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We live in an era where hi-tech is customary and natural design is sometimes overshadowed by “it” products and other must-haves of the moment. But, I think there’s always room for a special spotlight for a company that has a mission geared toward the betterment of Mother Nature.

In collaboration with WEWOOD, I wanted to put the attention on a brand that is not only doing great things for the environment, but doing it with style. WEWOOD is an Eco-driven brand that produces uniquely designed watches all made from … wood! Each unisex timepiece carries its own character. With style group names such as Venus, Odyssey, Kale, and Callisto, everything from classical mythology to astronomy are elements that motivated the collection. It combines earthy roots of ancient history, along with resulting in elegant design.
What To Love:
WEWOOD thought of more than just being on a sustainable stage. The ending effect is a continual endeavor in providing quality-crafted timepieces. For every purchase made, the company plants a tree with the help of prominent tree-planting groups. What could be more refreshing than helping to heal the environment while also being able to reflect an innovative and refined style simultaneously?

With the transition of spring approaching, I chose to style the Date and Alpha style. I loved the bold mishmash of darker wood with the lighter wood against my skin, as well as the scale of the watch. Both timepieces are incredibly smooth to the touch, and you can see the top-notch quality of manufacturing immediately, which as a selective watch enthusiast (and wearer) is essential. 

An Education:
In case you’re not an expert in knowing all things about wood, don’t fret, because I wasn't either! The brand makes it easy to learn, regarding various woods, including their origin, scientific name, and uses. It’s a brilliant break-down (and in-depth understanding) with useful information at your fingertips as you shop for your desired watch.

“Keeping forests healthy and happy keeps us healthy and happy. We like to keep our reminder on our wrist.”                                    

Here are several of my favourite selections below. You may view WEWOOD’s current lookbook here. The company also ships internationally.
 (Above) Alpha Beige Timepiece
 (Above) Date Beige/Brown Timepiece
What do you think of the WEWOOD concept? What’s your favourite style/timepiece above?

The goods: Timepieces-Style in Alpha and Date in: Courtesy of WEWOOD. For more information visit www.we-wood.com. All opinions expressed are my own. *Read more interesting bits about the history of timekeeping here.

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