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How are you lovelies? I have been away, taking time out and enjoying a short holiday, but I also needed to get inspired! Aside from art and fashion, nothing sends more inspiration my way like good food ... and top it off with champagne? That's even better!  

Summertime makes me want to enjoy grilling outdoors and eating lighter courses, but naturally keeping my gourmet indulgences! Here's a few side dishes and meals that I love, most I have tried or simply want to make this summer.

As a daughter of an amazing caterer, cooking gourmet cuisine the leaf did not fall too far from the tree. It's an inevitable trait that was bound to make its way in my lifestyle in some form. Indeed, I embraced it, of course!

As fashion trends change with the seasons often our food selections also vary, especially with certain fruits, sauces, and how we prepare them. As a fellow gastronome, there are often occasions in my own home where we are always entertaining with friends and loved onesbut lately there hasn't been much time. So, instead I have been making a digital menu list entitled, absolutely must-make! Here's a glimpse of it below so far.

Are you planning a summer feast? Have you started to celebrate outdoor cooking in style?

Making Colourful Statements:
Grilled peaches! (source/recipe here)

Trifles are one of the easiest desserts to make to satisfy your guests. (source/recipe here)
Mediterranean Cannellini Bean Salad (source/recipe here)
Grilled fish is always a good choice! (Source)

Clever! Watermelon Inspired Rice Krispies Treats (Source/recipe here)
I will definitely need to make this Blueberry Focaccia bread. I love blueberries! (Source/recipe here)
Gluten free low-carb Cheesy Cauliflower Tater Tots! I've never even heard of this, but I want some! (Source/recipe here)

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  1. Your food choices look delish. My hubby andI are planning to make tomorrow night cranberry bread and blueberry bread. 4th of July is this Thursday so thinking about Stir fry and grilled barbecue chicken and ribs. Maybe make a homemade vegetable lasagna.

  2. I really love salads, sandwiches, fish and grilling this time of year. And ohhhhhhhh the Summer desserts. HaHaHa Love them especially. You are so lucky to have a caterer in your family. My grandfather could cook his butt off. I miss him! He was an educator and a great cook.

  3. francesca r01 July, 2013

    I cant believe those watermelon rice crispies!!! So cool!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  4. KizzyDoll01 July, 2013

    Gorgeous food choices. I love to eat and make things. All of this looks amazing!! I hope you have a great week doll zz

  5. Rosalind Jana01 July, 2013

    Great food plus champagne - oh yes, perfect time guaranteed. I want to make the grilled fish with the mediterranean salad. Yum. And that trifle looks very tempting.

  6. Oh...., am crying Yum,Yum over here, now i feel like throwing my breakfast in the bin, i want some grilled fish now lol.

  7. Janice Lunes01 July, 2013

    Hi Madi,

    Omg so glad I already had lunch :P

    Great recipes I will be bookmarking a few hahah

    Have a great day :D

    The Chains are cut !

  8. Sam @ Frills & Thrills01 July, 2013

    So much yumminess on one post! All these dishes look great! Its winter here so were having a little more comfort food...and puddings of course.

  9. Wowza on all that food porn, Madison. And how awesome is that that both your parents are into food:)
    I also agree that summer means lighter food.

  10. Couture Trend01 July, 2013

    Delicious foods!!

  11. MISPAPELICOS01 July, 2013

    Great party ideas, Madison.
    My husband makes a mean trifle following the old English way.
    have a lovely Monday.

  12. Adeola Naomi Aderemi01 July, 2013

    Oh my Yum!!!
    I want some rooftop barbecue right now!!
    Amazing post and you own me lunch now! lol

  13. Couture Carrie01 July, 2013

    Delicious post, darling!
    The Rice Krispie treats are adorable!


  14. AlexisGrace01 July, 2013

    Oooh---- the cauliflower tots look yum! And yes--- I love a good glass of champagne!!!

  15. Thank you! Yes, Trifles are so good and easy to make. Have a wonderful day! xxoo

  16. Thanks Emmy,. Yes, my mum is the caterer although both of them love cooking. xx Enjoy the day dear.

  17. I love grilled fish too! We need to met up one day to eat! haha. xx

  18. Aren't they adorable! I thought so too! :)

  19. I think food give me inspiration too!!!! The smell, the color the taste...hmmm..:) I just got back to NYC and was eating with my parent non-stop already(they came to visit me in NYC cus I have been away for so long:P)....Love sitting at the patio outside my house:)...LOVE FOOD:)

    kisses and hugs,

  20. I definitely switch it up to lighter fare in the summer as well. I mean who wants to turn on the stove or oven when it's already sweltering out. Thanks for sharing some of your must makes! I think I'll be adding the bean salad and cauliflower tater tots to my list as well :)

    Have a fab week Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  21. Oh to Be a Muse01 July, 2013

    So cool that you're a daughter of a caterer. After coming back from vacay, I have to get back to eating grilled fish, fruits and veggies. I might need a cleanse because I ate so much crap on vacation (but it was worth it). :)

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  22. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!

