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Rugged-Chic: Knowing Comfort

When there's no appointments to attend, no sharp timeline to make and no RSVP's ... for me, nothing says a day of easy comfort like a vintage maxi and a scarf—at least when you can layer them during autumn/winter season.
  There was not any occasion to get ready for, it was merely an off day of happiness! There was however, window shopping involved, dog sitting for a friend, and enjoying my favourite cuppa, Earl Grey.

Moments like these are those not to be taken for granted, so I thoroughly enjoy them when I can. I've learnt to make time for the simple pleasures in life. For example, having more silent time to read great books, taking at least one day out of the week where there's very minimal distractions of technology (still working on that one), and finding time to call far away friends, even if for only a short period.

You see, life is short and I am always generally busy, so it's important to, as my sister says to me, hey, NIKE! ... "Just Do It!" If you need quality time, take it! If you want to go get a spa day do it with no regrets! And if you just need a moment to breathe ... well, just like buying that new pair of something, you will find a way if you want to!

I wore this a few weeks ago and loved the lounge, yet rugged feeling of the entire outfit, which could also be deemed as a going straight to the grocer and back type of ensemble, but that's a tale for another day!

I layered my vintage slip with an "oldie, but goodie" cargo jacket that I have neglected this season. It fairly has enough pockets for just about everything! Although, I only used the pocket space to stash my favourite lip colour, because you simply must have a pretty pout during an off day, no?  

I am also happy that I finally finished my beading handwork project; repairing fabric that I wanted to make a cape with some time ago. Here's the result (below), and more pics to come of course as soon as I find something to pair it with!
Well, here's to wishing you a joyous weekend, and hopefully fulfilling most/all of your Christmas to-do lists!

The goods: Boots-Michael Kors, Lace slip-Vintage, Knit Hat-Target, Scarf-SF Flea market, Jacket-Old Navy/gifted, Earrings-Swarovski/gifted, Mixed bangles-Consignment Shop/Charity shop/Nordstroms, Beaded necklace-H&M, Leather clutch-Vintage.

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