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Inkkas Eco friendly shoes - Amazon Watches 
Making a difference never has an expiration date. There is always a reason to brighten someone's day, always a reason to help others in need, and more importantly should always be a mentally trending notion to give back, if you can.

As you may already know, I am a firm supporter in charity, culture, handmade products, and the art of diversity. Inkkas, encompasses all of these elements! 

Inkkas, a fairly new shoe brand produces eco-friendly footwear for women, men, and children that is handmade by local Peruvian artisans. Each shoe is carefully measured, cut, and sewn using genuine South American textiles. The shoe styles offered are daring prints and patterns with colourful options in an array of combinations. So, naturally this was already going to be a major win in my wardrobe. 

The company is devoted to being an advocate of fair trade and helping the environment with their sustainable efforts. This is a brand that applies their core values along with their global walk of ethically charged creations.
The philosophy is simple: celebrating the art of handmade craftsmanship whilst impacting the world with each sole created. It’s an incredible thing when a company not only stands behind their vision, but boldly exudes benevolence with charitable conviction. 

Inkkas shoes are made in South America by South Americans. This means that all areas of production, including sourcing and development, are done locally. This keeps the founding initiative of the company as well as helping to protect the Amazon rainforest. 

I am honoured to be a part of celebrating the efforts of the Inkkas brand and sharing how I wear my colourful style.

Check out more shoe styles on their website! What's your favourite pair? Visit: 
The goods: Shoes-Style: Mojito High Tops: c/o Inkkas, Denim-Cheap Monday, Slub knit tank-H&M, Turquoise beaded necklace-Flea Market, Onyx/chain beads-Ladyofashion, Layered tank-H&M, Leather bag-Charity shop.

“Don't just buy a product, buy a small piece of a better world.”  -Inkkas  

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  1. francesca r16 August

    OMG!! They are sooooo cool!!! And so colorful!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  2. KizzyDoll16 August

    These are awesome shoes, very cool!! And I love the work they do, that's mega important!! Have great weekend doll x

  3. Daniella16 August

    Madison those shoes are great! It's always interesting to know the background story of a product. I love the outfit you teamed them with, the turquoise necklace definitely lifts the colours perfectly and these photos are wonderful dear! :)

    Take care and have a great weekend,
    Daniella xox

  4. Ms Madge16 August

    Cool trainers! You might also wanna check a Guatemalan brand called Hiptico. My friend, whose family lives there, introduced me to it. I got a handmade makeup bag. I love South American colours. very vibrant. I must've been from that continent in my past life :D My favourite Inkkas is a pair of Concrete Jungle. The grey tones down the brights, so perfect for the more gloomy weather coming soon. Have a lovely weekend Madison xxx

  5. Beautiful shoes, and beautiful idea!

  6. Marcela16 August

    You look so pretty!!! I love your shoes!
    Have a nice day! my g+ for you!!!:)))
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. Hi Madison! I know this brand and I really find it so good! I think the sneakers are a high product with an outstanding philosophy. Love the ones you wear, the pattern is so lovely and I like how you matched them. Looking too pretty dear, especially in the second photo! My fav pair from the site is the one with the fuchsia laces!^^ Kisses and have a fab weekend! xo

  8. Nicky mywishstyle16 August

    Hi Madison, the sneakers you wear are so pretty, on the line and for the print!
    wish you a good day,

  9. Buy something pretty and do something good. Can it get any better than that? No! You look gorgeous Madison. The sneakers are amazing. Never heard of this brand before. My favorite pair: Black spectrum low top but I like them all. Wish you a happy Friday!!

    xx Mira

  10. sartorialsidelines16 August

    That company sounds really great and the shoes are killer - so bright and colorful!

    Courtney ~

  11. Couture Carrie16 August

    How lovely!
    Will have to visit the site!


  12. Sam @ Frills & Thrills16 August

    Hi Madison, so happy to hear about this brand and productive label from you. I love fashion with a cause, and this sounds like a great one. The sneakers are so cute!

  13. Erika Sorocco16 August

    Those kicks are so cool, Madison. I LOVE how they match your necklace! :)

  14. Those are some kick-a$$ sneakers, Madison! The fact that the company is fair trade makes them even better:)
    Have a great weekend!

  15. miranda16 August

    Cool sneaks!!!


  16. Shybiker16 August

    Cool. Stylish and good for the world.

  17. Those sneakers are awesome!


    The Other Side of Gray

  18. kim bim16 August

    Babes you rock!!! Your shoes are really cool ''gag'' speechless, i can't shout sweetie. Can i borrow them? :) Simple look yet Chic. Kisses...

