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Ace of Spades

I love playing a good card game, especially if Spades are involved. Then, there are moments when I enjoy a great game of chess as well. That's right, call it what you want, but I come from a family of devoted chess players. Whenever I go to visit my father the marble case is opened, and we pick up wherever we left off from our last game. It's quite a special time whenever it happens.

My friends and I also occasionally have a game night where a bunch of us relax, and enjoy laughs as we eat gourmet hors d'oeuvres. It's an anti-stress environment, we have chilled sips from our favourite stemware, and all in our Sunday's best! There's something about being all dolled up for no rhyme or reason other than because you want to as you're encompassed by loving friends. The night tends to occur when everyone needs a breakaway, and we're all split up in coupled groups trying to defeat one another in a little "friendly competition."
Due to all of our busy schedules it doesn't happen often enough, but when it does it's always a night to remember. This is an outfit that I wore for our game night a little while ago, which is not exactly my version of being dressed up. However, for me, I wanted to be playful casual this time, especially since I am usually in work ensembles. I also wore a fascinator with this outfit, but added it after I shot these photos. In the end, it was all about having fun and enjoying the company of friends. And that is not too shabby for a weeknight of bliss!


The goods: Stonewash denim-Cheap Monday, Glitter Heels-DIY, Shirt:Express, American Apparel Braces/Suspenders, Lace neck ruffle-used fabric from this DIY, Glam brooch-DIY

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