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Fashion Casserole

I am old enough to not allow myself to get too dispirited when I am unable to purchase a certain piece of fashion or art. That's why there's the little thing called window shopping or virtual style gazing if you will.

Not in the slightest moment of weakness would I dare to punish my vogue desires. Sometimes virtual style gazing sessions may provide encouragement to take risks with one's own individual style—then giving you an inspirational booster shot to ease worthy fashion outbursts and gasps of excitement.

Have you ever seen an item so beautiful that it almost made you cry? I have! But, that's a whole other vintage diaries post that I will save for later.

Personally, I do occasionally prefer to virtually indulge a bit before committing fully to the "buy now" mode of possession. Certainly there are many fashion wants, wishes, and loves; and virtually taking it all in helps me to consolidate those tailored desires in one place. As time passes I may delete or add an item here and there.

Afterward, I make a purchase and just like the perfect wine pairing with a meal the chosen selections make sense, complementing its surroundings. It becomes the fashion ingredient that my style deems necessary to thrive amongst those modern and dated recipes of my wardrobe. It's the fashion soup that my body never forgets to digest as it braces volatile climates, and inhales sumptuous threads of cashmere or remembers the luxe touch of silk draping effortlessly even as I sit in an uncomfortable chair.

Yes, it's okay to desire special items that enhance your style. It's okay to acquire pieces that you might even label as your splurge of the season! And, when you're uncertain whether or not to choose between the two, it's even better when you can appreciate an item's style potential.

You know, those items that you gaze at once, then twice, or even granting it a third stare as you're analysing the pros and cons, pondering, "do I need this? Can I make this or is it even worth the price on sale?" And the only words that you can really think of is ... "Get in my closet!"  Yes! Well, here are a few pieces on my list at the moment!

 Images: (source)

Globetrotting: This is my favourite type of luggage that I've always admired since I was little girl. It's what I've always imagined myself travelling in ... none other than the iconic  Globe-Trotter  Style. Their vanity and trolley cases are the best in my opinion! They have also designed an exclusive James Bond collection inspired by the new film SKYFALL seen here.

 Image (source)

As a fashionista most people think that we simply obsess over everything! That may be so for some, but I just have several main obsessions: vintage, lace, travelling accessories, Dries Van Noten, Erdem, and Carven! There may be a couple more, however these are some that quickly come to mind. Of course, this Carven dress was a key desire to be added to my dream closet. I mean, it's only 1,120.39 USD!


As Mr. Fashion Tales slightly gave me the WTF! facial expression on a couple of these shoe styles above, I stand by them regardless! Cleverly crafted, marvellous, artful, and by all means exactly what the shoe doctor ordered! 
Image: (source)

This stunning leather accordion Marni creation has been on my radar. It definitely makes a wonderful gift, wouldn't you say?

Image: (source)

Thanks to Curvatude for introducing me to Navoh handbags, which are more of a realistic price point for my lifestyle. Now, I just LOVE this style and the rust-orange colour is my favourite!

 Image: (source)

Lastly, these beautifully printed trousers really need to be in my life. There's definitely nothing shy about this pair and I even have the perfect accessories for them!

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