Designer Highlight: Handbags For Any Occasion


As much as I adore shoes and all kinds of jewellery, handbags are essential accessories for my lifestyle! From the hustle and bustle of business travel to heading off to vintage shopping, there's always a bag that can go for every occasion.

Since Fashion Tales is about spreading the love of emerging artists, I wanted to share with you three designers on my radarparticularly handbag designers that all sell on Boticca. If you shop online then you've likely heard of Boticca by now, a fashionista's one-stop shop for acquiring creations from new talent. If not, then you should!

They continue to provide exclusively curated pieces by independent designers from across the globe. I've chosen these bags, which can easily take you from day to night. Additionally, I've added a few styles that would be ideal for my own fashion schedule, including enjoying the weekend.

As difficult as it was to narrow down my favourites I finally selected a diverse bunch! Take a look at these independent designers, and tell me your favourites!
Bellebas Dareen Hakim - The Swedish Model

(Above) 1-Missy Balloon suede leather tote bag (The Swedish Model), 2-Le Grand Icon in Ruby (Dareen Hakim), 3-Le Monaco Shoulder Bag and Le Icon-Sapphire Clutch (Dareen Hakim), 4-MGA Shoulder Bag (Bellebas)

Designers to love:
New York based designer, Dareen Hakim produces elegant handbags with personality. She uses her Lebanese culture as influence in her design aesthetic driven by the notion of unique contrasts, in fabric textures, using heavy metal, and original ancient calligraphy. View more of her designs here.

The Swedish Model is a team of individuals behind the luxury designer brand with a minimalistic appeal. I love their handbags most because of the versatility. In the Balloon bag (seen below #5), a personal favourite, it's the perfect travel carryall or weekender bag, as well as for other occasions. The roomy bag makes it a multipurpose piece to love, and above all their craftsmanship with leather speaks for itself! View more pieces here.  

One of the reasons why I was drawn to Bellebas' handbags was  because of the immediate luxe appearance that you get in a glance. My favourite from the Bellebas designing duo, Luli De Paula and Dolores Mourino is the Hexa satchel (seen below #6). My first thought was this exquisite bag is great for a meeting—of course, pairing it with my pencil skirt, silk blouse, and favourite heels would just be one of many outfit selections! View more from Bellebas here.

Bottica Designers
(Above) 5-Balloon Zip Brogue yellow leather tote bag (The Swedish Model), 6-Hexa Satchel Bordeaux (Bellebas)

You can check out private sales from Boticca designers that's rotated every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for 48 hours for each sale. So, if you're looking for the perfect time to splurge on a quality bag, I would suggest selecting your must-haves and hitting the private sales!

What type of bag typically suits your style? Are you an "art with edge fashionista," a "classic beauty," a "bigger is better" bag lover, or "trendy devotee?"

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  1. KizzyDoll06 May

    Gorgeous bags...I love bags :)) The brunch one is stunning. Happy Monday doll, I hope you have a super week xx

  2. Love that burnt yellow Swedish style bag! Gorgeous stuff!

  3. kim bim06 May

    Wow, your picks are super stunning, and your choice is bags are so classy!!!

  4. Ivana Džidić06 May

    beautiful bags:)

  5. These bags are so gorgeous. Looks like the site has some great pieces.

  6. Daniella06 May

    Hi Madison, how was your weekend?

    Wonderful post my dear, I have to say I love all these bags, i'm finding it to hard to pick a favourite. Though I do love the nude shoulder bag and the mustard yellow tote! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous bags with us all :)

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your day,
    Daniella xox

  7. Lilli C.06 May

    Hi Madison! I love to find new designer, especially when they are very talented:) The ones you shared looks very interesting and good, Dareen Hakim stuff is my fav! Happy Monday dear! xo

  8. Love me some bags! That first brunch bag is gorgeous :)

  9. Margaret Cruzemark06 May

    My dear Madison, let me tell you that one post will never be enough when it comes to your personal style choices.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. Dareen Hakim is new to me but I am LOVING her work! Thank you for sharing:)

  11. SACRAMENTO Amate06 May

    Very nice indeed.

  12. Oh to Be a Muse06 May

    I think I'm a classic beauty bag girl. I really like #3 and #6 here though.

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    Shop Layered Muse

  13. Ofelia06 May

    The red Dareen Hakim is my favorite!
    Great collection and thanks again for giving me another reason to shop online.

  14. First of all I love the Bellabas bag! That would totally fit my life right now!
    I used to be a small bag kinda girl because I didn't like to carry much. Now between blogging and the baby, my bags just progressively get bigger!

  15. I love those date night bags, they are so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. I like No. 2 "Shopping". Very nice design!


  17. francesca romana capizzi06 May

    The dareen hakim ones are gorgeous!!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  18. Emmy MW06 May

    I love both the Bellebas bags, Madison. I don't really know if I have a bag style, but right now, I'm still using my neon satchel:)

  19. These are all so gorgeous!
    Love the sapphire clutch!


  20. Sam J06 May

    I am all about handbags!! Love this grand selection, thanks for the introduction to the brand, the date night looks are my fav.

  21. Love the Dareen Hakim!!


  22. I love handbags. I wish I could buy one every day. I love all your picks. I haven´t heard of Dareen Hakim yet but I sure love the designs. All type of bags suit my style :D



  23. Alexis Grace07 May

    The Dareen Hakim giant medallion detail is very cool and such a statement! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Erika Sorocco07 May

    I love the pieces for Date Night, Brunch, and Weekends - so perfect! :)

  25. Viktoriya Sener07 May

    Amazing post dear! Who doesn't love bags?)

  26. sisters closet07 May

    Gotta give it to Dareen Hakim on this one - so feeling her bags.

    Thanks, we're doing great, how are you?


  27. I am loving the Dareen Hakin purses! I just love the metal details against super bold colors!

  28. Mary Jo07 May

    Lots of fun bags and colors! I always love to look at other designers (when I'm done with my own) but of course, can't really carry anything other than my own designs, which is why I try and make exactly what I want to carry--haha. I guess I must be a tote and wallet person because that's what I carry most.
    xo Mary Jo

  29. One of my favourites, i love how she makes the metal look like calligraphy! :)

  30. Dong well dears, thanks for your comment! xx

  31. Great Emmy! Yes, neon is quite popular this season! :)

  32. Thanks Courtney! The site has amazing designers, these were just my top 3 of the many that I loved! x

  33. Totally understandable MJ! I used to like medium bags, but I've found that i tend to buy more larger bags strictly because of the versatility and travel-friendly for my lifestyle. :)

  34. You're welcome Ofelia, I think you will love the site options! :)

  35. I agree, her designs are really amazing! Thanks for your comment Alexis!

  36. Thanks Mary Jo! Completely understand as a handbag designer it's important to love your own designs, lol. I love totes! xo/Madison

  37. Thanks so much Kim! xx

  38. Aww, thanks so much Margaret for the sweet comment. -xx Hope your week is going well so far dear! xx

  39. Thanks for your comment dear! It was tough tot pick a favourite! xx

  40. Me too! I love roomy handbags!xx

  41. I love a great clutch and crossbody bag!

  42. You know, I get emails from time to time from Bottica but I don't really ever look at them. I guess I should re-visit them soon. Sometimes I can easily fall in love with a bag online but I feel like it'd be better for me to purchase one in person. It's kind of like me and shoes, I've never ordered a pair online!

  43. LGreaves08 May

    I definitely like having the perfect bag for every outfit :)

    Trendy Teal

  44. Yes, her bags are absolutely stunning. Thanks Emma for your comment. :)

  45. Yes, they have private sales every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday! :) xx

  46. Fleurani10 May

    Oh I really love No 1 for the daily Basis and No 3 for the nights :-) so beautiful pieces if they wouldnt be so dang expensive :-9


  47. OMG I LOVE this post:) especially the Swedish bag haha

    If you want some IKEA inspiration..check out my blog:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at


  48. Gorgeous bags! I love the traveling bags, they are all gorgeous :)

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest: