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Hello, loves! I hope that your week went well and if not, then that's what these links are for ... enjoy bits of inspiration, my shopping loves of the moment, good reads, and indulgent treats! 

After a nice city stroll and a slight jaunt of vintage shopping I came across new items from the label Mint + Berry! The Berlin based brand with Scandinavian (design) tendencies focuses on producing classics that can be transitioned into versatile garments. Now, that's my kind of fashion! I am completely adoring items from their AW12/13 collection. Here are my favourites below.
Mint and Berry Berlin Designers Clothing

Thoughts and Inspiration:
---- > Here's a great read on success and serendipity. Read here! 

Are you ready for fall? Don't fret, there's still plenty of time to get inspired! Jolie Moi has fun and feminine silhouettes that are flattering and easy to transition throughout the season. Here are a few styles that I'm lusting over at the moment. I adore all things knit!
Jolie Moi UK

Rub and transfer images from your camera? A fun concept much like the format of screen printing shown here by designer, Ji ho Jung. Ahem ... can we say, scrapbooking sessions anyone?
iF Design Entries - Rub View Photos
Healthy Greens: Drink up!
This is refreshing recipes via The Alkaline Sisters! Well, I have certainly been juicing up like there's no tomorrow, which has been great for my energy throughout my on-the-go work struts. By now, you've probably read this amazing post by Vahni, of Grit and Glamour or perhaps joined in the healthy fun! But, if not here's a few inspiring recipes that I've tried. Oi, you don't have to wait until St. Patty's to have a green beverage my friends!

Lastly, if you follow me on Instagram, then you might be aware of my new undertaking, hand-knitting. Slowly, but surely it is going very well. I do hope to (if time permits) create a headband or if my fingers don't get too exhausted to create a hat soon. Of course, I will share my progress in the future. Well, we shall see!

Have a sparkling weekend!
Stay tuned for more crafting goodness and new talent in the next week!

Photos: Mint&Berry, JolieMoi, YanoDesign, other images edited by Fashion Tales


The Artful Utilitarian

Most people who know me understand my love of art history, architecture, and all things fashion of course! However, they would also tell you that I have an adoration for Impressionism, portraits, and above all Bauhaus art. Even at a young age from initial sketching to learning techniques from my seasoned professors I knew that it would be one my favourite eras to study.
Engineers and architects run in my family, so it wasn't too far off the structured ladder when I gravitated toward fine art with fashion thrown into the mix, which in time would also be the blueprint of my occupation.

I remember sitting in design class ... most times my inspirations were not as direct or literal as the average pupil, it wasn't a rebellious act nor was it intentional. It was just my interpretation. Occasionally abstract, sometimes acutely defined within the brushstrokes, and often with an underlining significance for everyone to relate to.

The Inspiration:
This outfit: a men's army shirt that I clumsily spilled loads of paint on one day, which is one that I wear quite often during my crafty studio sessions and sewing projects. With its pockets and roomy silhouette it's very useful for studio creations, as there aren't any constrictions or fit related seam issues.

The paint spill resulted in making a heart somewhere in the doodling process. It also reminded me of a building-block game, the artwork of Alma Buscher (1924). Buscher created popular children's toys that were balanced in proportion and easily defined for a child to comprehend. What can I say, even in paint smears I see more than colours embedded in my seams!

Fashion Tales
Photos: Top image: artwork by Ladyofashion, Alma Buscher image: Layofashion's art book collection from Taschen's 25th Anniversary special edition-Bauhaus

The goods: Men's shirt-Smith's, Tunic-Roxy, Messenger bag-Delia's NY, Shoes-BDG/Urban Outfitters


Brilliant Soles

As an ardent traveller and fashion enthusiast I appreciate versatility when it comes to items in my wardrobe. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I came across Canadian designer, Tanya Heath's multifunctional heels.

Her eponymous shoe label carries styles ranging from the classic pump to basic sandals that all have the option to be stylishly altered by the wearer's heel selection. No more carrying an extra pair of shoes in your oversize handbaghang on, I am not the only one who has done that, right? And your footwear won't have to be determined by your final destination of the day. Well, unless you intend to go rock-climbing or snowboarding, but that's a whole other fashion post! 

Tanya Heath Shoes

Imagine wanting to change from your office heels into a bold and artful style for cocktails with friends or right before you head to a fashion event. Thanks to technology and engineering this concept is clever and above all entirely packable!

