Winter: The Special Blend


The season of winter approaches and you can either layer or pretend that the cooler climate doesn't affect you. But, when winter arrives there are many ways to layer and still maintain your sartorial style. For me, as you may know, it all comes down to accessories, aside from the obvious jewellery options.

Let’s face it, without silk undergarments you might just find yourself freezing your little stylish bones off, and why do that to yourself? 

Here’s a prime example—showcasing one of several ways that I layer and stay warm throughout the winter season. 

This was an outfit that I shot some time ago; however I've been saving it to share with you for such a time as this. It’s a blend of the old and new, of course! A mere calming stirred (not shaken) blend of woollen meets silk and colour. I opted for my very own special blend, which needn’t too much of an introduction to most of you, being that I intensely adore scarves!
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Style Interpretations:
The crimson textured tights paired nicely with my knit dress, which I bought years ago. And, adding bits of silk, in addition to my printed scarf seemed like a first-rate counterpart to the entire outfit. So, I digested post-autumn weather very smoothly. The outfit felt like I was wearing espresso, caramel, and cherries with a heavy cream topping (my dress) as a warm focal point.

Is there a special style mixture that you infuse into your pre-winter dressing? Perhaps, you’re like me, and have many blends that suit you.  

What are your favourite fashion elements to layer with?
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  1. francesca r16 December

    You did an excellent job in layering! I love dress and tights!Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  2. Nicky mywishstyle16 December

    lovely combination, and look!

  3. You look stunning!!!

  4. You are a master in layering and I love this look!

  5. Love the colors on you - great and special combination!
    Love from Oslo,

  6. Yana Shopina16 December

    Amazing pics!

  7. Very pretty layering and really like this knitted long top :) I love knits so much!!

    Lu ❤
    Bloggers World Calendar 2014

  8. KizzyDoll16 December

    Love that, the tights are the perfect colour to set the whole outfit look gorgeous xx

  9. Hi Madison! I am as you, I like to blend many pieces to creat a super layered and warm winter outfit. Knit, tights and silk are a great combo together and for sure is so cosy. Looking pretty dear! Happy Monday and week ahead! Kisses! xo

  10. Erika Sorocco16 December

    This look...I'm in love! You look fantastic, Madison. The tights are such a fun, unexpected bright touch!!


  11. I love how you combined all the elements for this outfit, Madison:)
    PS I love scarves too:D

  12. I must admit, I am not good with layering… But I do like your outfit! :)

  13. haha madison! that's a fun way of looking at it. i love the way you described the layers (as a foodie). the climate in which i live in we definitely have to do this. it goes from hot to cold within a day. you have to be able to take things off throughout the DAY. great way of describing it.

  14. Those tights are this look!


    The Other Side of Gray

  15. Allie Mackin16 December

    Yes the pop of color in your tights is a great way to add a little fun to the winter doldrums.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  16. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!

    You are so gorgeous and your layering so cute! Love the dress! Also adore your hair today.

    Have a great day,

  17. Layering is definitely the best way to maintain a sense of style during winter as you said and your outfit here is a perfect example of that. Love the tights! I'm a big fan of long underwear as a base to build from. Happy Monday Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  18. Glam up your Lifestyle16 December

    Ich mag im Winter auch mehrere Schichten übereinander, so kann man bei Bedarf immer mal was abnehmen. Dein Outfit steht fit gut. Die Strumpfhose hat eine tolle Farbe und Muster.

    Deine Haare sehen heute besonders hübsch aus.

    Einen lieben Gruß, Cla

  19. Loving that wool jumper Madison! I've been painting the house in every spare moment so there hasn't been much time to wear stockings and I don't tend to wear tights unless it's very cold {which it's not here yet} but I love that look. Mostly I wear a lot of wool scarves and a cashmere sweater under my jacket/blazer. Hope you're off to a lovely Monday!
    xo Mary Jo

  20. You look beautiful! I love the dress and the patterned tights. They are so cute.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  21. I love the combination of all the textures!

  22. daddysneatness16 December

    Love this look and colors combo! Great! ;D



  23. Daniella16 December

    Madison I love how you've incorporated colour into this wonderful winter outfit. I also love how you've layered you knitted dress and accessorised your look. Chic my dear :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  24. Love the colour of your tights Madison, the crimson really stands out wonderfully! I love how layering a look can make it wearable in winter, you have done a splendid job with this!

  25. So very lovely! Bravo, Doll! :) T.

  26. Layering is absolutely key in winter months, and I love the way you've described your layered look - a picture is worth a thousand words, it's true, but it never hurts to add a wonderful description. For me, fall and winter layering always involves a scarf. And a coat. And, on cold days, a blazer under that, too! It's all about getting creative and finding new ways to look fabulous, which you certainly seem to be succeeding at :)

  27. Those tights are so amazing! Love the layers :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  28. Chrissie17 December

    Love your dress and the red legs!!!!

    Greets from the


  29. So Chic,You look stunning babes, I love your dress and that link necklace.


  30. wonderful mix of textures, I love the tights!

  31. Ali Hval17 December

    Oh la la, I love that description of layering. Haha, I suppose clothing really is like a multi-layered bar of sugary deliciousness! I really love those tights and boots of yours, lovely lady. Your layering skills are quite impressive!

    Man, I really love wearing sweaters over dresses, and socks over tights. Those have gotta be my favorite combos!

  32. chicncheapliving18 December

    Madison, this is a great combination of textures and colors! I also try too punch up outfits with a hint of color as well. It makes the outfit and my mood a bit brighter!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  33. I'm not a fan of layering as I find it too complicated. But it does look good. Love your dress!

  34. Thanks Kim! I love good food, so it was a perfect match with fashion to me, lol. Enjoy your day. /Madison

  35. Layering is definitely essential! Glad that you liked my description. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Cee! xx/Madison :)

  36. Danke! Ja, Ich liebe die Strumpfhosen, sie sind hilfreich für den Winter Mode sind!

    Liebste Grüße,
    Madison x :-)

  37. :-) You're so sweet! Thanks Erika!

  38. *blushes* Thanks Adeola dear. Enjoy the evening.

  39. I agree, blending a mix of elements works for warmth--it suits my style too! Thanks Lilli for your comment!

  40. Thank you Kim! xx Muah!

  41. Thanks so much Daniella! :-) xx

  42. Thanks for your sweet comment! :-)

  43. Thanks Emmy! Scarves are one of the best versatile accessories!

  44. :-) It does take practise, but I've always done it so that's probably why I love it so much. Thanks for your comment.

  45. :-) Danke! Appreciate your comment. xx

  46. Absolutely! :-) Happy Holidays!