men’s apparel. The intrigue and preface was made in a glance, chapter skipping was unnecessary and I had to find out more. So, I spoke to the source himself to fill in the pages.
Shun Watanabe Stylist
     Vogue Hommes Japan

For menswear and accessories designer McGirr, creating an initial line that told his fashion story was paramount to achieve a collection that he was not only proud of, but garments that had a very personal touch. With two collections under his belt in a year’s time he’s already garnered a notable résumé having worked with acclaimed fashion editor, Shun Watanabe (Vogue Hommes Japan), and no stranger to the fashion scene, designer, Charlie Le Mindu.

Currently based in London, the Dublin native designs garments with a curve of freshness for the young man who is consciously upstanding in the midst of fashion’s commercial high of … sameness. Who is this slender aficionado wearing his garments? “He’s someone who’s very sick of street wear,” said McGirr.

London is totally saturated with street wear … I wanted to make a collection that was still relative in the street, but in a more grown-up sense.”
London Emerging Designers

In McGirr’s line inspired by Battle Royale, the influence of school uniforms was the setting for his style narration of what was later to come. It’s quite like a first chapter offering for the progressive lad, who in time evolves as a contemporary gent, all without too many quivers of direct mainstream persuasions. 

Pieces from McGirr's first garment assembly also had influence from his own style, music, and growing up as a teenager. “It was almost like an overview of my garment experience until that (teenage) point. The first collection definitely felt like it had to be made, because there was just a really strong sense of adolescence,” said McGirr.  

In his current collection, Stand and Deliver you’ll find a much more mature and tailored look, including double breasted jackets, and pieces with a more refined and modern sensibility than his first collection. “I was kind of inspired by how school uniforms can fit very badly, and I wanted to use the same aesthetics, but make them fit perfect in places, and quite loose and fun (in other places). There’s a lot more details in the fit in this new collection,” said McGirr.
Sean McGirrLondon Fashion Week Menswear Designers
Stay tuned, his style book has only begun! You may see more from Sean McGirr headed for London Fashion Week this September.

What do you think of McGirr's designs?

For more information visit:
Images: Courtesy of Sean McGirr.

Getting to know Sean McGirr:
Do you have any favourite designers or artists at the moment?
Salvator Dali, especially at the moment I’ve been looking at his work a lot because there’s surrealism, fantasy, and modern thinking. 
I look to Shun Watanabe … I love his attitude toward clothes! I also love Japanese label, Undercover.

A work that you’re most proud of:
Last year, I did a collection for Charlie Le Mindu, we raced against the clock, churned it out and it was shown during Paris Fashion Week. I was really happy with it.

My personal style described in a mere three words is …
Loose. Tailored. Boyish.

Any words of wisdom or advice you would give to an aspiring designer?
Know who you are, it takes a while sometimes to learn it: understanding what you’re made of, what’s your signature style, and what you bring to the table.


  1. McGirrs's looks are amazing... and let him know I've been to the Dali museum, here in Florida, a few times, pretty impressive! :) 

  2. It is great to see this young designer-- especially has he is only just beginning to define his aesthetic!

  3. Very cool looks!
    Love the lunch box!


  4. tia_cherie03 July

    Cool post. I like it how it is different from the regular London streewear.

  5. the line looks really different and unique!

  6. very different looks! would love to see someone on the street like that :)

  7. Wrench5003 July

  8. that's post is so cute! my congrats! u have a great style!!!

  9. GlamKitten8803 July

    I wonder if I could get Mr. A to wear platform shoes.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  10. Daniella03 July

    What a great and very interesting post sweetie! I enjoyed reading it and these looks are pretty amazing and actually quite original! :)

    Take care and also thank you for leaving me that comment on my new blog, it means a lot.

    Daniella xox

  11. All I can think is how does he walk in those shoes?

  12. I agree! Thanks for reading Alexis! :)

  13. Thanks so much! :) 

  14. As would I dear., would be refreshing to see. Hope you are well. -xo

  15. Fabulous post!!!
    Love the varying outfits posted!!!

  16. francesca romana capizzi04 July

    Amazing lines qnd cout! A very unique style!