This time-saving gem will cost you around €249 and up depending on the style. An excellent investment considering the options one will receive in a mere shoe purchase. There's also a diverse selection of heel attachments that may be acquired from the brand's Couture, Ready-to-wear, and Essential collection that works with any of the shoes offered.

Paris Shoe Designers Tanya Heath

Sure, I have convertible flats, and we've seen unique adornments for heels and high-end comfort inserts, but nothing quite like this! These interchangeable heels are stable and carefully inserted into the sole of the shoe. Then, as you interlock the attachment the heel is set and ready to be worn. Each style comes with 2 changeable heels. No fuss shoes with multiple styles? Wait, there's more!

Tanya Heath Collection Canadian Shoe Designers

Heath seems to have tapped into quite the niche market, and provides a heel menu to love. She takes pride in producing a product with the ideal that woman should not have to endure pain in wearing her footwear or at least having the pain of being in the same heels all day. Most of us ladies can definitely relate to that one.

Oh, I need these useful soles in my life! I could certainly see these heels in a curved, cork, or even studded style in my closet! But, for now I will just gaze at my new autumn purchases.

Tanya Heath - Paris

What do you think of Heath's versatile heel concept?

For more information visit:  www.tanyaheath.com
Photos: (Source), (Source), edited by Fashion Tales


Feelings of Fall

Feelings of Fall

It’s that time of season again or at least one can pretend. Certainly, the leaves have not fallen off the trees yet, but it definitely feels to me like I am ready to welcome autumn fashion elements in my wardrobe.

One of my favourite dresses is this border printed satin maxi, it was gifted to me by a friend a few years ago, and I usually wear it near my birthday week. This year the dress was packed, however it didn’t get the spotlight until day 4 of the festivities. You know it takes a week for a fashionista to properly celebrate!
 Calvin Klein Denim
The colours within the print are some of my favourites at the moment, especially during this transitional period. With a palette carrying slate, rust, and peach tones it’s hard not to feel fall enrapture you by the unique compilation of huesall wonderfully working together. The luster of the print is the added bonus, but it also feels necessary in the fabric’s alluring aesthetic. 

I was also happy to take out my thrifted denim jacket, as you might remember it was one of several amazing deals that I found that week!
Fashion Tales Satin Print Dress 
Here’s a little fall inspiration that I love at the moment. I truly can’t wait to bring out my calfskin boots, wear sumptuous layers upon layers (although I pretty much live in layers year round), and don my new vintage gloves! Right, I do believe fall is upon us, perhaps moving at a snail’s pace in some areas, but it will soon come. So, tell me ... are you ready?

What are you looking forward to wear this fall?
Lucky Mag article Madison Blogger

Autumn Blogger Style
I am also happy to be featured on Singapore's FashionSpace here!

The goods: Striped belt: F21, Denim Jacket-Calvin Klein/thrifted, Satin maxi dress-gifted, Deborah Grivas earrings-AprilM, Bangles-thrifted and Consignment shop, Necklace-gifted, Vintage leather clutch-Brandahl Sweden, Wooden/bow wedges-Anthropologie.  Other images: Houseoffraser.co.uk, Mulberry.com, Net-a-porter.com, Dorothyperkins.com, indressme.com


DIY Clutch: Locked and Printed

Here's one of two projects that I've been working on. Remember this retro yardage? I finally got around to creating something with it ... I had to be certain given the grain of how it was printed and since there was only a small amount.

This material calls an obvious attention to the (60s styled) silhouettes of people printed in the center. I love each person's expression on the print as it fades slightly into the background. My favourite part of the print would be the top portion, which is in a larger scale than the bottom or vice versa depending on how one positions the print to cut.
DIY 60s Printed Clutch - Metal Closures

Initially, I was leaning toward upcycling a fun T-shirt, using this print as an embellishment, or even make a graphic styled mini skirt, however those concepts were overshadowed by the urge to produce a clutch! I felt strongly about the amount of uses that I would get out of this fabric being a clutch bag instead of an adornment on a Tee.

Fortunately, I did manage to salvage a small remnant after all was sewn, and complete. Perhaps there's more to create from this power to the people material, (as I've fittingly nicknamed this yardage).
Fashion DIY Blogs
      Click images to enlarge

I've acquired a few new trimmings from wholesale markets recently and had the desire to use a turn-lock closure on this particular bag.

