Weekend: Inspiration and Summer Seasoning

Happy Friday!
With the impending summer of sunny and dramatic entrances, there is also much to love for the fashion season! Whether you're excited for holiday excursions, grilling gatherings with friends, or simply quiet time with hopes of a wee bit of pampering ... ahem, the season is upon (most of) us, and for those who may very well be in a slight chillier climate wishing for warmer days, here's a few summer infused elements of inspiration.

These Kate Spade handbags are an obvious winner! I am already a longtime Kate Spade customer, but the new arrivals in the online shop had me gloriously dazed for summer! I think I spent nearly every work break this week peeking at items that I wanted and loved.

Nothing says, "look at me, the bold and confident woman," better than bright colours and pattern amazement! A perfect accessory to pair with your maxi dress or nautical layering pieces! Of course, if you're like me then you might also risk a style-dipping session in all white with sparkles of gold! Yes, go brave, not boring!
Kate Spade
(Above) Flatiton Nylon-Norah (stripes), Printed Floral Fiesta-Christy clutch, Bourbon Street-Jenny handbag

What's been going on this week? I found out earlier in the week that another close friend of mine will be moving to Brisbane. Although, I am very sad to see him leave, I know that this will be a wonderful transition. Just within the past year a great amount of my close friends have headed to New York and Austrailia. My thoughts: clearly, I need to make a special trip in the near future.

Since, I have been way too busy to do new outfit shots, here's one that I wore some time ago. I wanted to add studs or something a little darker as an embellishment to my denim jacket, so I opted for using a pair of earrings! I took my cross-earrings and put them at the ends of my jacket collar. It entirely works the same! I also do have new trimmings that I have been working on, however at the moment I'm uncertain when I will actually get them up, perhaps more Insta-previews soon. For now, please enjoy this small preview of creativity ...
(Above) Satin hat that I'm finishing with feathers, recreating floral petals from magazines and newspaper, as seen on my Instagram,  making a few new rings, and an image from a silk screen and print that I made and printed on linen ... a bag is in the works.

Details: Epaulet trim, Cross collar-end (earrings), and new lipstick!
The goods: Denim jacket-Calvin Klein,  Belt-c/o Osasp, Vintage-Leather photo bag, Shoes-Seychelles, Denim-Gas jeans, Epaulet trim-DIY.

*Don't forget! This is the last day to enter the fabulous Ocular jewellery collaboration giveaway if you haven't already. Winners will be announced next week! I'm shooting for Monday ... but don't quote me on that! 
*01/06/13 update: The giveaway is now closed. View winners here!

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Sport and Lace Prep

OASAP street style blogger
Remember this lace dress that I dyed, cut, and reconstructed? It's been some time since I've worn it and given it fashion love without having to wear loads of layers combined, all due to colder climates. I decided to wear my lace with a sport jacket this time to give what would typically be a casual and sportier look, a bit more polish than normal.

The jacket is made of sweatshirt material, which also had a baseball patch of some sort, but I added my own crest patch atop, giving it a personal touch. I mean let's face it, I love sport, however I have not the slightest clue on what's happening in baseball at the moment! I just know that I like the jacket, the striped ribbing along the neckline, and tan colour ... that is all! For some reason, sporting my own fictitious team (crest embellished and all), seemed perfectly suitable!

Varsity jackets style lace DIY bloggers

How was your long weekend, did you do anything spectacular? To be honest, I probably had the best restful weekend. I ate well, and laughed so much that my abdomen had a full workout on its own, and even managed to get some sketching done in my handy "ideas" notebook. It was nice to be around friends and loved ones, especially when they bring nothing but smiles to your face!

In short: a grand way to start off a new week. I suppose, the only thing to top it off would be to go vintage shopping!

The goods: Jacket-c/o Oasap, Dyed lace dress-DIY, Black underskirt-Ladyofashion, Shoes-BDG via Urban Outfitters.


Designer Spotlight: Ocular Jewellery

Earlier this year, I introduced you to UK emerging designer Lianna Sheppard, the talented creative behind the jewellery and accessories line, Ocular. It was only a matter of time when both of our schedules would allow us to finally chat in depth about her collection amidst us both enjoying an early morning cuppa.

The brand itself, just shy of three years, has already gained the spotlight in many fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Fabulous. Her unique pieces have also been in Selfridges–in Supermarket Sarah’s shop. And, why not! She goes for the bold and does so quite confidently in her designs. The collection? Imagine dipping your Crayolas into a new shade of fearless!

“I adore colour! Everything I wear is sort of colourful, and I love geometrical patterns, shapes, and forms. Back at college, I was into flowers, and one day I just sort of put more [emphasis on] geometric forms and sculptural shapes. But, I’m probably rebelling a bit against myself because, for my Masters, most of it was black and white. The work that I did [during] my B.A. was really brilliantly colourful, so I think I was craving a bit more of that,” said Sheppard.

Sheppard’s use of line and colour stimulates the artistic mind. The pieces create a graphically driven and attention-grabbing-in-your-face result that’s loved by both, risk-taking fashion devotees as well as the much intrigued art-enthused. The Ocular line has mathematically influenced accessories that take on a 3D aesthetic, yet merely being a flat wearable accessory.

Fancy online shopping in technicolour? Sit tight, we’ve got you covered. There are heart rings, statement necklaces, and even shapely brooches amongst other options to choose from throughout the glowing Ocular line.

“I wanted to do something for the guys as well. The pieces that I make earrings for, I thought they could actually make really nice cufflinks,” said Sheppard.  And, how timely since men’s fashion has been smartly colouring outside the lines in recent seasons. Fittingly, the cufflinks have become a big hit all on their own!

In brief, Sheppard takes a little bit of this and a dash of that to a whole other colour block level. It even looks to be intensely complex, yet in actuality it is hardworking hands, simple lines, and daring colour that is purely the basis of this flourishing collection. That’s right! Every piece is produced and even etched by the designer herself!  

“All of my pieces are laser cut acrylic. I design all of the forms on my computer on [Adobe] Illustrator. Then, I get them hand cut, say what colours I need, etc.  After I get all of them sent back to me, I organise them all by piece, size and colour, and put them together in my studio,” said Sheppard.

Special attention to details knighted with a handmade touch!  Of course, this is Fashion Tales approved!
Fashion Tales is proud to collaborate with Lianna Sheppard for Ocular, to provide two lucky readers with one piece each from her collection. 

Visit the site here and comment below on what’s your favourite item. Or, look at the pieces above that I’ve chosen in the style boards, and tell me your favourite piece. The winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter.

*This is an international giveaway, so go forth and shop now! Winners have 7 days to claim their prize before another winner is chosen.
*Giveaway is now closed.*

Getting to know Lianna Sheppard:
Must-have items that you carry in your handbag?
Smart Phone, Lip Balm, Umbrella, and/or Sunglasses!

On designer influence and favourites …
Fred Butler

What’s on your music playlist at the moment?
I’m loving anything by Haim. Right this minute, I'm listening to a mix-tape by Syron. Check her out, she's a BABE!

Words of Wisdom to aspiring designers …
To anyone who is thinking, “Should I try this?” Just go for it, that’s the only way you’re ever going to know if something works!

On future collaborations …
It would be really cool to work with a handbag designer, have a show where I could have my jewellery alongside their bags or even design pieces for their bag collection. That would be awesome! I would love to also work together with another jewellery designer. 


Summer Neutrals: White and Gold

Although I do love a wearing white and minimal outfits for summer, it's not very often that I don myself entirely in white from head-to-toe. There are several interpretations that I have found comparable to many white ensembles that give off feelings of "holiday" excursions, "resort attire," or just luxe style for relaxing in comfortable threads! 

If you want to subtly amp up your look in an alternative way, I have done so by adding beige, tan, and golden hues in this outfit. 

Find a blouse or tank that has neutral colours or embellishments, and make that the focal point to style your entire white outfit around. Additionally, you may always opt for a printed scarf as a base accent to tie in your white pieces together as well.
H&M Jacket - La redoute clothing

I really desired an outfit that was casual, yet one that also evoked a tad of sophistication. I wore this a little bit ago on the weekend to see a client friend. It was one of those days that I wasn't exactly in the mood to wear a dress, so elements of texture (sequins) and adding accessories (Lucite jewellery) immediately spoke to me. Simplicity doesn't necessarily have to be boring!

(Above) Favourite pieces at the moment!  1-Stella McCartney tank, 2-Urbanears Headphones via Yoox, 3-Helmut Lang trousers, 4-Jonquil Bracelet via Coast-stores, 5-ForeverNew ankle boots.
Wearing summer white style bloggerStreet style White trends for summer
The goods: Jacket-H&M, Trousers-La Redoute, Tank-Express, Boots-Love Culture, Lucite necklace-gifted.

Have you worn all white before? What white garment or item are you currently loving at the moment?


Progressive Joy: The Remix

I will start by shouting from my perfectly landscaped virtual rooftop to say, yeow! What a week it's been! Of course you may have noticed my delay in blog-land, but I promise you it was worth it! Special thanks to those of you who sent me extra lovely messages, that is always appreciated!

The week was filled with the usual business of marrying tight deadlines, chaos, and excitement together as we all began to do what I call, working miracles with budgets and margins once more in meetings. Yes, so glamourous, I know. However, the glam trail did not stop there! I received wonderful news both personal and professional. I found out that one of my friends welcomed a newborn son, and another close friend of mine landed herself a new career, as she's been seeking for months and held out for the perfect one.

I received a new freelance side project that I am happily working on as I type (after the tea finishes steeping that is), and even a small farewell party for a co-worker commenced earlier in the week, as he left the corporate world for good to start a new business venture of his own. 
 Stripes jackets summer skirts
So what does this outfit have to do with my week infused happiness ... absolutely nothing! It was actually inspired by blinds, but that is a whole other story of artful abstractions. Perhaps we can lean toward Breton inspired weekend, and a touch of modern prairie goes vintage on this one!

This is a remixed ensemble that I wore some time ago when I was visiting a family friend who owns a couple of horses. She's promised me a day of horseback riding in the countryside soon, which I love and have not done in years ... right, actually it's close to a decade to be honest.

But, life is full of glorious moments like these to cherish, and also a tub of challenges to conquer. We shall see what becomes of this weekend of nostalgia. Obviously, I would not be wearing a dress nor one of my favourite belts with golden hardware to go horseback riding!

All of this positive energy and thriving air of wonder is what's been going on so far! Is it not these entirely uplifting moments and randomness that we should share more of? Okay, now it's your turn ...

That's the highlights of the week! So, go on ... tell me below what made you happy this week? One good thing that has happened to you, even if it's simply the fact that you had sunnier days to greet you every morning!

The goods: Striped jacket-Consignment shop, Dress worn as skirt-SimplyChic SF, Boots-Vintage, Belt-Michael Kors, Tank-H&M, Leather clutch-Vintage 

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Bright Conversations

What are your favourite colours to wear? For me it's blue, specifically turquoise, as well as all shades of yellow ... my top two favourite hues! But, as you may know my love for colour in general includes, well, everything!

This dress is so comfortable and perfect for a "going to the park" type of day with a neatly packed basket full of cheese, champagne, and wine! Except, instead of carrying snacks and chilled beverages in my basket woven tote, this time I only needed to bring my reading material. I packed a good book, a few glossies, and portable iPhone speakers in my handbag, because this time my friends were bringing the goods to me!

Earlier in the day I had already decided on getting in some quiet time to catch up on reading and sketching. Then, a few hours later I received a surprise call that a couple of friends were in town and wanted a low-key meetup. Don't you just love those completely spontaneous days?
It turned out to be a wonderful day filled with enchanting memories, good company, and not having a worry at all flashing through our minds! Sometimes you merely need an actual day of rest: a moment to have a clear mind, releasing your heavy weighed thoughts or troubles, and allowing them to be infinitely swept up by the wind.

I think there's always time to indulge in the simple joys of life, so why not! Of course, we can all do this on our own at any given time, however this time it was certainly a special moment to share with good friends. And, I also believe that wearing one of my favourite colours attributed to the cheerful tone maintained throughout my environment. 

What colours or patterns have you recently worn that uplifted your mood? 
Yellow dresses Street style
The goods:
Retro gauze and crochet dress-Antique/thrift shoppe (similar), Handbag-Oasap (seen here), Wedges-Chinese Laundry, Handmade belt-DIY, Bandana-Art market.

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The Clash: Prints and Patterns

If you've followed this blog for some time then you may have noticed how much I adore accessories in general, especially versatile items like scarves! They can definitely be worn any time of the year ... from summer to winter! 

I tend to keep a scarf of some sort in my handbag and carryall for various reasons, as I've used them to alter the look of an outfit on many occasions. 

This is an outfit that I wore one weekend to view art pieces that a friend was selling, and then to go shopping later. After brunch we did a bit of vintage shopping and thrifting, which is always wonderfully time consuming, but also a lot of fun! I wanted to find antique pieces, however instead, I pretty much scored several other pieces: stemware, this leather handbag, and bird printed scarf.

At the shop that I bought the handbag and stemware from all proceeds and donations were going to support children's charities, so how could I not take peek and donate! I managed to get a total of 8 pieces all for the equivalent of buying a cup of tea! You can't beat a great cause and box of excellent buys!

I paired my newly purchased scarf with an old jacket that I had changed the buttons on. Originally, it had plain large buttons, so I sewed on new buttons to give the jacket more character. Since the jacket is navy, choosing a more detailed button worked well!

Have you found a great deal on anything recently?
Spring layering outfits Jackets Street style

The goods: Jacket-BB Dakota, Heeled loafers-BCBG, Leather handbag-charity shop, Bird printed scarf-Gap (thrifted), Denim-Express, Grey printed scarf-Ladyofashion, Necklace-Nordstrom, Eyeglasses-Firmoo, Striped top-Marshalls.


Designer Highlight: Handbags For Any Occasion

As much as I adore shoes and all kinds of jewellery, handbags are essential accessories for my lifestyle! From the hustle and bustle of business travel to heading off to vintage shopping, there's always a bag that can go for every occasion.

Since Fashion Tales is about spreading the love of emerging artists, I wanted to share with you three designers on my radarparticularly handbag designers that all sell on Boticca. If you shop online then you've likely heard of Boticca by now, a fashionista's one-stop shop for acquiring creations from new talent. If not, then you should!

They continue to provide exclusively curated pieces by independent designers from across the globe. I've chosen these bags, which can easily take you from day to night. Additionally, I've added a few styles that would be ideal for my own fashion schedule, including enjoying the weekend.

As difficult as it was to narrow down my favourites I finally selected a diverse bunch! Take a look at these independent designers, and tell me your favourites!
Bellebas Dareen Hakim - The Swedish Model

(Above) 1-Missy Balloon suede leather tote bag (The Swedish Model), 2-Le Grand Icon in Ruby (Dareen Hakim), 3-Le Monaco Shoulder Bag and Le Icon-Sapphire Clutch (Dareen Hakim), 4-MGA Shoulder Bag (Bellebas)

Designers to love:
New York based designer, Dareen Hakim produces elegant handbags with personality. She uses her Lebanese culture as influence in her design aesthetic driven by the notion of unique contrasts, in fabric textures, using heavy metal, and original ancient calligraphy. View more of her designs here.

The Swedish Model is a team of individuals behind the luxury designer brand with a minimalistic appeal. I love their handbags most because of the versatility. In the Balloon bag (seen below #5), a personal favourite, it's the perfect travel carryall or weekender bag, as well as for other occasions. The roomy bag makes it a multipurpose piece to love, and above all their craftsmanship with leather speaks for itself! View more pieces here.  

One of the reasons why I was drawn to Bellebas' handbags was  because of the immediate luxe appearance that you get in a glance. My favourite from the Bellebas designing duo, Luli De Paula and Dolores Mourino is the Hexa satchel (seen below #6). My first thought was this exquisite bag is great for a meeting—of course, pairing it with my pencil skirt, silk blouse, and favourite heels would just be one of many outfit selections! View more from Bellebas here.

Bottica Designers
(Above) 5-Balloon Zip Brogue yellow leather tote bag (The Swedish Model), 6-Hexa Satchel Bordeaux (Bellebas)

You can check out private sales from Boticca designers that's rotated every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for 48 hours for each sale. So, if you're looking for the perfect time to splurge on a quality bag, I would suggest selecting your must-haves and hitting the private sales!

What type of bag typically suits your style? Are you an "art with edge fashionista," a "classic beauty," a "bigger is better" bag lover, or "trendy devotee?"

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Maxi Movements

Oasap Street style Platforms shoes
Maxis are one of the most versatile style of garments that any woman can wear! I typically wear them more during spring and summer, but I have found them to be wonderful trans-seasonal pieces in my wardrobe.

Think about it—whether a maxi dress or skirt, they're easy to wear, even better to pack, and no demanding styling is needed. You can literally wear a basic Tee, maxi skirt, and sandals and have either an overall casual aesthetic or even transform those pieces into a more refined ensemble!

Maxi dresses Bebe fashion
I decided to wear this silk dyed maxi dress one day to work, and then to meet with friends later. It was one of those occasional work weekends. But, I made the most of it, and wanted to be dressed slightly more relaxed than normal work attire and without going for denim.

It was a low-key night, and I knew that most of the others that I was planning to meet were going to be very casual, so I swapped out my cropped blazer and opted for a cargo jacket. Why do I love it? It’s multifunctional and has loads of pockets!

Sometimes the most effective elements are random and simple. For me, it was pairing a nice silk dress that I found in the depths of my closet with comfortable shoes! I also liked the casual vibe to the look and blended favourable vintage to add texture with an earthy, yet contemporary feeling!  Either way, it was the right combination of comfort and style that I wanted. Are you a maxi lover?  
Oasap Street style blogger tooled vintage bags
The goods: Maxi dress-Bebe, Patent shoes-c/o Oasap, Vintage-Tooled handbag and eagle belt-charity shop, Jacket-Old Navy (last seen here), and Lucite necklace-gifted.

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