Weekend: Inspiration and Summer Seasoning


Happy Friday!
With the impending summer of sunny and dramatic entrances, there is also much to love for the fashion season! Whether you're excited for holiday excursions, grilling gatherings with friends, or simply quiet time with hopes of a wee bit of pampering ... ahem, the season is upon (most of) us, and for those who may very well be in a slight chillier climate wishing for warmer days, here's a few summer infused elements of inspiration.

These Kate Spade handbags are an obvious winner! I am already a longtime Kate Spade customer, but the new arrivals in the online shop had me gloriously dazed for summer! I think I spent nearly every work break this week peeking at items that I wanted and loved.

Nothing says, "look at me, the bold and confident woman," better than bright colours and pattern amazement! A perfect accessory to pair with your maxi dress or nautical layering pieces! Of course, if you're like me then you might also risk a style-dipping session in all white with sparkles of gold! Yes, go brave, not boring!
Kate Spade
(Above) Flatiton Nylon-Norah (stripes), Printed Floral Fiesta-Christy clutch, Bourbon Street-Jenny handbag

What's been going on this week? I found out earlier in the week that another close friend of mine will be moving to Brisbane. Although, I am very sad to see him leave, I know that this will be a wonderful transition. Just within the past year a great amount of my close friends have headed to New York and Austrailia. My thoughts: clearly, I need to make a special trip in the near future.

Since, I have been way too busy to do new outfit shots, here's one that I wore some time ago. I wanted to add studs or something a little darker as an embellishment to my denim jacket, so I opted for using a pair of earrings! I took my cross-earrings and put them at the ends of my jacket collar. It entirely works the same! I also do have new trimmings that I have been working on, however at the moment I'm uncertain when I will actually get them up, perhaps more Insta-previews soon. For now, please enjoy this small preview of creativity ...
(Above) Satin hat that I'm finishing with feathers, recreating floral petals from magazines and newspaper, as seen on my Instagram,  making a few new rings, and an image from a silk screen and print that I made and printed on linen ... a bag is in the works.

Details: Epaulet trim, Cross collar-end (earrings), and new lipstick!
The goods: Denim jacket-Calvin Klein,  Belt-c/o Osasp, Vintage-Leather photo bag, Shoes-Seychelles, Denim-Gas jeans, Epaulet trim-DIY.

*Don't forget! This is the last day to enter the fabulous Ocular jewellery collaboration giveaway if you haven't already. Winners will be announced next week! I'm shooting for Monday ... but don't quote me on that! 
*01/06/13 update: The giveaway is now closed. View winners here!

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  1. Francesca R31 May

    i love your denim jacket! And those bags are to die for!

  2. Kizzy31 May

    You look super doll, love the denim!! I hope you have a marvellous weekend xx

  3. Ralph Shybiker31 May

    Last night I visited the mall near my house (it's walking distance) and I was stunned to see a brand-new Kate Spade store there! And it was so colorful and stylish. Both the store and products were amazing.

  4. Hi Madison! Love Kate Spade bags too, the models you shared are very lovely, in particular the striped one! Australia must have great opportunities if your friends are move there, is a country always love to visit! Pretty outfit too, you look great dear! Love the denim jacket and the bag! Kisses, have a good weekend! xo


  5. krystal/avillagetown.com31 May

    looove this outfit. and that striped bag!

  6. Those Kate Spade bags are awesome! The bright orange one has my name all over it! One thing I love about the summer is being able to break out all the bright colors. :)

  7. hey madison! i love the adornment on that jean top! the shoulder portion is so pretty. also loving that belt. it is so hard to see friends leave, but it makes us feel better when we know its for the betterment of their lives. good luck to your friend. i love kate spade. she always comes out with the prettiest colors and liveliest designs. have a great weekend doll.


  8. Rowena @ rolala loves31 May

    Pretty bags are always inspirational! I really like the chic simplicity of your outfit. I found my old denim jacket while cleaning out my closet recently and am looking forward to wearing it again.

