Designer Spotlight: Vivien Frank

Zurich-based jewellery designer Simona of Vivien Frank Designs (VFD) creates artistic accessories that has retro elegance. The successful Swiss brand has a very comfortable and local boutique air about it, and that’s truly because the designer is behind everything she sells. She is making each piece by hand. Many of her designs are evocative of expressions from the seventies era.

If there was ever such a thing as festival-glamour this might fit the bill, but on an entirely new level of arm-candy class. Think, wooden prayer bracelets with Pavé diamonds and a world recognised favourite … the “friendship bracelet,” a contemporary upgraded version.

The VFD collection is an accessories melting pot with classic crafting materials used of wood, beads, chain, and macramé that’s kicked up several notches! Then, the pieces are paired with sterling silver, gold, or diamond elements, amongst others.
Diamond cross charm bracelet by Vivien Frank
  (Above)  Diamond Cross Charm bracelet

Family-Friendly and For All to Enjoy
The collection offers everything from charming statement bracelets to dainty necklaces. For the multi-accessory wearing devotee, all pieces can either be layered, stacked, or worn alone. Simona has even thought about kids accessories—it’s highly appropriate since the brand name was formed with esteem of her own two children, Vivien and Frank.

With a background as a film editor, Simona left that industry to tend to her son, Frank. But, being a creative means that inspiration is always on the horizon, shortly afterward she started producing extravagant gemstone necklaces.

Vivien Frank - Swiss Designers - Jewellery
 (Above) Burma Jade bracelet w/ tassel, 14K Diamond discs necklaces (comes in white, yellow and rose gold), Tiny Initial Charm necklace, Delicate Silver on Black Silk bracelet, Kids-Pink Sterling Silver Large Link bracelet, Pavé Diamond discs bracelet and Turquoise Teardrop earrings.

Simona describes her own designs as “modern bohemian,” which is suitably fitting for the aesthetic of her work. Initially a hobby, jewellery making became a wonderful way to express herself as an artist. As a result, it has an ageless impact and global appreciation.

Presently, Vivien Frank Designs are sold worldwide. Her pieces have no particular age group in mind. There are pieces that are easy to incorporate in wardrobes—from casual outfits to city-savvy sophistication. I have my eye on a few favourites below, including my custom VFD initial name necklace. Take a look and check out my top selections from the Vivien Frank jewellery collection.

What do you think of Vivien Frank's designs? What's your favourite piece?
You may shop the Vivien Frank Design collection here, and also online at Boticca.

The goods: Tiny gold initial necklace with 24k gold vermeil-Courtesy of Vivien Frank Designs. Images via, edited by Fashion Tales

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It's All Black and White

There’s something so classic about black and white and even better when there’s a little bit of gold thrown into the picture. These are several items that could easily be transitional pieces for the post-winter/spring welcoming season, as many of us are still having cold breezes and wind chills.

Jackets are probably one of the most items that I have in my closet, aside from blazers and scarves. They get the most wear in my wardrobe, because of their versatility. I love moto-styles and cropped jackets.

A good classic patterned coat like houndstooth is always a great bold piece to work into your wardrobe. With a simple contrast like black and white it makes painting your fashion canvas pretty diverse … graphically. It’s also quite easy to style: choose vibrant colours or traditional red to pair with it and you’re already thinking smart.

Houndstooth coat - embellished flats
(Above) 1-Houndstooth coat, 2-Embellished flats, 3-Lion head necklace, 4-Faux leather contrast Jacket, 5-Graphic jumper. All pieces via Aupie.

Check out these kitchen accessories and interior inspiration below with the black and white theme as well. Here are alternative ways to incorporate bold prints into the home, and still maintain a contemporary or elegant atmosphere!

Black and white patterns Trends patterns Interiors rugs
1-Olin striped rug-CrateandBarrel, 2-Dyna grey outdoor/indoor patterned rug-CrateandBarrel, 3-Six piece set of all white kitchen spatulas-Le Creuset®/Sur la table, 4-Polka-dot cupcake bake set-Sur la Table.

Are you a fan of classic prints or bold interiors?

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Spring and Pink Thinking

Did you humour yourself into dressing for the beach yesterday? Yes, no, maybe? The first day of spring came upon us finally, and as I observed many people in passing it was as if all seemed to be in a fashion trance. This was both refreshing and a tad amusing. I think I saw everything from festival shorts with crop-corset tops to layered fur, all donned in the cold temperature.

My only state of reverie was a practical one, keeping my scarf and stylish hat in my handbag for needed occasions. But, I did browse online for holiday locations, and took a moment to dig out this dress and accessories shoot that I had been waiting to share.
I know that I've said it beforehand—pink is one of those colours that I love, yet there’s not an abundance of pieces in my wardrobe in this (solid) hue. What better way to embrace the introduction to spring than in pink fashion!

I also decided to make my outfit versatile by adding more accessories. I had a previous engagement with a client, and afterward caught up with a friend for drinks, so a touch of gold accents could easily alter my look.