  17. pratishtha Durga04 July

    Gosh, what a warehouse of talent! Make that raw talent! I love his unhinged, rock-hard style... Fabulous designs. Thanks for introducing us to his work. 

  18. Maiken M04 July

    hello, and thank you for the comment.
    I really enjoyed reading that article since I know so little about men's fashion and designs. I know my boyfriend would hate those clothes but hey, at least it was interesting to see something different for a change ;)


    Maikeni blogi - part of

  19. Amazing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. Herdiana Surachman04 July

    so cute, very cute hair


  21. Awesome interview! I am so digging this collection! I love the fact that it stays true to the street style of London - fabulous!  :)

  22. Gotta admit, I HATE those shoes :D But it's all very visually interesting. 

  23. beautiful inspirations turn amazing designs.


  24. Hhmmm, not sure about Mr. A, but it's definitely quite different than the norm! :)

  25. Thanks for reading Daniella! :) Congrats on the new blog.xx

  26. very artistic designs! but im not loving the shoes

  27. Vix Brearley04 July

    Very cool. Men's style can be very same-y and dull or just outrageous for outrageous sake. Without the shoes which add drama I can see a lot of blokes being able to carry this collection off well. x

  28. Vix Brearley04 July

    I like it! Men's fashion can be very samey or outrageous for outrageous sake. Get rid of the shoes and I can see a lot of blokes looking good in his collection! Vix @ Vintage vixen

  29. Thank you for reading Maiken. I'm sure the designer appreciated the feedback. -xo enjoy your week. 

  30. Thanks Vix! Good point ... I'd agree and it's a unique and refreshig take on menswear.!  :) -xx

  31. I guess it's refreshing to see something a bit different, but the shoes are not my favorite ones - although I like one of the jackets very much!

  32. So strange trends, but interesting :)

  33. Yep you can definitely see the Japanese influence in his designs, I think he's quite an interesting designer. Definitely will be keeping an eye out for his name!

  34. Hi dear, I can see the depths of creativity in his work, very unique and unlike anything I've ever seen before. Good for editorials but not sure if all could translate to reality wear?

  35. Oh to Be a Muse04 July

    OMG, this is some really interesting style. Thanks for sharing, luv!

  36. This is definitely a futuristic and it could be an androgynous look...interesting!

  37. kissatabug05 July

    The shoes are sure-fire scene stealers! :D 

  38. This reminds me a lot of the aesthetic of a Canadian designer, Adrian Wu- very futuristic.  I love the mod hair styles- very chic!

  39. What a great piece Madison! I love men's fashion and interestingly enough just blogged on it as well. Most times I like men's fashion better than women's because it is edgy and open for interpretation.

    I love McGirr's designs especially the well-tailored shrunken suit with the platform shoes. He blurs several lines, those between street wear and ready-to-wear; those between genders i.e. the high-heeled platforms and most importantly between serious and fun. Fashion is fun and there must be an element of humour in it. McGirr's shrunken suit proves the point. I hope to see him do androgynous women's designs as well. I would so wear that suit, shoes and all!

  40. How awesome that you got to interview him!  Love that hat!

  41. Outside Looking In05 July

    Very dramatic and different designs!  I like the street style designs--it's young and definitely not boring but the designs might be more wearable in the US with different shoes??? 

  42. Stacey Ann Blake05 July

    Love it! This is a designer who isn't afraid to take chances! Great interview too!

  43. Laura05 July

    Love the hair and his polished punk rock sense of design and style!!!

  44. Thanks for your comment Laura! 

  45. Yes, definitely not afraid of taking risks in design. Thank you.

  46. Great point, perhaps in various areas in the States it could be well received. 

  47. Excellent comment. Thank you for reading, and I'm sure the designer appreciates your feedback as well. 
    Much love to you my friend! -xo

  48. I will have to take a look at Wu's work. Thanks so much.

  49. I agree, the Japanese influence is very apparent. -xo

  50. lol, Those shoes seem to be the most talked about ... Thanks for your comment dear. 

  51. Kim A.07 July

    how awesome! i'm loving the jackets and shoes. fabulous.


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