    I'm already hungry and this delicious post didn't make it better, haha! Great inspiration!

    Have a fantastic day,

  23. Jamie "ChatterBlossom"01 July, 2013

    OOOOh, that trifle!!!!! YUM!



  24. The trifle looks awesome!!! Now I have the image stuck in my head...

  25. Haha, Thanks so much Janice! :) Hope you enjoyed your day.

  26. Yum! I have been so into cooking and baking lately--something about summer :) I love the cauliflower tater tots--I've made the mashed potato recipe with them and it's delicious.
    xo Mary Jo

  27. hey you! haven't been here for a while either since I was also having a vacation.. as much as I could, that is. anyway, it was not a good idea to look at those dishes this evening because now I'm starting to get crazy hungry but I have to go to sleep and not start eating, haha. I would love to try pretty much everything though :P


    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  28. Exactly! :)My favourite is the bean salad, It's really delicious! :)

  29. Yes, I agree, it's wonderful, but also a bit tricky because you always want really good food and don't ever want to settle for "everyone's"cooking, haha. Thanks for your comment Kim. xx

  30. nicoleta buru01 July, 2013

    Omg, I am your bigger fan now :D



  31. CreativeFashion01 July, 2013

    So yummy!

  32. CreativeFashion01 July, 2013

    Did you try these recipes yourself? The beans salad looks really delicious.


  33. Yes, I have tried some of these myself, especially the bean salad. :)

  34. Thanks dear. You're so sweet, lol. xx

  35. OMG! So delicious:)

  36. Hi Madison! I get you, I love eating and find so much inspiration from food as well! In fact, I love browse food photos thourgh the web and then pin on my board on pinterest! You just made me so hungry dear! I'd like to try and taste all the recipes you shared, the watermelon rice is so original and cool! Follow you now also on bloglovin, have found you previously there! Kisses and have a fab week! xo

  37. Sam @ Frills & Thrills02 July, 2013

    Thanks for your wonderful words over at mine, hope your week kindly surprises you :)

  38. I always look forward to summer because of the wonderful food! I love grilling outside too! Those watermelon rise crispy treats are amazing! Thanks so much for the great inspiration and recipes! I liked your post on bloglovin!


  39. oh my gah, so hungry!

    Xo, Megan,

  40. Blond Duck02 July, 2013

    So much fun!

  41. Thanks! Yes, you will have to check these out. I've tried some and cannot wait to make the rest! :) xx

  42. Hiya dear. Welcome back! xx :)

  43. Blond Duck02 July, 2013

    Totally want to try that trifle for the 4th!

  44. Erika Sorocco02 July, 2013

    The Watermelon Rice Krispies Treats are so cute! :)

  45. Wow, every dish looks equally amazing!
    Most of them aren't even that hard to make as well... GREAT food inspo!


  46. I love a good trifle, yum. And how fun is that watermelon rice krispies!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  47. Yummy! That watermelon krispie treat thing looks so good!!!

  48. I imagine you had an amazing time with family. Good to hear you're still enjoying your travelling Tammy! :-) /Madison xx

  49. Sounds like you have an amazing feasts awaiting. :) Enjoy! :)

  50. I do too Rebecca. I love fun summer gatherings. We always have friends over. :) Have a great day! x

  51. Audrey Allure02 July, 2013

    Mmm yummy!

  52. oh yam! starving from just looking at the post!


    Inside and Outside Blog

    P.S. I’m hosting cool glasses/sunglasses giveaway here check it out!

  53. Mmmm everything looks so fresh and delicious and is making me hungry! And how cute are those watermelon rice krispy treats??!

  54. These recipes look so yummy, especially those grilled peaches- what a treat!

  55. Thanks! Definitely try the peaches. Grilled fruit are my favourite!
    Thanks Nnenna! :)

  56. Thank you for your comment. Yes, those watermelon rice krispy treats are adorable! :) /Madison

  57. Those watermelon rice krispies are so adorable! I'm no fan of Summer but I am looking forward to a good BBQ!

  58. What a delicious post, Madison! I'm not much of a cook, but my husband works as a chef - so we manage :) That Mediterranean cannellini bean salad looks like the perfect summer dish, I'm definitely bookmarking the recipe. And those watermelon rice krispie treats are too cute!

  59. Those rice krispy treats are darling! I've never seen that idea before.

  60. Stylish ByNature03 July, 2013

    Simply too cute to be eaten :)


  61. Maria bastida Guinea03 July, 2013

    Everything looks SO YUMMY and healthy!!! ;) Thanks for the ideas!!

  62. yumm and YUMM! all of these look so delicious! and that watermelon krispie is the cutest!

  63. Lorena Lorena04 July, 2013

    Your post made me hungry - there are so many things i want to try!

  64. Couture Trend05 July, 2013


  65. styleodyssey05 July, 2013

    I need those grilled peaches.. :)
    - ODYSSEYhome

  66. Margaret Cruzemark08 July, 2013

    Totally yummy and they look delicious!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  67. Stylish ByNature10 July, 2013

    Mouth watering !!

    New Post up...


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