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Here at Fashion Tales, the passion for emerging talent is unwavering, and it's no secret that I adore under the radar artists. But, more importantly, a deep appreciation goes out to designers who stand by their innovations, and take risks. Even if not immediately understood by a mainstream audienceit's all the more reason to be on my exclusive fashionably favoured list.

Creations by Serbia based designer George Styler and London duo Riyka are two designers that stand out amongst many of my favourites at the moment. In Styler's Captivity collection the infusion of versatility is embedded throughout his pieces with an emphasis on brilliant colour (of the parrot), freedom, and society as inspiration. On the contrary, Riyka has simple, yet powerful impressions with their clever use of graphics by way of fabric selection contrasts and colour in their designs.

George Styler Press Fashion Talent
Riyka fashion design London

Images: George Styler, Riyka

The 32nd Belgrade Fashion Week (BFW) recently showcased promising talent amongst many seasoned artists; some of whom stepped out of the industry's trendier seams and into a more forward thinking, and avant-garde catwalking suit.

At BFW three-dimensional designs and patterned combinations seemingly were at the vanguard of eye-catching fashions, yet sleek and minimalistic creations also made their presence known.

One thing is certain, this year the world of fashion has progressively struck a chord. An artistically epic note for all to love, rewrite, and play by ear. Whether melodic in soothing painterly prints or held together by the drums and bass of intergalactic interpretationsin these creations the favouring soundtrack of fashion was united by its diversity. It was a, "something for everyone compilation" that was sure to have one track to relate to.

Take a gander at my top picks of a few noteworthy designers to be on the look out for! 

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Boško Jakovljević's menswear pieces married the styling of modern sportswear and classic patterns into the collection.

Ivana Pilja and Peter Movrin took a playful approach toward illusion, print, and pattern. Pilja's strength was in transforming the entire body into printed art to be worn from head to toe. I was taken by the gloves as well! Her incredible eye for conceptual design is wonderfully executed. You may also catch a glimpse of Pilja's runway show seen here.

Slovenia based designer, Movrin showcased everything from geometric shapes in 3D form to animal inspired prints balanced with less ornate headdress pieces to complete his looks. I encourage you to view some of Movrin's other amazing works here

Other images: BelgradeFashionWeek


  1. wow that is some really neat and creative stuff!

  2. It is so exciting to check out emerging fashion designers--- they are so free to take risks!  Can't stop looking at the George Styler look!

  3. Wow, that first dress is amazing, it must have taken so much time to have made that! (It almost looks like it's beading along the top, it's just gorgeous looking.)  I do love the really shimmery print on the last pantsuit, that looks like it would be amazing to wear out in the sunshine!

  4. Lola Finn08 November

    Die Designs sind klasse!!! Gefallen mich wirklich sehr gut :)
    Und danke dir für das Kommentar, du Liebe!
    xoxo Lola

  5. LOVE the Peter Movrin!  :)

  6. Such grand creativity! I love seeing out-of-the-box designs like these...thanks for the intro!

  7. Hej, Sicher! Dankeschön ... Ich liebe die Designs von George Styler. Liebe Grüße,
    Mads. xx

  8. so avant garde I love it!

  9. Very unique! I like the Riyka designs :)

  10. Myrepublicoffashion08 November

    The George Styler collection looks amazing! The embellishment is amazing! :)

  11. Diana Marks08 November

    What an inspirational post! Love these creative designs!
    Do you want to follow each other? Follow my blog on Bloglovin' and let me know. I always follow back ;)LA By Diana Live Magazine

  12. Wynne Prasetyo09 November

    i love how artistic their designs are.

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  13. i really like Riyka! I could see myself in that for sure

  14. Wow, I am particularly impressed by George Styler, seriously incredible creativity here!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  15. Limodawimp09 November

    fantastic!!! these are dope.

  16. the geometric look in the first one is sweet, the 2nd to last picture reminds me of something you would see in an Alien movie haha

  17. Thanks doll! Happy weekend to you! xx/M

  18. Oh to Be a Muse09 November

    Wow, that first photo is awesome. I really like the shiny under garment.

  19. you're always ahead of the trends!! whatever you say will be immensely popular now or soon!

  20. Thanks Elle! Glad that you think so. These are definitely designers to look out for. xo 

  21. Thanks for your comment. I agree, incredible design.

  22. Wow I love the first look! I didn´t know about Gearge Styler! thank
    you for sharing these looks! kisses chris

  23. Thanks for taking the time to stop by today... Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  24. These are some very unique designs. 
    Thank you by the way on your nice comments on my 'who is wearing kika' post.
    I do have so much fun with it and can you believe it is a job!? :)

  25. TheChicSheet10 November

    Such talent with these pieces and designers!


  26. I liked the George Styler and the Menswear pieces best, thanks for putting us on to them!

  27. I love George Styler design so much! the details were absolutely stunning!


  28. Cupcakedoll7917 November

    Love them all, the Peter Movrin is wonderful, love the colour choice!! Beautiful. I like under the radar designers too, they have more freedom in a way to create as they nice!! xx

  29. DaintyDoll17 November

    P.S. the comment before this is me Kizzy, just so you know :) 

  30. Yes, I know it's you doll! Thank you very much for your lovely comments. xx Happy weekend.