Beauty Talk: Shadows of The Seventies


Hello lovely fashionistas! With fashion weeks and trends for the looming seasons it brings forth inspiration not solely for apparel, but beauty as well. Anastasia has new arrivals from their holiday collection!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sephora Press

After I hurriedly popped in and out of work my associate saw this parcel and instantly texted me, "Hey M, you're going to LOVE it!" I finally opened it up and yes, I did love the treats inside!

Once again, my attention is always on the marketing as well as the product, and they certainly produce it very well. So, here's the verdict!

For The Cool Kitties: it's the little things:
The theme for this kit had a '70s rock influence from music title colour names to memorable jargon inspired from the period. Before opening the goods it was that special nostalgia embedded in the packaging that immediately caught my eyelet's face it, is there anyone who hasn't heard of Roxanne! Anyone?

This shadow kit comes in a clutch style box with a magnet closure resembling a luxe brushed velvet, but with copper glowing chains embossed atop displaying the collection's name. Just in case one had forgotten the theme or proper palette names the vinyl size marketing showcased the details in an LP format for viewing pleasure, which is definitely a keeper!

The Confluece Group Anastasia make up

The Beauty Mix:
Want You To Want Me: includes a liquid eyeliner, mini clear brow gel, high pigment shadows, and neutral "long wearing" shadows. To love: The playful names like, Ziggy, Brass in Pocket, and Platform Wedge!

Kisses On My List: The variety pack of 6 hydrating lip glosses, includes matte and shimmer shades, and wear all-day Hypercolour glosses. To love: Memorable tunes with the names Jolene, Sharona, and Roxanne! My favourite lip shades were Jolene and Moi.

The Groovy Details:
The differences that I found in this kit than the vintage glam one were the pink and lavender based hues, I liked this kit especially for creating a more sultry look. Perhaps, it could be best for date night or a glowing evening event, however the pale neutral tones worked good for a day glam look as well.

I did find myself drawn to the shadow colour Iron On (the deep burgundy tint ), likely because I am obsessed with oxblood hues for the autumn season. I mixed Iron On with Power Ballad and Front Row Center to achieve my look.

Although it's only September and you're probably not even thinking about anything remotely close to holidays it doesn't mean that you have to wait to grab new make up hues!

*What Say You ... Yay or Nay?*
This holiday kit gets a complete thumbs up! It's an excellent buy in my opinion, especially for the rich shadow hues, they seemed to stay on nicely. Although, I liked the brow gel from this kit best, I will give this clear gel a go a few more times. Lastly, out of the entire lip gloss pack 5 out of 6 colours work well on me and all are easy to mix with other colours, so this pretty much gets ... wait for it ... that's right a whopping 10 out of 10! I know, it's the first 10 I've given and I am quite proud. Superb concept/packaging and product, period!

Stay tuned for more fashion goodies in the coming week!

*All opinions expressed are my own.
Product: Want You To Want Me ($34), and Kisses on My List ($30) holiday kits-Courtesy of Anastasia. Also available for purchase at Sephora stores.

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Have you used Anastasia's products? Do you have a favourite make up or beauty colour for fall/winter? 


  1. francesca romana capizzi17 September

    I only have the eyebrow kit but I can't find anastasia products here in Italy:-((
    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



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  3. Diana Marks17 September

    What an awesome post! I like your blog - learning a lot of new things!
    If you like it, follow my blog about life and fashion in LA on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments and I will follow back ;)LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. The Dainty Dolls House17 September

    Never tried these products before. They look great on you.Love the eyes :)) Have a wonderful new week doll, I hope it's fantastic for you xx

  5. Amazing palette and glosses!
    Love Anastasia products!


  6. I've never tried any of this - but I love a good 70's vibe!


  7. Alexandra Samarina17 September

    Beautiful products and they definitely have that great 70-ies vibe!You look absolutely stunning btw



  8. Yes, yes, yes! This would be the perfect holiday gift for beauty lovers - I may need to add it to my Sephora wish list ASAP!!  :)

  9. Have never used this makeup but it looks great. Love all the natural colors. 

  10. Great things, no doubt! I'll be honest: I'm sure the products are great, but because this name "A..." brings me bad memories, I wouldn't wear them... I know it sounds silly, but... better than seeing it everyday and thinkink of the strange person!

