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Much like my own art and fashion style, I am always enthralled with an artist or designer who makes use of geometric shapes, architectural influence, or colour invasions that mentally saturate your brain. I tend to gravitate to abstract style lines, bold hues, and (obviously) a unique perspective. 

There was a time when I used to be a talent scout and a model agent. I periodically assist in talent scouting for freelance purposes (amongst other fashion related things). I do remember how different it was. Especially, being on the inside of the business than when I was merely an appreciator or admirer from an exterior perspective. And, just like a care label without already knowing its full contents sometimes, understanding does come with instruction. I learnt new ways to use abilities that I had possessed ... the ability to see the potential and view everything by layerseven in a glance!
Dreams of Norway Jewellery Feature

When I come across diverse talent, I look from a multitude of angles and for various characteristics:  1) What is the artist trying to convey?  2) Why do I care? 3) Is there originality 4)How is the assembly and construction? 5) Is there passion behind the work?

Of course, a couple of these may only be fully answered with proper analysation or an up-close and personal chat, but for me there is a process. With that being said, here are a few designers that I feel are inspiring and that have been on my radar. I hope that these works below help to transport you into artful bliss. Enjoy!

Delicate & Edgy:
When I first heard of Dreams of Norway, their avant-garde rings struck me the most. Being partial to silver and feathers also helped sway me in favouring their pieces. There are many pieces that I would immediately wear. Here's my top picks from the designing pair, Nina Einarsen and Iselin Strømsvåg.

Avant-garde accessories jewellery

(Above) Quartz necklace, Crescent Moon crystal ring, Handpiece with rivets, & Crescent moon black feather ring.

Hue Effects:
Lianna Sheppard, the jewellery designer who fuses two of my personal favourites (fashion mathematics and architecture) by the method of laser cutting and etching acrylic. In the Ocular collection (flat) items, such as brooches, cufflinks, and necklaces are designed resembling 3D form. 

Why we love it at Fashion Tales? Clearly, a brilliant design aesthetic! If you want to stand out in vibrant colours this season and onward, then this is the online shop that you'll absolutely need to visit! I can already envision my colour blocked wedges with a few of these pieces. See my top picks below.
Lianna Sheppard UK Jewellery Designers
(Above) Anti-clockwise:  Cube Cutout necklace, Zeal Etch brooch Merge ring,  Angle necklace, Mobius Cufflinks

Striking: Patterns, and Minimalism
The Ksenia Schnaider brand by Ukrainian fashion designer, Ksenia Marchenko and Russian graphic designer, Anton Schnaider give classic patterns like camouflage a look of sporty luxury in their latest collection. Silk printed camo is worked into the spring/summer 2013 line of goods as well as classic, yet bold black and white elements. Started in 2011, the fairly new brand continues to produce modern garments that are both wearable and versatile.
Top emerging Designers - Ksenia Schnaider Press
Photo credits: DreamsofNorway, Ksenia Schnaider, and Lianna Sheppard. Edited by Fashion Tales.


  1. Dainty Doll24 January

    Hiya sweets!! Hope you are well :) I agree, love seeing new and interesting talents! I usually immerse myself in vintage, but there is something about new designers that I love too. Especially when they use geometric shapes and unique materials. The Dreams of Norway is wonderful, I do love these pieces, I would definitely wear them :) Indeed, an ebay shop is needed, I have a lot of things I never wear and I'm in need of money sometimes, haha. Some times I find things that don't really suit me, but I always think someone else might like them, so it'll be fun to put them all in a shop :)) I hope you have a wonderful day doll xxx

  2. Hi dear, I love it when you share with us these new or upcoming talents. I LOVE the jewellery, the rings especially, so raw and beautiful. The Designs from Ksenia Schnalder are stunning, textured minimalism amazingness! :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  3. Wonderful post dear and I am so wowed by those amazing and out of the board rings from Dreams of Norway!

  4. Hi doll, you always make the most amazing fashion discoveries. I am obsessing over the Lianna Sheppard collection. The clothes by Ksenia are so future-thinking and slick.

  5. SO interesting! I didn't know that that's what you used to do for a living! And how cool that you shared your perspective on looking at artists and their work Thanks for sharing these beautiful  designs!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  6. Amazing selections!
    How cool that you were a talent scout!


  7. Thechicsheet24 January

    I like to think that I see things that way also... I see what something or someone can become and not so much what they are at the moment...


  8. That jewelry is so gorgeous and unique - love it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. AlexisGrace24 January

    The dreams of norway pieces are beautiful!!!  Thanks so much for introducing them!

