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Fashion Compliments of Rob Roy


This bold pattern might be thought of as one used most in menswear, but the iconic pattern will never really go out of style. In fact, more and more designers from the runway to the retail industry continue to produce it and in a pleasing way in women's apparel!

Originally named MacGregor Red and Black, also understood as the Rob Roy (MacGregor Tartan), additionally in America the infamous pattern was respectfully deemed the name that many people know today as the Buffalo Check or Buffalo Plaid. MacGregor is a Highland Scottish clan. 

After doing more research there were several versions of where the actual name Buffalo Check came from. The most reliable were based on the fact that in the 19th Century Big Jock MacClusky brought the cloth over to America for commerce during that time.(1) In 1979 the first use of the term Buffalo Plaid was known.(2) But, the rich Scottish heritage and record of the Rob Roy MacGregor Tartan's details goes beyond a fashion trend. 

I am always intrigued by origins of patterns and fashioning elements, especially the history behind fabric names. According to The Scottish Register of Tartans the name 'Rob Roy' surfaced during the Victorian period.

Years or perhaps a decade ago, I would not have thought that I would acquire a dress specifically like this one! Although, I do love prints, stripes, and patterns in general I had only found shirting or coats that were well suited for my wardrobe in earlier years. Then, this little dress came along a few years back. 

Before trying the dress on I knew it was for me, and thanks to a good friend it was highly considered! Hanger appeal it had, yes, but a custom touch of modern was needed. So, I added a few accessories, including my printed scarf.


A vintage slip layered with stripes and skulls never felt so good. A woman at the grocer asked me loudly where I was going, as if you needed to be going somewhere special with a red and black dress. Hmm, well, I wasn't going camping!

"To the park actually to sit and draw for a bit, I calmly replied!" But, then she just looked confused. One does not need an occasion to wear whatever you feel, whether it's a playful, bold, extravagant, or even a casually classic ensemblemake the reason simply living life, and wearing happy!

Per usual, I did wear happy that day ... and it felt great!

Wishing you a joyous week lovelies!

The goods: Dress-To Love Kuvaa, Cuff-DIY,Vintage-lace slip, Striped belt and flats-F21, Scarf-gifted *Sources: Wikipedia, The Scottish Registery of Tartans, Blueridge Outdoors. Notations: (1): Braeval (2): Mirriam-Webster..*Further reading on MacGregor Tartan.

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