  11. Those kits look amazing!  Plus your makeup skills is also quite impressive!

  12. Fashionably Yours17 September

    Great review and I love how you did your make up!
    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting!
     Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  13. Lifeandbows17 September

    Thank you for stopping by!! love how you did your makeup! I love the red lips this fall!

  14. Oh to Be a Muse17 September

    I totally love the Anastasia boxes and the clever names of their makeup. The eye makeup looks great on you.

  15.  Thanks! Their products are such great quality. xo

  16.  Totally! haha. Happy Monday love! x

  17. Thank you so much dear! I think you can order online direct through their site as well. xx Enjoy your day.

  18. Thanks! Yes, I loved the theme as well.

  19. Interesting, ... so does that mean you don't acquire anything that beigns with the letter "A" at all? Hope it gets better for you in the future.   :)

  20. Thanks glad that you enjoyed the review!

  21. Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle17 September

    Looks like a really great kit and love how your eyebrows look. I tend to stick with Nars and Laura Mercier, but I will have to check out Anastasia soon.
    xo Mary Jo

  22. Anastasia always makes wonderful products. I tried and loved their eyebrow kit years ago. I love the theme to this packaging. It truly makes it fun. The colors are gorgeous also. Great review.

  23. I have never used Anastasia products, but I will have to keep my eye out for them. And what fun packaging! 
    Take care.

  24. Fifth N Sixth18 September

    I've never used Anastasia & thanks for the lovely and helpful review, would check out their products!

  25. Ooo love the colors of those lipglosses!

  26. Definitely two thumbs up! A fab collection of goodies in one box....yes please!

  27. I've only tried the brow gel from Anastasia!  But after looking at this post, I need to visit Nordstrom's Anastasia counter.

  28. your eyes look great! love the inspiration behind this post!

  29. Fashioncontainer18 September

    Love it!

  30.  You will love it! :) Thanks for reading. x

  31. Thanks Kim! The eyebrow kit was one of my favs too!

  32. tia_cherie18 September

    These products look really great, I'd love to try it.

  33. nice post! =)
    i hope you could visit my blog too and follow! 

    Raellarina- The Ballerin on Fire

  34. Hinda Toufga18 September

    Wow this is fabulous stuff! I enjoy checking your blog! its awesome :-) 

  35. It looks pretty cool! I haven't used Anastasia products before, but from the looks of it they seem to be fantastic. Love the packaging!

  36. Andrea Lopez18 September

    There´s a great Doble Giveaway from L´Oreal + Cruciani bracellets on the blog, check it out and participate if you want =)


  37. GlamKitten8818 September

    I love the eye makeup.  I'm all for a strong eye!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  38. Thechicsheet.net18 September

    I have never used this product, but hope to check it out soon ;)


  39. I haven't used this brand yet, but I'm ALWAYS hearing fantastic things. So, you really can't go wrong with a brand that's always getting glowing reviews. :)

  40. Da Paura19 September

    Amazing goodies!  I will have to check them out!

  41. i've gotten my brows done at the Anastasia salon and they do an amazing job.  it just got too expensive to keep up.  i love their brown pencils!


  42. Wonderful, all the good things in one place, the Anastasia products are amazing, the shades are perfect, must for every woman.

  43. The eyeshadows look great and the packaging looks so sleek :) xx

  44. Elekonboutique19 September

    gorgeous colours! my type of!:)

  45. Entirely agree! :) Thanks for your comment Louisa!

  46.  Yes, I think you would love their products!

  47. Street Fashion PARIS26 September

    Gotta get me one of those!!