    Thanks for all your kind support Madison! Have a lovely weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Ginny.mossman@doane.edu31 May

    Love e Kate Spade and your look today as well. I'm a big fan of denim jackets.

  10. Oh to Be a Muse31 May

    Very cute look for the weekend. Now I'd like to get my hands on that Bourbon Street Jennie bag (for half the price)!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  11. Adeola Naomi Aderemi31 May

    Beautiful weekend look!!
    Lovely kate Spade bags!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  12. Yes, her store and products are wonderful! Enjoy the weekend :)

  13. Thanks Rowena, glad to hear that you're hanging in there. I think a denim jacket is always a good item to keep! Very versatile piece. Happy weekend! :)

  14. Haha, aren't they? I just love the bright orange handbag too! It would be great in our wardrobes! xx Thanks for your comment MJ!

  15. Thanks so much dear for your lovely comments. Enjoy your weekend too! xx

  16. Yes, I agree, it's definitely a good move for all of them! Thank you very much Kim for your comments always. xx (hugs) & Happy weekend!

  17. Sam @ Frills & Thrills01 June

    Hi doll, your outfit is the definition of weekend chic, love the denim. I am so excited to see your satin hat! The flower looks so cute, please do a tutorial. I am coveting the tri-colour Kate Spade bag, its a truly stunning piece. Thanks as always for your wonderful words over at mine! Have an awesome weekend!

  18. Happy weekend Hun :) It's always a bit sad when a friend moves.. but it's a good reason to travel ;).
    I need a denim jacket like that.. then I saw it's CK.. will look for something cheaper x)

  19. Haha yes I'm wishing for warmer days or at least a bit sunshine!!
    Beautiful comfy look. Esp. love the denim jacket and the cute belt. I can't wait to see your new bag. Wish you a very happy weekend Madison!!



  20. Marj ZAkil01 June

    Hi Madison! I love that sort of floral graffiti bag from Kate Spade. Love the idea that your old earrings found its way to the ends of your jacket collar. Brilliant :)

    Would love to see what the preview of creativity will produce :)

  21. Your photo bag looks awesome! Have a great weekend!


  22. Lola Finn01 June

    Schöne Taschen :) I like your choice :)
    liebe Grüße aus München


  23. Erika Sorocco01 June

    That Kate Spade colorblock tote...hello, I need it!

    P.S. LOVING your denim jacket - it's such a versatile piece! :)

  24. I haven't been able to take pictures either. I am hoping to take some this week though, so we'll see! I love that you added earrings to your jacket, what a great idea!

  25. I love the kate spade bag, I love how well nude, pink and orange work together. It's an odd combination and one that when you suggest to people, often gets funny looks. But it works so well and is perfect for summer.

  26. LOVE the little embellishment on that top :) Also, I'm gonna be making some of those paper roses. They're too pretty not to make :) Happy weekend, Madison!

  27. Thanks Lilli! I agree, I've heard wonderful things about that country. Enjoy the weekend.

  28. Thanks Laura! Hope your weekend is going well! xx

  29. Hhmm, okay I will have to do a tutorial then! I've done a couple in the past under DIYs, but perhaps I will make another one! xx Thanks Sam!

  30. Yes, I love Kate Spade's products, always full of lively colour! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your comment.

  31. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!

    This jacket is so stunning, I love the simple cut so much!

    Have a great day,

  32. Barbara Bermond02 June

    very cool outfit I love your denim shirt and you look lovely


  33. kim bim02 June

    Your jaw line is amazing in that insta photo <333, you look stunning as ever.



  34. I love those Kate Spade bags, especially the orange one! Love your cute and casual weekend outfit! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  35. Loving that striped Kate Spade bag! And your denim jacket looks so cute all buttoned up :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  36. ElleSees.blogspot.com05 June

    love your smile/smirk! it's too cute and mysterious!