This was my preferred combination: a jacket, blends of white and gold, and of course a little vintage (scarf) never hurt anyone. There was an additional excuse to bring out my glitter heels as well. Remember these beauties? I am so pleased that they have received a lot of link love on the internet/blogosphere over the years. 

In celebration of seasonal change, here's a spring welcoming gift from me to you to start your weekend ... beautifully happy hydrangeas.

What accessories do you use to take an outfit from modern daytime to a gleaming night outing?

The goods: Bow handbag-Mark, Dress, Lion head necklace, and earrings-c/o Oasap, Glitter pumps-DIY, Cropped trench-Topshop, Printed scarf-Vintage, Belt-c/o Oasap (similar DIY).
*New beauty favourites: wearing Lancôme-Star Body Bronzer, and E.L.F. Studio HD blush in Superstar.

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Style Files: Wedding Accessories

With selecting the perfect wedding dress comes wanting the right accessories—less is more for some people, and then “more” is better for others. One thing is certain though, for your special day it should all matter from head-to-toe!

Here is part two of my wedding styling installment, sponsored by As you may know, aside from the garment itself, one of the best elements in any outfit (for me) usually has to do with accessories. Wedding accessories styling includes everything from embellishments for your veil to jewellery worn along with your dress. 

The first thing to really think about is the setting of your wedding. Are you having a rustic theme, wearing a deeply romantic styled dress, or are you going to have a dramatic vintage moment? In my last post, I mentioned one of the recent weddings that I attended, I noticed the bride wore a colourful wedding dress. It was very unconventional, yet well-suited for her style. But, I loved that she also really thought about her look—a brightly hued modern gown in a simple silhouette sans an overly frill factor, paired with statement jewellery. 
 Schmuck wedding accessories
I love it when a bride does her own thing in an elegant way. She definitely made it her own and knew exactly what she wanted … I fully support that! But, In case you’re not as decisive as some ladies, those of whom likely thought about their dress and the entire experience since their teens, here’s some inspiration for wedding accessories. 

The best part about these modern times are the fact that you really can find diverse styles in stores, and do anything that you want, whether you’re a traditionalist, a minimalist, or a nationalist!

The most essential rule to recollect is to be yourself, and remember it’s your day, not the sales woman in the store or, in fact your bestie who swears that “everything” looks amazing on you. Trust your instincts when choosing accessories, and if you need extra help, well, there’s always style boards like these to guide you into a new fashion terrain of sophistication.

What wedding accessories are/were a must-have in your ideal wedding outfit?
Are you more of a jewellery lover, do you need a veil, or is it all about the shoes?
Wedding inspiration blogs
*This is a sponsored post. Compensation was received for the content and creation of this post. All opinions expressed are my own. Images courtesy of, edited by Fashion Tales.

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Partly Cloudy: Red, Black, and Blue

How was your weekend? I managed to get sufficient rest, attend a baby shower, and afterward shop for some interior textiles in record time (snapshots likely to come later on Instagram or Twitter). It was glorious!

It’s an in-between seasonal time, one that’s not exactly warm enough to forgo a jacket. Yet, there are days with moments of sun spurts that are more like trickery to the eye rather than a lasting indulgence in temperature change. Well, at least for now … So, this was a practical alternative outfit for the routes that I needed to take for a misty day—pairing a work blazer, and layering it with a vintage jumper and leather boots.
Printed brolly girly patterns
This was a very easy ensemble that I wore to run errands: grocery shopping, and visiting the flower market. Fresh flowers were always in our home when I was a little girl, and it’s still one tradition that remains with me as an adult.

Surprise, surprise, there was no scarf within reach; otherwise you can absolutely bet that there would have been a printed or vibrant version to accompany this outfit.
The goods: Blazer-Zara, Grazia 60s mod vintage sweater-Fara charity shop, Boots-Franco Sarto, Denim-Express, Brooch-DIY, Bracelet-F21, Eel skin purse-Vintage.
zara blazers - stylebloggers vintage Fara of London

Lastly, you may have noticed a new home for the blog à It has been long overdue, however I decided to renounce the older url some time ago, and now use my actual blog name instead. All other social media handles (@ladyofashion) will remain the same.  Please update your blog lists to this new url. Thank you!

What did you do this weekend? Anyone find an amazing deal, eat at a new restaurant, or go to a concert?

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This Week's Favourites: Insta-Living Vol. 01

There's often many things that happen throughout the day, be it a full schedule of meetings or running your errands. But, sometimes it's just nice to take a moment to relax ... or take snapshots of little moments of inspiration.

Weekends for me are generally supposed to be filled with far less technology than during the weekdays, but I manage to sneak in a few images whenever I can. Here were several moments to appreciate, including casual nights of laughter, and fun entertaining friends.

