Autumn Hugs With Outerwear


One of many essential pieces in my closet that I always revert to are jackets/coats! For me, a leather jacket and blazer takes me throughout multiple seasons. When fall makes its presence known, I do love a fitted long coat or heavier trench as well to pull an outfit together.

It may not be autumn yet, but I have seen a fur collared jacket a time or two, even worn in the summer. Don't we all have that one friend who wears a favourite furry number at any given time? Perhaps, you are that friend or festival-chic lady who does Bohemian fringe dances in the glorious sun. Or, maybe you're the classic style girl who loves to wear all black (jackets) regardless of the season.

I will likely bring out my vintage fur and faux fur pieces much later, as always. But, for now, I will just sit back and enjoy the mild climate and pre-autumn breezes of virtual inspiration.

Whatever your style is for "jacket weather," there's great options that may accommodate any lifestyle, whether you're an eco-lover or retro diva. I must admit, I am still on the hunt for an orange mac or emerald long coat. Hopefully, I will score some goodies soon when I get the chance to pop in more stores or on our vintage shopping excursion soon. Here's a few favourite jacket and coat options that I'm loving at the moment!

What style of coat or jacket do you love wearing? 

Click image to view larger (Above): Pastel coat with Faux fur trim-Rokit Vintage, Palomba grey coat Sportmax via Selfridges, Wool zipper coat-Zara via LystQuilted leather jacket with superb detailing!-Reiss

*Click image to view larger (Above): Checkered studio cape-Zara, Textured Drape Coat-Oasis via Lyst, Katie Fleece Cape-People Tree,Vintage-Leopard casual jacket-Beyond Retro.

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  1. Ivana Džidić20 September

    omg sport max...this one looks fantastic, futuristic and elegant at the same time....the others are also lovely, if any of them magically appeared in my closet, I wouldn't complain;) nice selections dear.

  2. francesca r20 September

    I fell in love withe zara plaid coat!! That's my style!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  3. I love your varied selection here and this post has come at the right time as it's definitely coat weather all of a sudden here in the UK - quite chilly! Camel coats have always been a favourite of mine but I'm just admiring the Reiss leather jacket - great detailing. Have a good weekend!

  4. WorldTasting20 September

    Nice selection. Loving the Zara plaid coat! =)


    Sylvia @ WorldTasting
    .. WorldTasting on Bloglovin'

  5. Ms Madge20 September

    Love the yellow Zara (got same cut from Uniqlo in camel), Sportmax, and Oasis. Also on the hunt for new coats and you reminded me! I agree leather jackets are a wardrobe staple that can take you from season to season. Have a lovely weekend Madison! x

  6. Chrissie20 September

    Der gelbe Mantel von Zara ist der Knaller!!!!

    LG aus der


  7. Amazing!!! I want Rokit vintage!!! Great pieces. Have a beautiful weekend babes.

  8. Adeola Naomi Aderemi20 September

    The reiss leather jacket is fabulous!!!

  9. collected by Katja20 September

    You've chosen so many lovely coats and jackets for F/W <3 ... Especially felt in love with yellow Zara-coat and beige Oasis-coat :-) ... - Kisses from Vienna,


    INTERNATIONAL SWAROVSKI GIVEAWAY on my blog "collected by Katja"

  10. Hi Madison! I am the same, especially now when fall starts. I love to wear leather jacket and coat, though I suffer the cold so much so in winter I usually wear quilted jacket that makes me feel warm. I'd love to buy a pink or a plaid coat, I think they are so glam at the mo!:) Kisses dear, have a lovely weekend ahead! xo

  11. Daniella20 September

    Hi my lovely, Hope you are well. I love looking for a new jacket/coat for the Autumn/Winter season and your picks here, certainly inspire. The checked one by Zara and the classic coat by Sportmax are my favourites :)

    Take care and have a lovely weekend,
    Daniella xx

  12. sartorialsidelines20 September

    I am swooning over those two Zara jackets - wow!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  13. roberto pizzo20 September

    yellow zatra coat is AMAZING


    Syriously in Fashion
    Syriously Facebook Page

  14. Ooooo...that Oasis one is pretty fab! In terms of jackets, I think I'm a leather jacket kinda girl too, as it's just so easy to wear no matter what you're doing.
    Happy Friday, Madison!

  15. I am in love with that Oasis jacket! It looks so cozy and chic. Great picks all around though! xo

  16. i have leather jackets, peacoats, double-breasted top coats and an evening coat. The only problem is, most are black and a couple of brown. I need more COLOR in my winter wear. But it doesn't stay cold very long here, so it would probably sit. LOL

  17. Couture Carrie20 September

    Gorgeous coats!
    Loving Sportmax!


  18. Oh to Be a Muse20 September

    I don't think it gets cold enough here for vintage furs (although I can't wait to see yours), but I think I will enjoy wearing my big coats soon.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  19. Mitha Komala20 September

    love those coats and jackets! stunning pieces <3

    To Juliet

  20. What wonderful outerwear options! I really like the styling of the Sportmax grey coat. It looks super versatile.

    Have a lovely weekend Madison!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. Sam @ Frills & Thrills21 September

    Beautiful picks Madison, I wish it were still coat wearing weather here, but its warming up rather fast, love both looks from Zara. Thanks for your kind words. Have a great weekend!

  22. Ooooh that draped coat from Oasis is gorgeous!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  23. I love jackets. The city I grew up in is so cold, I grew up with a collection of jackets that I wore eight to ten months out of the year, so their importance in fashion - as well as their practicality - has never been lost on me. A coat is the thing you wear most often in the winter, and it's so important that it expresses your style, especially if you only have one. I love all of these choices, but the one from Reiss is so unusual and beautiful!

  24. What an amazing selection. Esp. love the Reiss and the Zara plaid coat and Beyond Retro. The faux fur jacket won't keep you warm. That's why I'm not surprised that some wear them in the summer. I hope you'll find the coat you're looking for. Wish you a happy weekend Madison :)

    xx Mira

  25. Erika Sorocco21 September

    Absolutely loving that Zara Plaid Cape!! :)

  26. Dressed with soul21 September

    Um ehrlich zu sein, liebe Madison, besitze ich viel zu viele Jacken! Aber bei uns ist es so kalt, dass man sie auch wirklich braucht, die letzte Woche war es eisig und ich habe warme Mäntel getragen. Für diesen Winter habe ich schon wieder so viele schöne neue Mäntel gesehen, und die Mäntel die Du ausgewählt hast, sind wunderbar! Besonders liebe ich den gelben Mantel von Zara.

    Alles Liebe und ein schönes Wochenende - morgen gehe ich wählen!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  27. Laura Cosma22 September

    wow, I love the oasis coat!

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    Hurry up, the contest ends on September, 22!

  28. chictherapy22 September

    I love the yellow Zara coat.such a pretty color

  29. Beautiful selection! x

  30. Margaret Cruzemark22 September

    Great selection here Madison. I love the vibrant yellow ZARA coat.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  31. Thank you. I love coats too. enjoy your Sunday doll! xx

  32. Thanks Mira. Glad that you liked the selection. Hopefully, I will find my fav coat very soon. xx/Madison

  33. I LOVE leather so much, haha. So I had to sqeeze that quilted style in here. Lucky, you must have mild weather mostly for the autumn/winter season. xo Take care,

  34. The Oasis style is a great one I thought as well. Thanks for your comment Emmy. :)

  35. Thank you dear! I love Sportmax! Hope your weekend is going well. xx/Madison

  36. Thank you Lilli. Yes, checks and plaid in general are a favourite for me. I'd love a cape too! Happy weekend. xx

  37. Your pink jacket sounds lovely. I really want an orange one soon. :-)

  38. Thanks for your comment Ivana. Yes, I would not complain either if any of these made their way in to my closet, haha. xo/Madison

  39. Glad that you liked them. Enjoy the warmer climate Sam. x

  40. Yes, I agree, when you grow up with codl weather you tend to understand the importance of a good coat/jacket. I did as well, so I like selecting functional and stylish versions. Thanks Cee! Enjoy your weekend. xx/M

  41. Lola Finn22 September

    So great!! :) This coat from Sportmax is totaly amazing!! I love grey coats <3

  42. Hi! Guten abend! Liebe Rena, Vielen Dank für Deinen kommentar. Ich liebe Jacken mit Farbe. So, auch ich liebe den gelben Mantel und Plaid Stil von Zara. :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  43. The Reiss and Oasis coats are my favorite!! Would love for the weather in Miami to cool down a bit so I could wear a coat ;) XOXO

  44. Zara kills it every year in the outerwear department!!


  45. Nice post! I'm still decided whether to get a new winter coat this year and what sort to be :))

  46. I love a fake fur and a leather jacket - all time favourites! x