Colour Play: Alternative Gowns


Last year, between my close friends, a few colleagues, and extended family member's weddings to RSVP to there were certainly enough things (fashion-wise) to be overwhelmed about, merely as a guest. In the end, there were only two events that I missed, however given the itinerary of all of the other wedding activities occurring; I would say that it was a feat in itself.

This year I do not have as many weddings to attend, but with every past wedding attending experience does come understanding and inspiration. For example, there are many dress styles that I used to believe that I wouldn't want to wear at a wedding, be it as a guest or at my own. And, sometimes when you see a certain style in-person or on somebody else similar to your body shape or style, that visual can change your decision completely. You may end up loving those once questionable styles!
This post is sponsored by DressVan affordable website dedicated to wedding fashions. They provide alternative gowns and accessories for brides, bridesmaids, and even dresses for precious flower girls. Today, unless you absolutely have a limitless budget, you really do not need to spend thousands on a dress to stunning on your special day.
From simple silhouettes to dramatic floor-length wedding dresses, I found plenty of options on the site, including plus-size styles, and vintage gowns that you may all choose in various fabrications. There are also minimal silhouettes that would also be excellent for adding vintage elements or even do-it-yourself pieces to your overall look.  

Here’s a look at a few styles from the first installment (volume: 1) of my contemporary spring wedding selections. I have included a bold dress in red as well for inspiration, because the bride from one of the earlier weddings that I went to last season wore a pink wedding dress. I thought it was an unconventional, but unique and modern take on wedding gowns.

What do you think of colourful wedding gowns, are you more for a white traditional dress or would you entertain the idea of colour?

What style of dress would you wear or did you wear to your wedding

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