Thom Browne SP14: Fashion Injections


If fashion has a rule book, then Thom Browne sliced it up and made a wearable tapestry … an avant-garde one! Thom Browne’s Ready-To-Wear Spring 2014 collection served the viewers a fashion pâté, but it was on no ordinary plate. It was a special blend that Morticia would just love!

The collection was fashion disobedience, artfully displayed and distinguishable by its mere intricate details. From the very distant to an enticingly magnified perspective, you’re full of intrigue with both eyebrows raised. And, if you’re already an admirer of Thom Browne, then you were eager to dissect the collection layer by layer, if only to appreciate the workmaster behind the line and quality of execution.

If the madhouse had a fashion show this is what it would look like—full of theatrical fantasy. The collection is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the unimaginative. As a former costumer and fan of Browne’s work it was a collection that I immensely appreciated, but more for the detailed elements (see images below).
Thom Browne Spring 2014 Review Blogger
There were styles that you simply wanted to understand a little bit more. Then, there were styles showcased with peculiar pairings that strangely balanced the theme of a modified hospice worker, at least for an inspired film or theatre play in mind. Fabrics of latex, silk, and lace were used, some matched with puckering finishes and extravagantly sculpted silhouettes—the skirts and jackets of white embellished with button-like pearls were all apart of the uniform.

As always, Thom Browne gave you a show! There was much to talk about, from the materials used to the finishing look, even as outrageous as the beauty spell of smudged rouge lips and wraithlike styling (from the neck up) may have appeared to be. 

His design aesthetic is clearly defined, and these were garments that seemed to already have a character in mind. Well, I'm not certain if Old Lady Grantham would approve, but I think Helen Bonham Carter would believe bits of Thom Browne’s collection to be very agreeable.

What do you think about Thom Browne’s spring 2014 womenswear collection?
SS14 NYFW Thom Browne
Images:, edited by Ladyofashion.

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  1. I LOVE the JOker-inspired lips and the bags all askew! The pieces are so gorgeous especially that bubble dress! SWOON!

  2. Stylish ByNature11 September

    Nice colletion.... looks great !! Didn't like the makeup though :)

    New Post up...

  3. Lady parisienne11 September

    Awesome look so lovely!

  4. Oh to Be a Muse11 September

    Dare I say that this collection is Tim Burton-esque? The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. :)

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  5. Yes, absolutely! Well, his past collection was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so the Tim Burton influence was very much evident in that one to me as well. :) Thanks for your comment.

  6. Thanks for commenting Cee. Yes, it is very over the top and dramatic, which is why I was drawn to it so much, as I Iove costume inspired collections. Enjoy your weekend./Madison xx

  7. Sam @ Frills & Thrills13 September

    Thanks for lending me your opinion on my last post. Happy End of the Week!

  8. He's amazing in my opinion. I love the detail throughout the collection. Reminds me of how an artful fashion "show" should be, all runway lines aren't to be worn for everyday people. Sometimes you need a bit of theatre and art for inspiration. Thanks for reading. /Madison

  9. :-) Chanel! Ja, absolut ... Danke für die kommentar! xx/Madison

  10. I agree, a bit refreshing as well. But, then again I love costume-styled pieces because of my background. Thanks for reading Kim. /M

  11. Exactly! Hauntingly beautiful -- the details were my favourite! :)

  12. I agree, the textured layering was quite genius! I want a winter white coat, but something tells me it would get so dirty with all of the moving about I do, haha. Thanks for your comment Mary Jo.

  13. Lola Finn13 September

    I looove fashion like this!! I love crazy make up and I love crazy hair style :D
    This ist fashion!!!! <3
    xoxo from Munich

  14. If you get past the theatrical makeup, the clothing actually looks quite well designed and wearable.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. I bet that was amazing too. I love the shapes he creates!

  16. Yes, the designs alone are quite amazing in craftsmanship. /M

  17. Margaret Cruzemark14 September

    Your choices are always so stylish and refined Madison. I love his line.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  18. Thank you very much Margaret. Enjoy the weekend.x

  19. Nicky mywishstyle19 September

    each piece is an an art work!

  20. marklovejoy.com23 September

    great clothes - love the lip treatments!