Designer Spotlight: Ocular Jewellery


Earlier this year, I introduced you to UK emerging designer Lianna Sheppard, the talented creative behind the jewellery and accessories line, Ocular. It was only a matter of time when both of our schedules would allow us to finally chat in depth about her collection amidst us both enjoying an early morning cuppa.

The brand itself, just shy of three years, has already gained the spotlight in many fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Fabulous. Her unique pieces have also been in Selfridges–in Supermarket Sarah’s shop. And, why not! She goes for the bold and does so quite confidently in her designs. The collection? Imagine dipping your Crayolas into a new shade of fearless!

“I adore colour! Everything I wear is sort of colourful, and I love geometrical patterns, shapes, and forms. Back at college, I was into flowers, and one day I just sort of put more [emphasis on] geometric forms and sculptural shapes. But, I’m probably rebelling a bit against myself because, for my Masters, most of it was black and white. The work that I did [during] my B.A. was really brilliantly colourful, so I think I was craving a bit more of that,” said Sheppard.

Sheppard’s use of line and colour stimulates the artistic mind. The pieces create a graphically driven and attention-grabbing-in-your-face result that’s loved by both, risk-taking fashion devotees as well as the much intrigued art-enthused. The Ocular line has mathematically influenced accessories that take on a 3D aesthetic, yet merely being a flat wearable accessory.

Fancy online shopping in technicolour? Sit tight, we’ve got you covered. There are heart rings, statement necklaces, and even shapely brooches amongst other options to choose from throughout the glowing Ocular line.

“I wanted to do something for the guys as well. The pieces that I make earrings for, I thought they could actually make really nice cufflinks,” said Sheppard.  And, how timely since men’s fashion has been smartly colouring outside the lines in recent seasons. Fittingly, the cufflinks have become a big hit all on their own!

In brief, Sheppard takes a little bit of this and a dash of that to a whole other colour block level. It even looks to be intensely complex, yet in actuality it is hardworking hands, simple lines, and daring colour that is purely the basis of this flourishing collection. That’s right! Every piece is produced and even etched by the designer herself!  

“All of my pieces are laser cut acrylic. I design all of the forms on my computer on [Adobe] Illustrator. Then, I get them hand cut, say what colours I need, etc.  After I get all of them sent back to me, I organise them all by piece, size and colour, and put them together in my studio,” said Sheppard.

Special attention to details knighted with a handmade touch!  Of course, this is Fashion Tales approved!
Fashion Tales is proud to collaborate with Lianna Sheppard for Ocular, to provide two lucky readers with one piece each from her collection. 

Visit the site here and comment below on what’s your favourite item. Or, look at the pieces above that I’ve chosen in the style boards, and tell me your favourite piece. The winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter.

*This is an international giveaway, so go forth and shop now! Winners have 7 days to claim their award before another winner is chosen.
*Giveaway is now closed.*

Getting to know Lianna Sheppard:
Must-have items that you carry in your handbag?
Smart Phone, Lip Balm, Umbrella, and/or Sunglasses!

On designer influence and favourites …
Fred Butler

What’s on your music playlist at the moment?
I’m loving anything by Haim. Right this minute, I'm listening to a mix-tape by Syron. Check her out, she's a BABE!

Words of Wisdom to aspiring designers …
To anyone who is thinking, “Should I try this?” Just go for it, that’s the only way you’re ever going to know if something works!

On future collaborations …
It would be really cool to work with a handbag designer, have a show where I could have my jewellery alongside their bags or even design pieces for their bag collection. That would be awesome! I would love to also work together with another jewellery designer. 


  1. francesca romana capizzi24 May

    These jewels are simply amazing!!! I have never seen something similar!

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  2. Love those and was soo happy to see there is a giveaway :D Have a happy friday :) xxx

  3. Thank-you so much for this introduction to Ocular Jewelry, Madison! Although my clothes tnd to be mostly neutral, when it comes to jewelry I love a good - and colourful - statement piece. I love these designs, so I'll be crossing my fingers I win the giveaway!

