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For many people the return from their holiday or what I call, back to reality mode officially had set in this past week. I was amongst a few of the masses at my work that had to also finally experience that almost bracing shout of “welcome back” greetings the other day.

From over the phone messages to a plethora of e-mails (battling one another just for a wave of the high priority flag) in the inbox, all letting me know that playtime … is over. Well, maybe not entirely, but at least the sleeping-in bit would definitely have to be adjusted to my “wake-up” alarm setting of normality much sooner rather than later.

It’s wonderful to have time off, but there’s always a small part of me that gets excited to step back into the swing of things. As I looked around the airport people watching, which is often fascinating, I also saw other professionals with either one or two expressions as they passed me.Style blogger winter layering 
Look #1:  the “brace yourself” face: an extremely long deep breath taken in, one that also involves a slight shaking of the head when checking a smartphone (frown: optional). Or, Look #2: the “it’s a new day” face: a deep breath taken in simultaneously stretching your back or cracking your neck to help you get into that work-mode game face. Smartphone, preferably held in one hand, as you sip on your favourite cuppa (confident grin: optional).

I chose a “not to worry face,” which involved much of Look#2, and a lot happiness, with just simply being excited for what’s in store for me in 2014. Do you have any changes that you’re looking forward to?

Now, on to the outfit …
Ever since I can remember, I have adored animals, including animal jewellery and animal-inspired apparel. I initially saw this cropped jumper some time ago, but finally decided to grab it because of all of its 3D-like elements. The movable furry wing, the buttons for eyes, and even herringbone fabric for the owl’s body alone was enough to love how creative and unique this piece was.

So, how was your first week back to work or how was your Christmas/New Year’s Eve?
Fashion Tales Owl Jumper
The goods: Owl ribbed sweater, Bangles, and Bow knot hat-c/o Oasap, Old scarf-gifted, Leather boots-Sardini-Italy, Gloves and Layered dress-Target, Hosiery-Capezio New York, Layered tank-F21.

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