  19. AlexisGrace16 August

    I love the fair-trade philosophy and the shoes are fun! Thanks for sharing these with me!

  20. I am definitely all for ethical brands! I love the colors and the style of the shoe, too!

  21. hey madison! thank you for the introduction to inkkas. i am loving their philosophy and the shoes are really cute. i love companies like this. it's sad that there are so few of them. there definitely needs to be more. i love that a portion of the money is going to the rainforest, while supplying jobs for so many in South America. Great post. Have a wonderful weekend doll.

  22. Mary Jo17 August

    These are sooo cute and a perfect fit for your style! And I love a company with good values trying to give back. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  23. Maiken M17 August

    I loved that post, Madison! and I love it how you've combined those sneakers with a similar necklace. it's a wonderful pair of sneakers btw and it's wonderful to see how much attention they're paying on little details. I would totally wear those beauties myself! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  24. Lola Finn17 August

    Super nice photos!!! :)
    You look so beautiful when you smile, Madison!! :)
    VEry cool style!
    Thank you so much for your lovely compliment!
    Liebe Grüße aus München

  25. Oh, I would love to get a pair! And I like the idea that the sales benefit the Peruvians who make them.

  26. Ileana17 August

    Love those sneakers! so colorful! :D


  27. Jamillah17 August

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Will definitely book mark them for future posts! I'm always looking for good ethical brands. Thanks for sharing dear friend! Love you Mad!

  28. You know what? The detail on them is excellent. I think the ethos behind the company is great it's not like one of these big corporations that do the workers out of what they really should be getting. I'm happy you've featured the brand and helped promote it and give us all an insight into the brand.

  29. Dressed with soul17 August

    Liebe Madison, Du hast so recht, man sollte immer jemanden helfen und seinen Tag glücklich machen! Die Schuhe sind toll und ich finde es sehr gut dass sie Fair Trade sind <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  30. ooh loveee this look! soo cool :D your sneakers are awesome :D

  31. Thanks Lilli, so happy that you liked them and visited the site. :-) xo

  32. Thanks Ms Madge. Inkkas is a great brand. I will check out Hiptico that you have mentioned. Happy weekend to you too. x

  33. Thanks Arash.They're very comfortable as well. No problem, I was happy to share this great brand. I agree ... and Inkkas is definitely a refreshing company that's actively "doing" good and not just "saying" it!

  34. They are very comfortable to wear, so I think you would love them! Thanks for your comment! :-)

  35. Thank you so much Lola,
    Liebe Grüße, Madison
    Schönes Wochenende ein auch! xx

  36. Thank you Alexis! Have a nice weekend dear. :-)

  37. You're very welcome Kim. So glad that you were able to read the post. Yes, I love their philosophy and handmade products. Thanks dear! xx

  38. Haha, thanks Emmy! I can see you wearing them! Glad that you like them too! xx

  39. Thanks so much dear for your lovely comment. The vivid colours are my favourite! :) x Enjoy the weekend.

  40. I agree, it's a double win, Mira! :-) Happy to introduce you to this brand. Thanks for your comment. xx/Madison

  41. Haha, certainly you can! Thanks for your comment love. xx

  42. Thanks so much Mary Jo! Enjoy your weekend as well. :-)

  43. Yes, the attention to detail also caught my eye and I love what they stand for. Thanks so much Maiken for your comment. xo

  44. Liebe Rena,
    Danke für deinen Kommentar! Ja, ich liebe es, dass sie auch Fairtrade. :-) Die Farben sind die besten! xxoo LG / Madison

  45. Excellent! Thank you! Glad that you liked them, the shoes are comfy and I love their vision/philosophy. Happy weekend to you dear J. xxoo/M

  46. petra lorietta18 August

    love this outfit!♥ and the shoes are amazing!:)

  47. Ali Hval18 August

    Those shoes are awesome. I especially love how they're free trade and eco-friendly. Companies like that are awesome, and I hope that they take over the world! ;)

    I really like how you brought out the blue with your necklace. Your hair is always the cutest, too!!

  48. Hi Petra! Thanks so much for your comment. These are one of my new favourites. /Madison

  49. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    I really like those shoes, not only do they look cute, the background is just a great idea!

    Have a great day,

  50. Rosalind jana18 August

    Absolutely brilliant, fairly traded, sustainably produced shoes. Thank you for introducing this wonderful company and its beautiful shoes.

  51. Adeola Naomi Aderemi18 August

    Their creations are amazing and I love the uniqueness!
    You my friend look divine and you styled the shoes so right.
    Have a blessed week dear.

  52. Sabine19 August

    Beautiful shoes, beautiful outfit. Great style ♥

  53. Thanks so much Ali for your comment! xx:-)