Partly Cloudy: Red, Black, and Blue


How was your weekend? I managed to get sufficient rest, attend a baby shower, and afterward shop for some interior textiles in record time (snapshots likely to come later on Instagram or Twitter). It was glorious!

It’s an in-between seasonal time, one that’s not exactly warm enough to forgo a jacket. Yet, there are days with moments of sun spurts that are more like trickery to the eye rather than a lasting indulgence in temperature change. Well, at least for now … So, this was a practical alternative outfit for the routes that I needed to take for a misty day—pairing a work blazer, and layering it with a vintage jumper and leather boots.

This was a very easy ensemble that I wore to run errands: grocery shopping, and visiting the flower market. Fresh flowers were always in our home when I was a little girl, and it’s still one tradition that remains with me as an adult.

Surprise, surprise, there was no scarf within reach; otherwise you can absolutely bet that there would have been a printed or vibrant version to accompany this outfit.
The goods: Blazer-Zara, Grazia 60s mod vintage sweater-Fara charity shop, Boots-Franco Sarto, Denim-Express, Brooch-DIY, Bracelet-F21, Eel skin purse-Vintage.
zara blazers - stylebloggers vintage Fara of London

Lastly, you may have noticed a new home for the blog à It has been long overdue, however I decided to renounce the older url some time ago, and now use my actual blog name instead. All other social media handles (@ladyofashion) will remain the same.  Please update your blog lists to this new url. Thank you!

What did you do this weekend? Anyone find an amazing deal, eat at a new restaurant, or go to a concert?

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  1. Stefani17 March

    Great casual look! Love your cute umbrella! :)


  2. I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend! And I love this look because it is both chic and comfy to be running errands!

  3. moonstyle17 March

    nice outfit!I like the umbrella :)

  4. Oh to Be a Muse17 March

    I agree about the weather. It's getting a lot warmer which is great, but I still need a cardigan here and there. Love the red and blue color combo and the new blog URL!

  5. Hi Madison! Well done for the domain! You just look very pretty, a cosy and lovly combo for running errangs. The umbrella is utterly adorable! Wish u a great week ahead, kisses! xo

  6. marina miouprincess17 March

    cute outfit!

  7. francesca r17 March

    Madison you look fab!! I love the red dashes and that umbrella is wow!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  8. alessia milanese17 March

    such a pretty umbrella ;) love this casual look





  9. This is such a smart look! I love everything in your outfit!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,


    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG

    BIG hair LOUD mouth FACEBOOK page


  10. Really nice look :)

    The umbrella is super cute :)


    Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //

    Instagram // Faceboook

  11. Vix Brearley17 March

    That's a fabulous umbrella! Its beautiful here in the sunshine but freezing out of it! x

  12. Your blazer is so cute and I love that brolly! <3

    Tara x

  13. Jenmarie17 March

    Love that last photo of you with the umbrella ;) What a cute color scheme! My weekend went by fast but it was nice. My husband and I finally got a second car (we've been making things work with one car for a little over a year now after his car was stolen).

  14. Very nice casual chic outfit! The umbrella is just too cute!

  15. Daniella17 March

    You look great Madison! A chic outfit indeed and I love the printed umbrella, a cute and quirky touch to brighten up everyones day. And Congrats on your blog domain change :)

    Take care and have a wonderful week,

    Daniella xox

  16. Congrats on your new domain! Love the vintage feel of this look.

  17. Madison, you had a FUN weekend girl! I envy you! I love your outfit! That blazer and jumper look so good! And how pretty is your umbrella! I love the print and ruffles. So girly! This weather is tricky! You really have to know how to layer. We're back to chilly weather again. LOL Great outfit! Looks awesome on you!

  18. Bloglovin hasn't stopped giving me news about your new posts, so obviously it has caught your new domain :)
    Lovely outfit and the umbrella is very pretty and so girly!

    Lu ❤

  19. This is a lovely outfit, Madison:) That blazer looks really good on you. Attended a children's party this weekend, which you'll see in the blog tomorrow:D
    Have a good night.

  20. Alexis18 March

    Awesome look! I LOVE the vintage sweater. And that umbrella's a steal! Hopefully I could buy a cute umbrella too. I think it's practical and fashionable. Thanks for sharing!

  21. chicncheapliving18 March

    Ooh that umbrella print is too fun as is the vintage jumper. I love and miss layering. Congrats on the new URL!


    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. MOSAMUSE18 March

    cute umbrella. u look nice as always

  23. I love when an outfit is easy but so well put together it looks stylish. That's this outfit!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  24. Willow18 March

    What a gorgeous outfit for running errands in! I'm coveting your vintage jumper. I love that you're continuing the family tradition of always having flowers in the house - it's lovely.


  25. kelsey bang18 March

    sounds like a perfect weekend! love that umbrella! its fab! and your outfit rocks! such a cute look!

  26. I love how put together you look- even for running errands!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  27. Glam up your Lifestyle18 March

    Ach ist der Regenschirm hübsch, da macht selbst schlechtes Wetter noch Spaß. Dein ganzes Outfit gefällt mir, besonders die roten Akzente. Hab einen schönen Tag,

  28. a really nice outfit for a cloudy day! Scarves are a must accessory for me, not so much for aesthetic as for practical reasons! And I have to add that I bought a fabric with the same lip pattern as your umbrella (in different colour and without the "Kiss") and I plan to make a dress out of it!

  29. Chrissie18 March

    I want this shirt too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  30. i love this outfit. and that umbrella is the cutest!

