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Sky Gulps and Cloud Bursts

Have you embraced nature's beauty? Beauty in the brilliantly coloured leaves, abundance of clouds, or the shape of a flower's petal!

Sometimes I just take a seat sitting on a park bench pondering about my day and soak up the fact that inspiration from the simplest of things, such as the magnificent sky is enough to make me smile.

After an energy draining brainstorming session from work I was humoured by mother nature and once again reminded how awe-inspiring a mid-level cloud like an altocumulus or even an irregular stratocumulus could be! My appreciation, somewhat fascination, with clouds started at a young age. I blame my grammar school professor for this ... I should have never said that I was finished with my work so early, as my next task would be to name various types of clouds. But, I digress ...

Straight from the park bench the injection of divine influence filled my veins. The only thing that I could think of was paint and fabricbeautifully layered chiffon blowing in the wind or a glossy powder blue overcoat that gave off an almost pink misty shadow.

Inspiration really is all around us! Occasionally we merely need to stroll about, halt, and look around. Let your eyes see past the hustle and bustle or goings on from the intensity of a situation that you cannot change. Have gratitude of being able to view today's beauty, even if for only a moment of stunning inspiration.

Here's a diverse glimpse of images that inspired me this week and a few of my own.


 (Source) oO-Rein-Oo


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