The look: retro, but with a modern aesthetic, hence the metal luster and lining selection. The lining is silk shantung with interlining used for padding. As an extra finish I added studs to the front and back bottom of the clutch. And since the process took a bit longer than I had anticipated I decided to just provide you with behind the scenes snapshots!  
After an ironing session the clutch was ready to fill with a good book, a favourite lip colour, and accessories! Of course, an outfit donning this special creation will come very soon ...

   60s Printed Clutch DIY Blogger

Many of you asked several times in the past if I sell any of my designs. I used to make and sell handbags as well as apparel to boutiques, however at the moment I do not. Perhaps, I will rethink it in the future when I feel I have more time to spare!


Back Shortly ...

Hello lovelies! I have been immensely busy as usual with work and enjoying these ending summer weeks. Life is good. However, I have also been preparing a fun little project that's nearly completed. Hint: It has to do with silk and using the rest of my amazing remnants.  Stay tuned ...

There's much more to come in the next few days so until then just sit back, hold tight, and enjoy these quick snapshots!
 The process begins ... Inspiration, patterning, cutting, pinning (with pins not pinterest), and sewing!
My patent leather croc case that I made for on-the-go sewing projects like these. It's clever and keeps all of my notions within reach!
Oh yes, I finally finished browsing/reading all of those gloss pages that had piled up. It was quite the workout, and my eyes were jumping towards the end. Rest will commence shortly, but after project completion.

What are you up to this weekend? 

I also want to take time to thank YOU dear readers, you are greatly appreciated! And sending a warm welcome my new followers!

In case you've missed a few past posts here are this week's most read links on Fashion Tales:


Queen of Hearts

Storets partners Fashion Bloggers
I had to really ponder about what I wanted and what I did not have much of when I was browsing on the Storets site, an online women's fashion boutique that carries an assortment of items from edgy tops to tassel earrings. Although, I adore heart inspired accessories and clothing I actually do not own many items with hearts on them. I know, I know, I could hardly believe it myself as well!
Storets accessories Fashion
I decided on these heart mesh socks to add to my collection, in addition to a few accessories that caught my eye, however in the end these adorable socks won me over the most. These little sheer hearts simply make me smile! Do you have any adorable accessories like that in your wardrobe?
Fashion Legwear Heart Socks Storets
I'm heading off to meetings, a conference, and to finish huge work projects ahead, but also to hopefully catch up on my reading/sketching/sewing this week in the process of all of this busyness. Well, I hope that you're enjoying your week so far ... thinking positively, and still continuing to find inspiration.
Mesh Socks Storets

The goods: Sweet heart socks-c/o Storets, Bangle/Umbrella-gifted, Frenchi dress-Nordstrom, Earrings-Maylee's jewelry, Teddybear belt-DIY, Heels-Seychelles

Here's also a few of my favourites at the moment (below) from their shop!
Click image to buy!


From Top: Claw Ring,  Leopard pop colour skirt, Brogues/Collette jelly creeper in yellow and nude, Eyelash knit top, Gladiator wedges


Autumn Beauty: She Wears It Well

Here's another lovely addition that I received recently from  Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I had the chance to use it over the weekend, and admittedly I was very impressed at the fact that I could use all of the colours! I usually avoid acquiring mixed hued palettes that are loaded simply because when I do it's typically several colours that I cannot use. However, this is not one of those!
She Wears it Well - Beauty Review
I've stated before that one of the best elements that I enjoy viewing prior to product usage is the packaging. And with the She Wears It Well retro-glam inspired kit Anastasia does not disappoint!
Top Beauty Blogger Review

Things to love: Filled with earthy and neutral highlighting shadows. Think vintage! Smokey eye smudges archived with a glamourous twist or even a frosting glow for that fresh-faced dose of sexy that you're going for daytime. Well, that and more is provided in this stylish faux-croc beauty wrapped compact.

    Speakeasy: A Nighttime Ombre Eye    
Anastasia Eyeshadow Beauty kit
   (Above-Top) Night Owl: A Knockout Smokey Eye, (Bottom) Cut a Rug: A Classic Cut Crease

Pros: With step by step guided pictorials on the back of each beauty card included (which also has the nostalgia of fashion plates) it's quite easy to follow along for eyeshadow applications. It doesn't matter whether you are a novice or a seasoned beauty aficionada there's room to tailor each themed look for the occasion and shape of your eye. For example, I adjusted a couple of looks because my eyes are already an exaggerated almond shape. For the smokey look I did not need to use as much on my eyelid.