  31. Yes now I see your new url!!! Cool I prefer it that way. You look adorable Madison. Simple but chic. Love the blazer and the cute vintage sweater. It's not easy to dress with the weather right now. Cold and then warm again... I wasn't at a concert but saw the new Veronica Mars movie. Happy Tuesday!!

    xx Mira

  32. Virginie18 March

    Great look sweety


  33. Marcela18 March

    You look so pretty!!! I love your umbrella!
    Have a good week, dear Madison!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  34. Erika Sorocco18 March

    You look so fab, Madison; I love that vintage sweater!!


  35. So süß, toll siehst du aus :)

    Viele Grüße,
    Verena von
    Bloglovin' // Facebook // MyStyleHit

    PS: Hier kannst du ein Moschino iPhone 5s Case gewinnen, ich freu mich auf deine Teilnahme! :)

  36. Ali Hval18 March

    Ah! That explains why I wasn't seeing your posts on my newsfeed! But wahoo, congrats on the new URL. :D

    OoohooO! Shopping for textiles sounds like tons o' fun, actually. I love browsing prints and patterns galore. *___* It's like a candy shop. You look absolutely dashing in your classy red and black and blue ensemble, too!

  37. ElleSees.blogspot.com18 March

    congrats on the new blog name! i would do the same but there's another blogger who has my name after i started my blog. boo.

    butttttt how much do i adore this outfit??? umbrella included too!

  38. Congratulations on the new domain! Such a nice feeling to have one, isn't it? :) Love the outfit very much! x

  39. Shybiker18 March

    Stylish inter-season outfit. I'm finding it so hard to transition this year from Winter to Spring. The weather isn't cooperating. You look great. And I agree with you about fresh flowers.

  40. OOh I think this is one of my very favorites of yours! All the little details really take it over the top to perfection :-) Though it's easy as you said, it's very chic - with a pinch of Britishness (not that that's a real word, haha) to it.

    My weekend was full to the max of bday parties and drama practices...I'm quite wipe now, hehe.

  41. very nice and simple outfit for errands! love your umbrella!

  42. Juliet Polilova18 March

    great umbrella! and i really liked your look ;)

    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  43. That's a great sweater! My weekend was pretty low-key, which is what I wanted. Got drinks with friends and took care of some errands- that's it! :)

  44. Amely Rose18 March

    what a lovely Entry,
    Keep it up <3

    btw. do you want to follow each other?!
    follow me and I will follow you back,
    if you want :D

    my Blog:

  45. A classic colour combo and so beautiful on you!!

    Have a fantastic day,

  46. Anna Martin18 March

    Beautiful pops of color in this outfit! Perfect umbrella <3

    - Anna

  47. borka gamero19 March

    lovely! I adore the look and umbrella
    I have a new look on my blog; come visit!
    Kisses from Miami,

  48. mademoisellemode19 March

    YOu look perfect ^^

    i love your umbrella too :)


  49. kim bim19 March

    You look stunning,I want that jacket.

  50. KizzyDoll19 March

    So pretty doll, you look lovely. Love the happy you had a great weekend xx

  51. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the sweater, super charming!

    xx Hélène

  52. Yes, I am hoping to enjoy spring soon, since I will be travelling for work. Thanks for your comment. Have a great Wednesday! :-)

  53. Thank you Natalia! Yes, it does feel great. I had my old domain for a while, but this one fits a lot better. x :-)

  54. Thank you! :-) Yes, I understand your feeling, I started my blog name first too, there used to be one of the same name with "a" as a prefix, but it's not even active anymore so I am glad.

  55. Yes, all feeds should be okay, I updated that the same time that I switched domains.

    Haha, I love prints as well. Thanks Ali! :-)

  56. Thanks so much dear! x

  57. Thanks Alexis! It's the easiest outfit I could come up with and still keep it stylish without wanting to wear a dress. :) x

  58. Hi Willow,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I bought this at a charity shop (FARA) in London, do check one of their shops out if you're ever there. :-)

  59. You're too sweet. Thanks Linda! :-)

  60. Yes, the blog feed should be good, so you will be able to still see the latest posts. Thanks for commenting Lu.

    /Madison xo

  61. Thank you Emmy! I love blazers/jackets very much, probably have more of them than anything in my wardrobe (other than scarves, haha).

    The children's party sounds like fun and I loved the photos that you posted! xx/Madison

  62. Haha, thanks Kim! I am such a fan of nice umbrellas/parasols, especially prints!
    I am hoping the weather everywhere gets sunny and milder very soon! :-) x

  63. Thanks Lilli! Enjoy your week as well.

  64. I agree, sometimes low-key is definitely needed and all I want as well. :-) Thanks Nnenna!

  65. How was the film? Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks Mira, yes I do love the new url better too! xx

  66. Thanks Kelsey! It was a great weekend! :)

  67. Oh congrats on your new/second car. I know it must have been trying with one, but isn't it funny how we can make things work when we need to. Thanks for your comment dear. x/Madison

  68. Thank you so much Daniella! :-)

  69. Cla, Danke! Ich immer liebe Vintage mit die roten Kombination. Auch, Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Abend.
    Liebe Grüsse,
    Madison x

  70. Willow20 March

    Ha, that's a bit of a stretch (considering I live in Australia) but would love to go to London someday, so I will definitely keep that in mind!

  71. Yes, a bit of a journey, lol. But, all things are possible ... you never know! :) Thanks!

  72. love the blazer!!!! people always find such nice things in there but i never do when i go! damn - its really cute :)
    sounds like a lovely weekend!

    Mollie xoxo
    Would love you to check out my blog :)

  73. Elsie Davies26 March

    Great look Madison. That vintage sweater is just superb.

  74. Rebecca26 March

    Sounds like you had a very busy but fun weekend! Such a beautiful look! I so love that vintage sweater and your umbrella is adorable!