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Savvy Sleepers, a relatively new brand established by fellow fashion blogger, Dale of Savvy Spice, has created a wonderful product that everyone can enjoy. Pillowcases! Some of you may already know Dale, but if you don’t she’s incredibly sweet and was kind enough to send me one of her Savvy Sleepers designed pillowcases.

This is not just any pillowcase; they’re satin pillowcases with a small interior pocket along the inside casing of the pillowcase. Why a pocket? It makes it easy to stash your lip balm, sprinkles of lavender, an Mp3 player, love messages, or essentially anything that you want within your reach as you take a momentary snooze. Since I was travelling, I used it easily and listened to calming music as I took a power nap.

I remember hearing about these pillowcases around the blogosphere last year, and thought that it was such a simple and clever idea. I am already a person that sleeps on satin and silk, and have done so for numerous years, so I was happy that I could finally try this version out for myself!

“Our 100% pure polyester satin pillow cases are smoother for hair and skin … Anti-aging + Dr. Recommended for preventing wrinkles and hair breakage.” 

                                                                                                       -Savvy Sleepers

The Breakdown:
During the day often I test, work with, and see a multitude of raw materials and fabric ranges, amongst doing other tasks. So, when I inspected these particular cases from Savvy Sleepers, the one element that instantly struck me about them was their thickness. The hand of the fabric is not only smooth to touch, but has a durability to appreciate. And, as a fabric maven it was certainly something to take note of. 

Lasting Impression:
Unisex design: these are for ladies and gents—buy a matching set as a gift or treat yourself to a peaceful night of slumber in style. Take a gander at the site and choose one here. I selected the Black Truffle colour (above).

Bonus: It’s a perfect accessory to take along as you travel. Grab luxury and comfort on-the-go, at home, or wherever you rest your head.

*Each pillowcase will cost you around $36/ £2139CAD. If you would like to try them out yourself Dale is offering an exclusive 15% off discount until March 01. Just use the code: MADD at checkout!
The goods: Satin pillowcase-Courtesy of Savvy Sleepers. All opinions expressed are my own. Images: Ladyofashion, other images via Read more benefits on sleeping on satin here.

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