This Week's Favourites: Insta-Living Vol. 01


There's often many things that happen throughout the day, be it a full schedule of meetings or running your errands. But, sometimes it's just nice to take a moment to relax ... or take snapshots of little moments of inspiration.

Weekends for me are generally supposed to be filled with far less technology than during the weekdays, but I manage to sneak in a few images whenever I can. Here were several moments to appreciate, including casual nights of laughter, and fun entertaining friends.

Love From The Kitchen:
If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have noticed this image. We had some friends over and went for a very French themed dinner party. I decided to give my new madeleine pan some love in the kitchen. As it turns out, baking these were quite easy and of course delicious. I made two versions, one much less sweet and the other batch for our guests. Result: everyone was happy with mouths full.

(Above) A surprise care package of much missed Philz Coffee from my brother, the perfect unfiltered sky shot to enjoy a glass of wine, and a seafood paella that I made infused with saffron, olive oil, and black truffles.

Here's a new table runner that I have been meaning to show a little while ago. A gorgeous Eco-friendly floral print thanks to Gudrun Sjödén. View more home selections here. And, preparations for dinner with friends.

In Your Ear: 
Baking French Madeleines
As always, music is probably the most influential element in my life other than art and fashion. Here's several songs that I listened to this week, amongst a pile of others, but that list would be too long.  
-Reading or relaxing: Bastille & Gabrielle Aplin, "Dreams," or Elenowen, "Flying For The First Time"
-Feeling nostalgic: Sam Cooke, "Bring It On Home"
-Morning run: Disclosure, "Apollo"
-Feeling like something different: Cults, "Go Outside"

*Note: Sorry, for some reason only the comments from yesterday are lost, but I am in the process of slowly changing a few minor things with the blog/domain, etc. I will update you soon. You may have also noticed the blog URL is now being directed to Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the site this week.

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  1. Kiwifashionblog16 March

    I have not had a lot of French food. Honestly besides cream brûlée i can't tell you if I know anything else lol! How fun it is to have a themed cooking dinner with friends :)

  2. Your french themed dinner party sounds wonderful! Love the Madeline cookies! Your new table runner is beautiful!


  3. hey! sorry I've been so rare here on your page. life's just crazy busy and it doesn't slow down for some reason... but I love versatile posts like that. food, nature, home goodies - all those things are definitely my cup of tea. I especially like the last collage from your home :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I remember seeing that photo with the cookies on your Instagram :) Looking very yummy!! :)

    Lu ❤

  5. Those clam shell things look delicious, I could eat one right now with a pot of tea. But I'm dieting ha ha, well trying to eat healthy at least. It's a shame about your comments was that a disqus fault or what?