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Fascination Street

I am inspired in a multitude of ways, yet often motivated by period influencefrom classic films to popular television favourites. This time around I decided to give you an easy DIY, because my zeal for both period costumes generally speaking are usually based around advanced sewing. However, for this particular project I thought I would cater to the beginner crafting enthusiast!
Plumier headdress fashion

A small amount of sewing is preferred, but you may achieve the same result with patience and a good basic cut and paste attitude!

Are you planning on holiday costume parties and Halloween fun? Well, a dramatic fascinator might do you well if you're into feathers, netting, and other fabulous bits. Your friends will think that you've spent major time on folding and ruffling fabric. Here's the clever and budget-freindly how-to:

1 new loofah small or large
1 Safety pin (optional)
Needle and thread
1 knit cap or felted circle
Sewing machine (optional)
Peacock feathers or preferred Trim
First, I took a woollen knit cap that I already had, placed it on my head to see how I wanted it positioned, and turned the edges up. Next, use pins to mark where you want the netting to be. I decided on an off centered position. After marking, take cap off.

Now, the fun begins! Pull on the elastic from the center of the loofah, (this will show you how even the netting is), then with scissors start cutting away at the net, carefully opening some of the loofah's netting. Now you can start playing with the length and thickness, and set your netting on the cap.

To do this easily, place the cap on your head and start pinning and folding the netting, simultaneously cutting the excess fabric netting. *Or, if you want to position your netting without the cap physically on you, do so by using the elastic band as a way to separate the netting that you do not want for the result. Then, use a safety pin to hold in place as you manipulate the netting. Here's a couple snapshots and mobile uploads.

Next, roll the netting bottom (the section closests to the cap) and start tacking the netting to your cap by machine sewing or with a needle and threadyou may do an easy whip stitch bonding the netting sections to the cap if done by hand. If you prefer gluing use a heavy duty fabric glue.

Lastly, when you have the netting to your satisfaction add trims for completion! I added peacock feathers and a floral feathered trim to the center of my headdress to give it that personal touch!

The goods: Skirt-vintage YSL, Lace neck ruff-Ladyofashion, Sequins top-Express

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