Cons: Although I do not have any, perhaps if you simply loathe make-up and beauty products in general that's the only way I'd see this as a problem!

*The verdict: I completely give this a 9.8 out of 10 for near perfection + the superb marketing as usual. I could use every colour in the kit and adored the whole package!

All opinions expressed are my own.
Product: She Wears It Well Eyeshadow palette, marketing- courtesy of Anastasia 

*Available here and at Sephora stores.

Have you acquired any autumn beauty colours yet? Which ones are your favourite?


Printed Peplum: The Remix

This printed dress was featured last summer and I've only worn it one way, as there were not changes needing to be made at that moment. Since I adored this dress so much I decided to create a peplum effect by tucking the hem into my tulle-layered skirt.

Sometimes you just need to bring back a good thing, (and in my case this tank styled dress) to mix it up by embracing its versatility. The dress is a style that could go from summer to fall quite easily with an addition of artful tights, boots, or a 3/4 length Tee! Of course, for those cold nights adding a leather jacket would be my obvious selection as well!

I think the tiered underskirt with the new faux peplum combination really produced the look that I was going for, one that could be digested in sections and appreciated. I had the comfort of a tank, a cinching leather belt as an impressionable accent, and a colourful palette that drizzled a unique (umbrella-like) feminine poof all on its own. For the prints must never be forgotten!
I always enjoy remixing items from my wardrobe ...
Have you remixed any older items from your closet recently? Do you have a favourite item that you love to wear in your summer to fall climate transition?

Aztec Prints Fashion DIY Clutches

The goods: Belt-Thifted, Leather sandals-Spain, Dress-worn as peplum-F21, Black underskirt/Beaded necklace-Ladyofashion, Clutch-DIY, Tank-H&M, Bangles-Charity shop, Consignment, gifted


The Dish: Fashion Links In Four Bites

My past week was a little touch and go, as I was virtually exhausted searching for the perfect fitted trouser. Fortunately, I found a few items to not only to place on my wishlist, but I also came across a couple of pieces from new fashion websites to share as well as boutiques that I had forgotten about.

 Coco Fashion
Coco-fashion is an international online store that sells fashion handbags and shoes for women. This site is gaining more popularity through cyberspace and offers ongoing discounts for their products, including wholesale, their drop shipping service, and adding around 50 new styles each week. There's also no minimum to order. Like many sites though, I have found that you must be mindful of the sizing of items and shipping.
My favourites at the moment:
Coco Fashion Style
Black cotton panel skirt, I love this whole outfit actually, but I'd need both gloves!
Coco Fashion Blogger Ladyofashion 
Eco leather jacket with metal chain trim.  
 Vivilli Fashion Bloggers

Vivilli, the online shopping store that carries stylish fashions ranging from dresses to handbags is quite an outlet of affordable products. Vivilli provides free shipping worldwide, and has a great return and exchange policy that lasts for 180 days. Additionally, they have pretty good promotions, one at the moment being their buy one, get one half off special for sunglasses!
My favourites at the moment:
Vivilli Bags Fashion

(Above)Colour matching printed trouser, Snake skin cross-body bag, Leopard cowhide pumps.

Dirty Dolly Jewellery Fashion Features

Sisterly accessories loving duo, Leoni and Gemma of Hertfordshire are the founders of Dirty Dolly Jewellery, an independently owned jewellery boutique.They create handemade pieces as well as tailored pieces by the customer's request. Some of the fun items that you'll find in their shop are the Handle Bar Delight necklace, Scrabble Ring and the Dolly Mixture bracelet, a personal and popular favourite.

You may also catch the girls and see even more products at the Camden Lock Market, which is always filled with spoons of artistic creativity. The shop is certainly worth a browse for the playful fashionista at heart or if you're seeking to support a couple of ladies who have quickly spread their jewelled wings in the right direction!
My favourites at the moment:
Dirty Dolly Jewellery Camden Lock Market
Dirty Dolly Jewellery Bracelets

(Above) Just Say, Oui bracelet, Hand-dyed Dolly Mixture skull bracelet, and Frenchie Moustache.

Canadian company, Shenkin West is a boutique the carries high-end women's fashions (from designers) that would normally only be found in Israel. Shenkin West owner Ellie Stern has created a fashion passport of culture with inspiring styles of Tel Aviv that may be acquired online and in her Toronto shop.
My Favourites at the moment:
Shenkin West Designers










(Above) Achat Achat Manget-leather ankle boots, (Below) Rina Zin Paige Skirt

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