Style, Time, and The Main Attraction


There's nothing worse than forgetting your mobile or watch and having to ask a stranger, "Do you have the time?" We all have routine things that we typically wear, or even certain styles of clothing that we might faithfully purchase. I mean, who doesn't buy more than one plain T-shirt, right?

There's just something special about being able to look down at your own incredibly sleek wrist for a moment, even if only to see that a mere five minutes have passed since the last time you checked!

It's times such as these--where the marriage of hi-tech accessories and fashion merges together as seamless as a welt pocket on a blazer. It just works! Today, the options for stylish accessories, namely timepieces, are endless, and many styles are only getting better as the seasons change.
Swatch watch - Top men's style accessories 2013
Swatch: via The New Gent Collection: 1-Red Laquered, 2-Blue Rebel.

For menswear, watches are no exception to the concept of accessory "must-haves," whether it be to tie a complete look together or by its sole purpose.

When selecting watches, like any fashion accessory, factoring in wearability and qualtiy along with style should be aligned in the process at some point. It's even better when a brand has an evident influence behind a design or has clearly thought about the customer and their lifestyle as well.

So, whether you're the minimalism style devotee or fashion-forward tech lover, you needn't worry about options. There really is a stylish piece for everyone. In fact, go ahead, and make room now for sleek and chic additions, because here are several timepieces that just may have your accessories drawer saying, "Amen," to!

What style of watch is your favourite to wear?
Swedish design men's watches - Void Watches
VOID Watches: 1-V02-GOGR , 2- V01EL-COGY, 3-V03D-COWLWC.

G-Shock Watches Best men's watches
G-Shock: 1-Limited Series: GA200SPR-1A, 2-Classic Series: AWGM100GW-7A

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  1. KizzyDoll05 August

    I used to wear a watch, now I rarely wear watches. They never go with my outfits and tend to bother me. But, I do have a pocket watch that I carry some times with me. Pocket watches I do love. Can be fun not knowing the time on free days. But, when I have school runs or appointments I just use my mobile to know the time. Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  2. I love wearing watches! Necessary for my lifestyle.They are great accessories, epsecially if you buy versions that can go with pretty much everything, i.e., silver, black, gold, etc. Pocket watches are fun and also nice to have. I have a small golden pocket pendant that I wear sometimes. Thanks for your comment.:)

  3. francesca r05 August

    ah this happens to me often!

    I love the G Shock watches!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  4. Adeola Naomi Aderemi05 August

    I love wearing watches, but I am still waiting to buy that perfect timeless watch after having mine stolen in Rome a couple of years back.
    I believe in investing in a good classy and timeless watch.
    You have some great selection here.
    Have a lovely week doll!

  5. I love both the watches from G Shock:) I must admit I'm a big fan of Swatch just for sentimental reasons.
    Hope you're having a great Monday so far, Madison:)

  6. Sharon05 August

    I used to wear a watch every single day but now I've kind of stopped wearing them. I need a new one!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. I used to wear watches all the time when I was a kid. I still have a Hello Kitty watch I wear when I dress up and need a chunky wrist accessory (it's silver) but nowadays, i just rely on my phone. Though, those VOID watches are beautiful! And I'm also obsessed with nooka watches!

  8. Anthea05 August

    Your choices are so unique! I'm saving for an MK splurge, but these definitely get me thinking about something different!

  9. Great, Emmy! Glad that you liked the selections. Yes, G-Shock has been a longtime favourite of mine as well. :-) Thanks!

  10. Stylish ByNature05 August

    Lovely watches...Love them all !!

    New Post up...

  11. I really love the brown watch featured in the first group. It's pretty. I love neutrals.

  12. Couture Carrie05 August

    Awesome watches!
    Love the second VOID one!


  13. Its taken me a while to get back into watch wearing but now, I feel almost naked without one on my wrist.

  14. I usually go for the classic look when it comes to watches. But honestly, I always have my phone so I rarely ever need a watch. It's more of a fashion accessory if anything! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Excellent! :) /Madison

  16. Oh to Be a Muse05 August

    After going on vacay, I've liked the idea of wearing a watch more and more. My fave here is the white VOID watch in the white lizard pattern.

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    Shop Layered Muse

  17. Oh, y es, of course "Hello Kitty!" Love that! I am in love with those VOID watches. A "Must-buy" for him too! x

  18. kim bim05 August

    Wow,wow, great post. The G-SHOCK is my kin of style.

  19. These selections are so fun and modern! I used to feel naked without my watch but now I can always check time on my phone or iPod if I forget to put it on. Nonetheless I still love my Cartier Roadster.

    Have a great week Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  20. Hi Madison! You just remember me that I need a new watch! I love to wear it, Swatch is in fact one of my fav brand so far!:) I pay attention to match it with the outfit, if it doesnt fit that, I usually have the cell to wath the hour!:P Kisses dear, have a great week ahead! xo

  21. I used to wear a watch all the time, but recently I never seem to wear it anymore, I'm not really sure why. I tend to like quite classic looking ones (leather or metal straps) but that wooden one is so quirky & interesting! I'd never heard of that brand before either!

  22. Sam @ Frills & Thrills06 August

    I do love watches but for some reason always forgot to wear one! I am currently loving the rose gold ones in stores. These are such chic and elegant picks. Hope you're having a great summer sweety.

  23. cool watches!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  24. Erika Sorocco06 August

    I wore a watch for years; but not anymore - now I just rely on my phone. :/

    P.S. Here's a link to the Leather Effects Nail Polish in Noho {Black} - . It is such incredible quality and texture - I think you'll love it!! :)

  25. Audrey Allure06 August

    Love the 3rd watch in the second set!

  26. Lyosha06 August

    I loves swatches simple and colourful lines and that's actually the only watch I might change my regulars on.

    great post!


    Inside and Outside Blog

  27. Madara Lieciniece06 August

    I love watches and you have chosen some really great ones! :)

  28. Me too! I love wearing watches! xx/Madison

  29. Love G-Shock as well. xx

  30. Thanks Rowena. I like wearing watches so much. xx

  31. Oh, great! I hope you find a nice style, they are loads of options. :)

  32. Oh, thanks so much love! xx/Madison :-)

  33. Thanks Adeola. I agree a good quality watch is best, I love different types of watches. Hope you find another great one soon. xx

  34. Oh my gosh I remember when Swatch Watches were super popular when I was a kid.

  35. Margaret Cruzemark11 August

    I love the second one from VOID. Really cool watch.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark