Floral For All Seasons

When it comes to floral prints there is always going to be people who think that it can only be worn in the spring or summer season. But, obviously if you've seen my wardrobe, then you definitely know that I do not follow such restrictive rules when it comes to fashion.

Painterly blooms and vibrant prints seem to have a perpetual showcase in my closet. Just as polka dots and classic stripes, I also welcome them all with open arms!
Here's a floral print that I chose because I liked how playful and versatile it was, given the colouring within the print, it had a casual and sophisticated aesthetic as well. The shirt also has tabs to roll up as an optional three-quarter sleeve, so it's easy for me to dress up or down.

During this time of year it's extremely busy for my work preparing for holidays, fulfilling orders, and heavy deadlines, etc., so I try to set time aside to absorb surrounding inspiration wherever and whenever I can. A few weeks ago, I was even able to sketch, and enjoy time reading as I watched the ducks go by. 

Sometimes, all we need is an inspirational respite from the world to help get us ready for seasonal transitions, whether it be for work, home, or other personal changes. And, of course wearing a hue that provides you with a gleam of happiness does help!

Are there any prints or patterns that continually reenter your wardrobe throughout the year?
http://www.gudrunsjoden.com http://www.gudrunsjoden.com http://www.gudrunsjoden.com
The goods:Söderöra” eco-cotton blouse in Dark Jade, and Nubuck boots in Aubergine-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén. To shop the winter collection click here.


Häkelstorfer: The Art of Jewellery

You might remember this post, where I shared a bit from one of my visits to Linz again. During my journey I was introduced to the work of a local artisan that my sister had told me about. I was drawn to the designs especially because of the method used, so naturally I wanted to share about her collection along with an interview with the designer herself.

Katrin Eckerstorfer, the Austrian jewellery designer behind the brand Häkelstorfer creates contemporary jewellery and accessories with an artful elegance. The Häkelstorfer brand offers a diverse range of accessories, including unique statement pieces and crochet-like designs with the aesthetic of mixed metals—primary materials used in the line consist of mostly gold and silver yarn, and antique crystals as well as glass, and stone.
Austrian Designers Jewellery - Mode Schmuck
Eckerstorfer’s design technique has the visual of gold and silver chain, yet the pieces are made out of yarn. Häkelstorfer is significantly a play on words, and drafted from the designer’s surname and “Häkeln,” which means crochet in German.

The Linz based designer is entirely self taught and will be working in an upcoming collaboration with acclaimed hair stylist, Mario Krankl. “I get inspired by the major fashion weeks and also from my travels around the world. Last summer I spent it in Thailand where I let myself be influenced from the culture,” Eckerstorfer stated.

Who is the Häkelstorfer customer? The fashionable, hip, and “well-heeled lady,” Eckerstorfer said. But, there’s even more to the collection than artsy necklaces and dazzling bracelets—Häkelstorfer also stocks one-of-a-kind pieces, and headwear accessories, including headbands, and knitted hats for all to enjoy.

Where To Shop:
If you’re in the area make certain to check out the art and design market in Vienna, Feschmarkt from the 15th-17th of November. You can grab winter pieces from the Häkelstorfer collection along with other designers featured.

To view the entire collection or shop Katrin Eckerstorfer’s creations visit www. Häkelstorfer.at

Images: Courtesy of Katrin Eckerstorfer, edited via Ladyofashion.

Getting To Know Katrin Eckerstorfer:

Any advice or words of wisdom for aspiring designers?
“Running your own business means a lot of work and perseverance. You should set clear, achievable goals and then pursue them.”

Regarding her favourite designers and artists ...
In fashion: Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana
In art: Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Tim Burton

On her favourite creation that she’s designed ...

“I myself prefer the More chain because they still cause confusion to the viewer. From afar it looks solid and metallic, but at closer inspection you will notice that it is soft and light. It is always exciting to see people's reaction.”


Camouflage, Leather, and Lace

The weather is transitioning all over the world and often in a very volatile state. I haven’t broken out the gloves just yet, but I am ready to go whenever the time may come. 

Over the weekend I was able to catch up with a few friends—finally making time for those awaited long-distance phone calls and Skype sessions all filled with loads of joy and laughter throughout every conversation. It’s funny how swift a few hours can go by when you’re in good company, and fond memories are shared. It’s even better when there are reenactments of facial expressions to go along with those great tales of nostalgia.

This was a comfortable outfit that I wore to meet up with a family friend to help her with fabric shopping, as she’s preparing to make her son’s Halloween costume. And, since leather already has an edge to it and naturally exudes a tough aesthetic, I decided to play with the idea of adding artistic and softer elements.  

The addition of camouflage came to mind when I wanted to wear my lace skirt, so I took my abstract knit top and layered it with my leather trousers for a different look. Typically you see camouflage in the traditional motif, but I was really fond of this abstract knit version. It also reminded me of a globs of ink and puzzle pieces … only colour blocked in army-like hues.

The goods: Biker boots-Dirty Laundry, Panel jacket w/ detachable zippers and Camouflage jumper-c/o Oasap, Patent clutch-Vintage, Lace skirt-Love Culture, Beaded necklace-gifted, Scarf-Ladyofashion design, Assorted bangles-Nordstroms, Burlington Coat Factory, Consignment.

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Leather For Lunch

Here are several snapshots of the leather (lunch bag style) clutch that I made. It also had a cameo in the last post. Since I recently acquired some good yardage of leather a couple of months ago, I've been pondering about various design projects that will keep me busy throughout the season. This project is one of five that I have been working on. It's also a perfect alternative to a casual carrying clutch bag.

I started with cutting my leather in the shape that I wanted  on the fold of fabric... a very easy rectangular form, which will stand vertically. Then, I cut my side panel pieces (optional). There are loads of ways to make this style of bag. You may go the very simple route and make it an all-in-one bag without side panels by just sewing two sides together, but I preferred side panels. I created them using the same piece of leather fabric as the body of my bag. Next, I folded each side panel inward (face side up) in a fan shape, and stitched the top edge of each side to the front and back of the bag, as well as sitching the side seams together.

I wanted a bit of subtle edge to my bag, so I added studs to my bag and glued them to the leather. I also made this version not as tall as a regular lunch bag, that way it looks more like a clutch.

I created a tab out of the leftover scraps of leather pieces and used a d-ring to hold keys, etc. This ring extension can also fold inside to stay hidden. Lastly, I then added heavy duty magnets for closure. You may add velcro, snaps, or nothing at all, especially since you roll the top edge of the bag to open and close, but I wanted an actual closure. Here's the result!

Of course, there's always more to come, so stay tuned!

How-to DIY lunch bag handbag
Materials used: Leather cut 3 pcs. (body-1, and side panels-2), Studded trim, Metal d-ring (1), Magnets (1 pair), Scissors, Clear fabric glue, Needle and thread or sewing machine.

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DIY Leather clutch bag - DIY blogger fashion tales

Framed, For The Weekend

Over the past weekend we lended a hand to one of our elder neighbours to setup their internet and new television. So, I decided to prepare a few goodies on our side after lunch. I bonded with their granddaughter as we spoke about our favourite foods and new recipes that we wanted to try for the season.

We took a moment to rest, and enjoy teatime and have coffee. Sometimes, it's easy to take the simple knowledge that we have of (doing day-to-day tasks with) technology for granted. Months ago, I recently met a woman who still has no e-mail address! Don't ask me how, even in this day that it's possible, especially if you do any type of professional business, but apparently it is!
Of course, with all of this generational gap banter, I took the opportunity to take a quick snapshot of my new sunglasses before reconvening with pimping up my neighbour's new flat-screen.

These sunglasses are my first from Firmoo. I loved the classic frame style and thought it suited my face shape best. You can expect me to wear these frames more, because they go with just about everything in my wardrobe. My apologies for the partial shots, as the photographer was not on his A game, but it's alright!

I was excited that I was able to don one of my new favourite vintage scarves that was once my aunt's when she was a teen. I'll likely be wearing this scarf often throughout the year. It also has a lovely floral print along with gold, navy, and pink hues that make it versatile to wear with any of my outfits.

The goods: Sunglasses-c/o Firmoo, Tee-H&M, Tank-F21, Denim-Topshop, Scarf-Vintage, Boots-Anne Michelle

Here's a preview of a leather bag that I handmade a few days ago, which I may be adding bottom studs and details soon. There are other bags in the works and a couple already finished, but I will probably upload them to Instagram or Facebook since it has already been quite a busy season.

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Autumn Embellishments

I am thrilled to be able to finally show you more pieces from Gudrun Sjödén. This time I chose from her autumn/winter collection, so I will be showing you how I style these signature bold colours and bright patterns and make them versatile for my lifestyle.

As an avid admirer of the sustainable company and now, one of the official brand ambassadors, it’s really the perfect sprinkle of style seasoning needed to complete my wardrobe—for me, this time it’s all about embellishments!

At first glance, the new collection is full of lively hues and of course a theme, which were islands. The Baltic motivated autumn/winter line consists of influence from the island of Muhu in the Estonian archipelago. Unquestionably, embroidery and knitwear was essential to balance the key ingredients in every collection, which is an obvious brilliant usage of colour and producing comfort fitting pieces.

You know me, I can never deny colour entirely, but I promise you that I do wear black and grey from time-to-time. Everyone around me just silently chuckled at that statement … What can I say, there’s something so joyful about colourful fabrics!
Gudrun Sjoden Ambassador Blogger
Next up, I will show you more from the autumn/winter line in due time, but for now, here’s some knitwear inspiration. I was drawn to this striped and colour blocked cardigan and paired it with my neutral tone hand knitted tam-o’-shanter hat, and DIY leather cuff.

I love knitwear: jersey, modal, the solid, the patterned, and of course all things with unique trimmings. And, sometimes a little over the top pom pom or twelve simply makes it that much more fun to wear!

Gudrun Sjödén Autumn Winter collection 
Gudrun Sjödén  fashion tales
The goods: Ella” cardigan-#37-201, and Nubuck boots in aubergine-#35-809- courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén.

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Five Minutes With Trine Lindegaard

Trine Lindegaard SS2014
When it comes to producing bold colour emanating from culture and experience, Trine Lindegaard knows all about that! A few weeks ago, I sat down for a quick chat with the Denmark native to talk about her men’s fashion brand. 

The Royal College of Art alumna produces a vibrantly artful collection of garments, some of which are varied with patterns or textures of solid hues, whilst others are uniquely embellished. Vogue.com has even tagged the menswear designer as “ones to watch,” and for good reason. 

Her intimate embrace with diverse traditions, particularly from Ghana, was just the fuel she needed to explore and showcase her passion of handwork used throughout her collections. 

The initial design process is all about the fabrics, the gathering of materials and concepts, and eventually transforming them into wearable visuals. However, location does also play a huge role as the brainwave of insight for releasing such meaningful work. 

“I’m very much inspired by where I live in London, being so close to the African market,” Lindegaard said.

Her Spring Summer 2014 collection was one that was generated from her collaborative work with UK prisoners—their touching story and their own art is what also triggered the theme and influence for the line, which was freedom.

 "All of the textiles are quite inspired by the word, ‘freedom,’ but what it means to them, and how the people that I worked with expressed it, and of course the guys in prison haven’t got much freedom at all,” the designer said.

Trine Lindegaard Interview 2013
“I think it’s important to help them maybe find another way in … In a place like London, where you have such big differences and social statuses, not everyone has the chance to go to university. That’s why this subject is so important to me, where as in Denmark everything is a lot more equal. The social system here, I guess is very different to home. It wouldn’t be as important for me to do a project like this in Denmark,” Lindegaard said.

Working together with local weavers during her journey in Ghana was more than edifying. “I think my biggest lesson is to make things easier. I’m always doing things that are too hard to manufacture. That’s my problem right now. There are certain [design] elements that if they can’t do, then I have to do it afterwards, which means it’s too time consuming. ” Lindegaard confessed.  

Well, the journey appears to have been worth it, resulting in men’s garments with a lively vibe. The bracing influence is bold and deeply embedded in the seams. Make way for playful menswear with colour intensity and an almost cautiously animated twist. The attention to detail, the inventive textile techniques, and unique adornments provide only a few reasons to be inspired and intrigued by Lindegaard’s works. 

So, who exactly is the man wearing these threads? It might be anyone. Your neighbour, a friend, or the gent at your local fair trade café because the men buying her garments cannot be summed up in one genre. They like it, they buy it, and wear it proudly! 

“I think it’s any type of guy at the moment. (The target customer) is actually changing quite a bit,” Lindegaard said.

Take a look for yourself! What do you think of Lindegaard’s menswear?

Photos: Courtesy of Trine Lindegaard, edited by Ladyofashion.

View more work from Lindegarrd at www.trinelindegaard.com.


Gems and Jewels: The User Experience

To me, searching for the right jewellery, whether it be for yourself or a loved one can be just as overwhelming as trying to find a great fitting pair of jeans. This is especially the case when there’s an abundance of options dispersed throughout a specialty store. 

Have you ever been online—fully committed to shop for items, perhaps even for something very specific only to be aggravated by options without in-depth descriptions or ridiculous pop-up adverts? I know that I have, so when  Anjolee, the manufacturers of fine jewellery contacted me about their products, I wanted to take a different route and review  my actual user experiece as an online customer instead of just showing you a piece of stylish jewellery. 

One of the first things that I looked for when visiting their site was an about page, customer service options, and their return policy. Since I don’t usually buy fine jewellery (rings) online (and I may be showing my age with this one, but let’s just say), this was going to be a new experience for me. 

I found the site setup to be quite informative. But, let’s face it, before diving into deep sapphire waters and need-to-know diamond jargon, I pulled up a comfy chair, a vintage fur (to set the tone), my evening cuppa, and began the journey in style.

First Stop: the anatomy of a ring
If you’re no ring expert  yourself, then as a first timer you will want to read the details in this section of the site. From proper names of what to call the top of the ring to the smallest stone setting, Anjolee gives a quick crash course in the body of a ring. They also tell you about various finishes, special care, and a how-to in finding your ring size. Cliff’s Notes for rings? Sorted! 

Next, I went to read their customer testimonials. To me, this is a tell-all area about a company and product, and it’s nice when it exists on a site. I always read customer feedback. To be honest, in the past, it has actually made me buy or not buy a product.   

After reading, I found customers to be very engaging with the brand—stories about finding an impossible size to having their stones reset. Happy customers and a quality product that arrives on-time seemed to be the first-rate experience that the company was going for, and per their clients, quite a success! I’m convinced, it does help that Anjolee also allows you as the shopper to tailor your jewelley.

At this point, I was also ecstatic that my eyes weren’t jumping, so I took a jaunt with quickness over to discover the actual products offered. (See images below)

In conclusion, as a first time customer, the Anjolee site has easy navigation, providing much needed information about the product and the brand itself. I also liked the fact that they’ve made typical questions that one might have about purchasing fine jewellry very straightforward.

And, to think … I thought surely I would need at least two cups of tea!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
You may view other jewellery including diamond wedding ring styles at www.anjolee.com.
I really enjoyed navigating the site and learning more about their offerings. 

*Rating:  6.7 out of 8 because I did not receive the actual product. 
Images: Anjolee, Edited by Ladyofashion
This is a sponsored post, and all opinions expessed are my own.

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Obsession: Attack of The Matte

No, this is not about Calvin Klein's infamous fragrance! My apologies for slightly misleading you in the title of today's post, however I could not resist telling you about one item that I'm a little obsessed with. Perhaps, I am so very late to the "matte" lipstick wearing party. I don't know what has been going on, but I hardly ever wear or buy matte lip colours. My matte acquiring days had truly fallen by the wayside.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely saw my current favourite ... "rich red" by e.l.f. Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) making an appearance (see it again here). I've only tried a few of their products in the past and I'm so happy that I picked up this colour.

An early night out with the girls it was, and I managed to swiftly pack this matte stick in my studded clutch. My friends were laughing hysterically because it seemed that I could not upload fast enough! What's a blogger to do? Ahem, I was on two smartphones that night one for work, and the other for fashionista uploads, but let's focus on the red, shall we?
Eyes Lips Face elf
This was surely a quick buy and easy solution to my must have colour always in my ensemble. What I wore that night really didn't matter (although it was quite casual with jewellery to the nth degree), because the rich red told it all!

This is not a sponsored post nor am I an e.l.f. cosmetics ambassador (although, I wouldn't mind at all). I am merely telling you that I finally found another great red, not just any red, but probably my first matte red colour that didn't cost me a small fortune. If you have your usual beauty favourites, then you entirely understand what I'm speaking of ladies.

Right ... well, that's really all I have to say! Ahh, it really is the little things that can bring a fashionista happiness, and a freshen up on make-up always helps.

Here's an outfit that I styled for another evening out, post-rich red celebrating.

What are some of your favourite beauty colours, products, or new collections at the moment?

The goods:  Hat-Banana Republic, Shoes-Rabat, Faux leather jacket-Marshalls, Pleated skirt-H&M.

*Check out e.l.f.'s other products here.
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