  10. Thanks Adeola! Yes, their rings are my favourites!

  11. Oh thanks so much Sam for that compliment! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this feature. These are absolutely 3 great brands to have on your radar. :)

  12.  Yes, definitely! LOVE vintage as well. Thanks so much for your comment. Dreams of Norway .. such a great name for their creations! Glad that you liked them too! Wishing you a happy weekend dear. xx/Madison

  13. That means so much! thank you Daniella! always happy to share about fresh talent that I love! i agree, Ksenia Schnaider's line is really incredible! :) x

  14. I love dreams of Norway.  It reminds me of this YA book I just read about a girl Viking warrior. 

  15. I love that jewelry ! :) http://colourmeviolet.blogspot.com/

  16. i really like that ring in the first group! gorgeous cut madison!

  17. i have to say... im super in love with the hue effects! they photograph so well in editorials!


  18. I love that you are constantly my source for introducing newness, that hand piece is just so exquisite.
    Silk print camo is definitely a fresh way of doing camo print! LOVE!

  19. Swoon, swoon, swoon! The Dreams of Norway pieces are just perfection - I want them all!!  :)

  20. Thank you for introducing Lianna Sheppard and Ksenia Schnaider. Totally love their designs. 


  21. Yes, Cee absolutely! I am a full supporter of independent talent, & as a former independent owner myself it's difficult at times gain exposure globally. But, this is why the blogosphere is such a great conduit for sharing the works that we love. Happy weekend! xx

  22. Oh to Be a Muse25 January

    You're such a creative being--what haven't you done! :) I really like the pieces by Dreams of Norway.

  23. I agree Glad that you like them too. Thanks for your comment! x

  24. Yes, I've done a few interesting things in the beginning of my fashion career. Thanks for reading! Happy weekend Laura! x

  25.  Exactly! :) As always, thanks for reading Miranda.

  26. francesca romana capizzi25 January

    dreams of norway is my faveorite, I love that kind of jewelry!
    Don't Call Me Fashion BloggerFacebookBloglovin'

  27. Love that cube cutout necklace!

  28. My shopping decisions would be a lot less reckless if I regularly applied your handy guide to assessing diverse talent. Thanks for the intro to these brands!

  29. i will take that maxi! Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  30. Love Dreams of Norway. Looks like they have some gorgeous pieces of jewellery.

  31. beautiful Items and pictures doll!
    Wish you a ROCKING weekend!
    Kisses from Miami,

  32. What a variety of choices and styles! My favorite is Dreams of Norway, how slick and romantic!

  33. OMG, that handpiece -- stunning!  I want something like that, like, now!!

  34. Lady, I love coming over to your place and not only being educated in fashion, but also discovering something as lovely as the pieces from this collection! I love silver and the rings are crazy beautiful! Have a great weekend! :)

  35. I love Dreams of Norway.  Thanks for introducing them to me!

  36. Dreams of Norway and Ksenia Schnaider are both up my street I love the jumper the guy is wearing all black then the shiny black panelling, simple and minimal but effective.

  37. Luna Tiger27 January

    The jewelries you show here are all I love : wild crystals and geometrical figures, Great !!!

  38. Margaret Cruzemark27 January

    These are all really interesting. I love the ring with feathers from Dreams of Norway.
    Best Regards

    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


  39. Lucie Srbová27 January

    This is a  really great post! you always bring something different. :)

  40. Jupe_Cambria27 January

    You always find the most amazing style...I loooove the flowy, minimalistic white and blue dress...and that gorgeous chain hand/finger jewelry.
    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  41. Thanks so much! I'm happy that you were able to read and enjoy the post.These are some of my favourites!

  42. Yeah, they really are something. I love Ksenia Schnaider's approach to camouflage, with adding the shinier material instead of colour on his jumper. So cleverly executed. Thanks for your comment!

  43. Hiya dear. You're so sweet! Yes, you know I do love great talent so I had to share these with everyone. So glad that you were able to visit and enjoy the article. Hope the new year is bringing you joy so far. xx

  44. Haha, no worries! So glad to share these amazing designers.
    p.s. congrats on the interior spread, just saw it today online. You decorated it so beautifully!

  45. hehe! Yes, thanks Cheryl! I haven't done everything, but I have done a lot regarding fashion in the earlier years of my career! Hope your wkd. was great!

  46. What a great array of new talent you have revealed here - and fascinating also to learn a little of the way you observe and interpret potential.

  47.  Yes, very romantic, a bit of edginess in their designs as well. xo


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