Style Files: Useful Apps Vol. 01


Nowadays with such a vast amount of platforms and apps to either inspire you to shop or help style you, there often comes moments where I just say, "no!" Not entirely to all applications (because let's face it, I have become a new fan of Mallzee), but to yet another thing to sign up for or create a profile, and add to my list of tech things that will likely be transitory in my daily life.

But, instead of telling you about another fashion platform, I wanted to talk with you about three Smartphone applications that I have been using for a while. These are very simple apps, and above all FREE, so there's nothing to really lose!

In a recent business collaboration for freelance work, I have been working with some professionals from Italy and thought it would be useful to brush up on a few phrases. I do have a ways to go, but it's going okay so far. I've also certainly inspired several of my peers with the app called, Duolingo.

The application is quite easy, my brother first told me about it, which makes sense because in our family there's always a variety of languages spoken. I found it very helpful if you already know another language aside from your mother tongue, however, to use this app it is not necessary. It's suitable for the whole family!

What I like most about Duolingo is the fact that it merges visual and audio for your learning education. It allows the user to speak sentences into the microphone on your Smartphone, and not solely relying on the user to use their memory for word conjugations or proper grammar. You are able to see your progress, additionally gaining hearts as points when you succeed. You can also compete with friends and add people to your contact list, holding you accountable if needed, which also makes it fun to keep up the learning.

My Fitness Pal:
You don't have to be a "health freak" or model to use and appreciate this app. My Fitness Pal, a calorie counting, and brilliant application is very useful. It allows you to see how many calories are in items that we put in our bodies. I use this strictly for when I am away.

For me, dining out generally means that I tend to eat more, but since I have changed my diet, I have become fully aware of what I eat on an entirely new level (thanks to the art of  juicing and Whole30). This does not mean becoming obsessed with everything that I choose to consume, however I've noticed a significant awareness and transformation in my body, my lifestyle, and surprisingly making more time for working out.
Of course, since I am a gastronome I do have times when I simply want to eat whatever I want ... and do so without feeling guilty. I really appreciate My Fitness Pal because, it puts everything into perspective, especially when I think I've eaten quite a lot, then after logging in my meals, I view the nutrition log only to see that I might have more calories to consume or vice versa.

Having a fast metabolism is something that I have always possessed, but also struggled with along with some food allergies. I initially wanted to use this app because I was trying to figure out what I thought was yet another allergy, so keeping track of what I ate helped me to narrow down what the problem was.

As an avid traveller and lover of making things easy for on-the-go living, Hipmunk has become a great go to app for online booking options. I came across this app over dinner with friends when I was searching for new travel applications. With Hipmunk, you're able to compare pricing for airfare and hotels at just a few taps away. You can create free fare alerts, save booking favourites, and sort out searches by showing only nonstop fares or filtering the search by your budget, etc.  

Have you used any of these apps? What new apps are you currently loving?

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