  4. KizzyDoll24 May

    Those are really gorgeous, love the designs and colours used. My favourite is the Zeal Layer Brooch shaped like a heart, I could even take that as a necklace or ring too, haha. It's that cool :) Happy Friday doll, have a great weekend xx

  5. I have never heard from the brand before. The jewelry looks truly stunning and cool. Really awesome giveaway. Wish everyone good luck and a happy Friday to you. You should really see Star Trek in 3D!!!



  6. Hi Madison! This jewellry looks very beautiful and cool! I like everything in particular the heart shape rings! Happy Friday dear, kisses! xo

  7. kim bim24 May

    Wowwwww these jewelries are so unique, i love the men's cufflinks so much. fingers crossed hope i win :)

  8. Laser cut acrylic... sweeeeet! I love these designs. Bright and geometric and almost kidlike in nature, but still mature because of the clean cuts and such. Thanks for introducin'! :)

  9. Oh to Be a Muse24 May

    I love all these geometric shapes, especially the cufflinks.

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  10. Stylish ByNature24 May

    Lovely pieces :)


  11. The jewellery looks so pretty!

  12. PopChampagne24 May

    I adore color and geometric prints as well, this brand looks very chic!

  13. Sam J25 May

    Love these striking geometric pieces, very modern and trendy...I would wear all that you have featured! Thanks for your wonderful and insightful comment!

  14. mosamuse25 May

    these are very cute!

  15. Awesome jewelry & post! The black earrings in the 1st set are so pretty :) Good luck to all entrants.

  16. Excellent! Thanks for entering. There's some really fun items in her shop. x

  17. Thank you! The brooch is a nice choice! :) xx/Madison Happy weekend dear.

  18. Wonderful Cee. So happy to introduce you to her collection. There's so many options to choose from. Thanks for entering the giveaway! :-)

  19. Yes, of course! So glad that you entered. Happy Friday!

  20. Thank you Sam! It was my pleasure! Happy that you like the Ocular collection as well.

  21. Thanks so much Lilli! The heart pieces were one of my many favourites as well. xx

  22. Thanks Francesca. I hope that you entered or enjoy the 20% discount! xx

  23. LGreaves25 May

    Ooh, such lovely baubles! Definitely entering :)

    Trendy Teal

  24. Erika Sorocco25 May

    The aesthetics are just incredible - so playful and fresh! :)

  25. Akinyi Ragwar25 May

    Such a cool giveway! I love these jewlery such a cool accessories!

    xoxo akinyi

  26. aniacytrynka26 May

    interesting jewelry :)

  27. Thank you dear! Happy weekend.xx

  28. Great! So glad that you liked them. :)

  29. aloynd26 May

    Entered, love the geometric style!
    Following you on GFC and Bloglovin

    xo Annie

  30. Jamillah26 May

    Ohhhhhhhhh I love this!!! Beautiful and whimsical things here! thanks so much for sharing! This cube necklace guy is my fave:

  31. Haha, exactly! Thanks for reading! xo

  32. Oh, no worries hun, I forgot about that. I will manually enter you if you like! xx Thanks so much for your comment. Miss ya, we definitely need to catch up soon.

  33. Adeola Naomi Aderemi27 May

    They have so many amazing and most of all unique pieces at their store.

    I am bookmarking them and thank you for the giveaway.

    Entered, my favourite is the Impossi Cuff

  34. What a great collection. I love the bold colors and geometric shapes. Fabulous jewelry!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  35. you have the best spotlights

    Xo, Megan,

  36. tia_cherie27 May

    I love this! especially because of the bold colours which I don't see too often with jewellery. The geometric shapes are the best too

  37. Thank you, Megan! xx:-)

  38. You're welcome! Thanks for reading. :)

  39. Wonderful Adeola! Glad that you like her pieces and entered! The discount is also available until May 31.xx

  40. Marj ZAkil27 May

    Lianna Sheppard's jewellery reminds me of 80s pieces when my older cousins used to wear colourful geometricals. I find the pieces very playful :)

  41. Thanks Imogen So glad that you love the collection as well. x

  42. Thanks Yi-chia! Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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