Österreich: Alternative Snapshots


Austria Sight seeing Osterreich Linz
I am pretty much the type of person who enjoys every minute of being on a getaway, even for a small amount of time. Thus, there's quite a lack of photography booklets in my home archives. But, that's what having a holiday is all aboutrelaxing without the stress of carrying what is now often referred to as typical "blogger essentials."

Although I do prefer physical photos captured to remember good times, there are those impromptu moments that are forever embedded in my mind. These are the moments that we all wish could be captured on camera, but instead are best left mentally treasured by those who were present. And, that's okay!

Those memories are the ones you speak about in a room filled with friends as they listen to you with excitement as you tell your tales of travel and spontaneous ventures proclaiming, "well, you just had to be there!"
Austrian cafe
These images are a few that I took when I went to visit my sister again in Austria awhile back. I loved the black and white photo, which was taken walking about in the city streets in route to a cafe, and then there's a good shot of the view from my flat that I rented whilst I was there.

These few images were so random. In fact, many were the ones that I sifted through initially and almost tossed aside because of being overwhelmed with 400+ other unrelated images to speedily browse through. But, I was happy that it was a rare time for me, (then) actually had my camera by my side. Of course, these days I always have a camera in my handbag, if not, at the very least, there is always the handy iPhone, right?

Are you planning on a summer getaway soon? 

  Street walking: Linz at an angle
The view of the Danube outside my apartment window.

 View of local shops


  1. francesca romana capizzi03 June

    Nice place!! An you took some pretty pics!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  2. KizzyDoll03 June

    These are gorgeous doll, love the black and white. I tend to take random moment shots when i go on holiday. Sometimes I look at them and think why did I take that and then something pops out then I know why. It's more capturing the feeling of a place rather than just monuments and traveller pictures. I hope you have a marvellous new week doll xx

  3. Hope you had a great time with your sister. The photos are gorgeous. I haven't been in Linz yet but I visted Vienna once and loved it very much. It was so photogenic that I couldn't stop taking pics too. Wish you a happy Monday Madison. Do you still have crappy weather? We do :D



  4. tia_cherie03 June

    These pictures are amazing and I always love to get an idea of what it is like in other countries. I imagine it is an interesting place to visit. My sister is going to visit Austria next month


  5. Vix Brearley03 June

    Lovely photos, my brother waxes lyrical about Austria (except how expensive everything was). My summer getaway will be Glastonbury in 3 weeks time! xxx

  6. krystal/avillagetown.com03 June

    you are so right about memories...photos vs. in your head! love both though :)

  7. This post Is beyond lovely:) and thanks for so sweet words.

    If you want some lilac inspiration..check out my new post:)

    have an amazing week dear

    LOVE Maria

  8. What lovely photos, Madison - especially that black and white shot! I used to go without my camera when travelling, but found thatwen I came back, I often wished that I had more tangible memories to share, so I've started carrying it more and more... it's all about personal preference, I think, and if you're okay with spending your holiday behind a lense :)


  9. Chrissie03 June

    Some of my friends live in Vieanna - so I love Austria but I've never been in Linz...

    Greets from the

  10. Couture Carrie03 June

    Amazing photos, darling!
    Would love to visit Austria someday :)


  11. Emmy MW03 June

    Aaaaw....great pics, Madison:) Totally agree....it's those impromptu moments that kinda always stay with us when it comes to vacay memories.

  12. miss b03 June

    It was lovely to see your photos of Austria and I too like the black and white one. It's now several years since I was there but I remeber it to be an absolutely charming country.


  13. Hi Madison! I need a getaway too! And I am as you, always have the camera to be ready to shoot!:) Your photos are great, have visited Austria and Linz years ago and I have a nice memory of the place, in particular for the chocolate!:) Kisses and happy Monday! xo


  14. Sam @ Frills & Thrills03 June

    Looks like a beautiful city, its always interesting to see a place through someone else eyes, as they may have picked up on something you would have ordinarily missed out on.

  15. Adeola Naomi Aderemi03 June

    Beautiful pictures and I am a freak with picture taking on getaway!

  16. SACRAMENTO Amate03 June

    It looks so like the villages out skirt of Berlin.
    great post, Madison

  17. Cool shots! I want to travel now :)

  18. Great images and memories Madison. It's great to have a camera, but your mind snaps a photo of things and it will forever be in your memory. I'm with you on that. I hope to get to Tennessee this year, but not certain. A lot of bad weather has been passing that way (tornadoes). If not I'll go to Ohio where my aunt lives. We usually go there if a hurricane breaks out. LOL Wishing you a wonderful week doll.


  19. What a great view from your apartment, it's so beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. Nice photos! I would love to visit Austria again at some point...


  21. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!

    Oh, I would love to visit Österreich one day, it seems so pretty!

    Have a great day,


  22. Borjana Radovic03 June

    WOW!Just wow,honey!:)

  23. Marj ZAkil03 June

    Hi Madison,
    I love Austria, too, as you know now :)
    Heard that there's flooding in Linz. Hope everyone's safe.
    Love the b/w photo. So 50s which is one of my favourite decades.
    My summer getaway will be end of July, somewhere in the Mediterranean. Hope there are no flight delays/cancellation this time around x

  24. Ali Hval03 June

    At least with the photos you can't capture, you can always write them down and make a memory with them that way. :)

    Really awesome pictures! And look at all those shops--they look fun to dig around in!

  25. I love taking a lot of pictures on holiday - I always want to capture every moment! This looks like such a beautiful city.

  26. ElleSees.blogspot.com04 June

    i am bad at taking photos and remembering to take them! i tried to do better this past beach trip. i even made a video--on the blog today. but it looks like i'm the only one on vacation! hehe

  27. ROXTHEFOX04 June

    The best moments are always captured in the mind of the eye :) And I absolutely love the black and white photo! I sometimes think that I take 'too' many photos and don't really give myself a chance to enjoy and absorb the environment, but then I love to look back and relive the moments that I was able to capture :)


  28. Oh to Be a Muse04 June

    I'm actually in Dublin as I type this. I took a good amount of photos today--because it's great to have images to look back at--but I also took time to just enjoy the sights without looking through a viewfinder. That's the best way to experience a new place.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  29. femmefrugality04 June

    Looks like such a great trip! I know what you mean---I don't want to experience my entire vacation from behind a lens. But at the same time, I do want those pictures to look back on because sometimes memories fade quicker than I'd like them to.

  30. WinnipegStyle04 June

    Love seeing some of your photos! The local shops look so wonderful!


  31. I've always wanted to venture to Austria since I was a little girl and watched The Sound of Music (which I will fully admit is my favorite movie..hehe). Stunning photos. That view of the Danube is so pretty. I'm the same way too...I'd much rather just relax on vacation that I always forget to carry my camera with me.

  32. Erika Sorocco04 June

    The view of the local shops is just gorgeous! I need to plan a summer getaway! :)

  33. Chicago Chic04 June

    Wow it looks sooo amazing!

  34. Jamie "ChatterBlossom"04 June

    I love love love getaways too! I'm headed for one tomorrow! ;-)



  35. megan04 June

    so gorgeous

    Xo, Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  36. Stylish ByNature04 June

    Wonderful pics, so lovely and unique :)

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  37. AlexisGrace04 June

    That black and white photo is fantastic! I love Austria - how cool that your sister lives there!

  38. wow such beautiful and amazing photos! the scenery is absolutely stunning :D


  39. What a gorgeous view from your sister's apartment!

  40. Thanks so much Maria! xx

  41. Thank you! How wonderful your sister will be there. There is loads to see in Austria. I was lucky this time to go venture out more. Vienna and Linz are my favourite places there.

  42. Thanks! Yes, she's been there in and out for a while. It's a beautiful place.

  43. I'm trying to remember to take more pictures these days. :-)

  44. Yes, haha. Thanks Marj! Oh, Mediterranean holiday sounds fun. Hopefully you will have an amazing time. xx Thanks for your comment.

  45. Thanks Kim! I really want to goto Tennessee, I've only been to Nashville, but I hear it's amazing places to check out. Ohio sound fun if you can visit family, I've never been there. :)

  46. Yes, I think you would enjoy Austria, There are many places to remind you of Berlin, but also very different.xxoo

  47. Definitely! I love Linz because of how small it is. Very cool place! :)

  48. I love Vienna! Great place as well. Yes, I recommend Linz, as it's smaller and very picturesque. xo Liebe Grüße!

  49. Yes, a tad expensive on some things, not all, but definitely a beautiful place. Ahh, yes, Glastonbury, I have good memories from there. Enjoy yourself Vix! xx

  50. Thank you! I also enjoyed Vienna, it was a nice place. Linz is quite different as it's so small, but amazing so I think you might like it. xxoo

  51. Thanks Sam! Yes, I'd love to go there again in the future, there's so many places to visit that are great for photos. xxoo

  52. Excellent! Hope the weather is good there! Have a great time! :)

  53. Haha, cute! I didn't even think about that, but yes, of course I love The Sound of Music, such a classic story and film. Thanks for your comment. xo

  54. Exactly agree Cee. Thanks so much! :)

  55. Yes, I think a good balance is really the best way -- enjoying the getaway and capturing a few memories as well. :) /Madison

  56. I also take random shots, sometimes later I look at them and love them more! Thank you Kizzy.

  57. Thanks! That was actually the view from my apartment that we rented there. She has an even better view in her place! :-)

  58. What a super cute place I love this


  59. Sometimes the "random" impromptu photos turn out to be the best ones in my experience. I often get so obsessed with taking good "blogging" photos that I forget to stop and enjoy the moment. Glad to hear you had a nice time, these photos are very pretty and capture the mood of the place very well!


  60. Veshoevius04 June

    I would love to go to Austria! I need to go somewhere other than just Spain and France all the time! Have you seen the news though? Looks like part of Austria is underwater :(

  61. Yes, fortunately we were there before all of that happened. I heard the floodinhg touched parts of Germany and North of Prague as well. Thanks for your comment! It's really a beautiful place!

  62. miranda05 June

    Great shots!


  63. Margaret Cruzemark05 June

    Great pics Madison. I love travelling myself. But who doesn't?
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  64. kim bim05 June

    Fantastic images to fall back on, <333

  65. Sofies closet05 June

    Great snapshots :D

  66. Sharon___StyleChameleon05 June

    Nice pictures.



  67. Audrey Allure05 June

    Wonderful photos!


  68. Lola Finn05 June

    haha... ich erkenne Deutsche Straßen sofort!! ;)
    liebe Grüße


  69. xx. Ja, lol, Vielen Dank! Liebe Grüsse. xxoo

  70. Thank you! I agree some of the shots that I loved the most were these impromptu images. :) /Madison


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