Love From The Kitchen:
If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have noticed this image. We had some friends over and went for a very French themed dinner party. I decided to give my new madeleine pan some love in the kitchen. As it turns out, baking these were quite easy and of course delicious. I made two versions, one much less sweet and the other batch for our guests. Result: everyone was happy with mouths full.

(Above) A surprise care package of much missed Philz Coffee from my brother, the perfect unfiltered sky shot to enjoy a glass of wine, and a seafood paella that I made infused with saffron, olive oil, and black truffles.

Here's a new table runner that I have been meaning to show a little while ago. A gorgeous Eco-friendly floral print thanks to Gudrun Sjödén. View more home selections here. And, preparations for dinner with friends.

In Your Ear: 
Baking French Madeleines
As always, music is probably the most influential element in my life other than art and fashion. Here's several songs that I listened to this week, amongst a pile of others, but that list would be too long.  
-Reading or relaxing: Bastille & Gabrielle Aplin, "Dreams," or Elenowen, "Flying For The First Time"
-Feeling nostalgic: Sam Cooke, "Bring It On Home"
-Morning run: Disclosure, "Apollo"
-Feeling like something different: Cults, "Go Outside"

*Note: Sorry, for some reason only the comments from yesterday are lost, but I am in the process of slowly changing a few minor things with the blog/domain, etc. I will update you soon. You may have also noticed the blog URL is now being directed to Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the site this week.

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Colour Play: Alternative Gowns

Last year, between my close friends, a few colleagues, and extended family member's weddings to RSVP to there were certainly enough things (fashion-wise) to be overwhelmed about, merely as a guest. In the end, there were only two events that I missed, however given the itinerary of all of the other wedding activities occurring; I would say that it was a feat in itself.

This year I do not have as many weddings to attend, but with every past wedding attending experience does come understanding and inspiration. For example, there are many dress styles that I used to believe that I wouldn't want to wear at a wedding, be it as a guest or at my own. And, sometimes when you see a certain style in-person or on somebody else similar to your body shape or style, that visual can change your decision completely. You may end up loving those once questionable styles!
This post is sponsored by DressVan affordable website dedicated to wedding fashions. They provide alternative gowns and accessories for brides, bridesmaids, and even dresses for precious flower girls. Today, unless you absolutely have a limitless budget, you really do not need to spend thousands on a dress to stunning on your special day.
From simple silhouettes to dramatic floor-length wedding dresses, I found plenty of options on the site, including plus-size styles, and vintage gowns that you may all choose in various fabrications. There are also minimal silhouettes that would also be excellent for adding vintage elements or even do-it-yourself pieces to your overall look.  

Here’s a look at a few styles from the first installment (volume: 1) of my contemporary spring wedding selections. I have included a bold dress in red as well for inspiration, because the bride from one of the earlier weddings that I went to last season wore a pink wedding dress. I thought it was an unconventional, but unique and modern take on wedding gowns.

What do you think of colourful wedding gowns, are you more for a white traditional dress or would you entertain the idea of colour?

What style of dress would you wear or did you wear to your wedding

This is a sponsored post. Compensation was received for the content and creation of this post. All opinions expressed are my own. Images courtesy of, edited by Fashion Tales.

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WeWood: Eco-Sophistication

We live in an era where hi-tech is customary and natural design is sometimes overshadowed by “it” products and other must-haves of the moment. But, I think there’s always room for a special spotlight for a company that has a mission geared toward the betterment of Mother Nature.

In collaboration with WEWOOD, I wanted to put the attention on a brand that is not only doing great things for the environment, but doing it with style. WEWOOD is an Eco-driven brand that produces uniquely designed watches all made from … wood! Each unisex timepiece carries its own character. With style group names such as Venus, Odyssey, Kale, and Callisto, everything from classical mythology to astronomy are elements that motivated the collection. It combines earthy roots of ancient history, along with resulting in elegant design.
What To Love:
WEWOOD thought of more than just being on a sustainable stage. The ending effect is a continual endeavor in providing quality-crafted timepieces. For every purchase made, the company plants a tree with the help of prominent tree-planting groups. What could be more refreshing than helping to heal the environment while also being able to reflect an innovative and refined style simultaneously?

With the transition of spring approaching, I chose to style the Date and Alpha style. I loved the bold mishmash of darker wood with the lighter wood against my skin, as well as the scale of the watch. Both timepieces are incredibly smooth to the touch, and you can see the top-notch quality of manufacturing immediately, which as a selective watch enthusiast (and wearer) is essential. 

An Education:
In case you’re not an expert in knowing all things about wood, don’t fret, because I wasn't either! The brand makes it easy to learn, regarding various woods, including their origin, scientific name, and uses. It’s a brilliant break-down (and in-depth understanding) with useful information at your fingertips as you shop for your desired watch.

“Keeping forests healthy and happy keeps us healthy and happy. We like to keep our reminder on our wrist.”                                    

Here are several of my favourite selections below. You may view WEWOOD’s current lookbook here. The company also ships internationally.
 (Above) Alpha Beige Timepiece
 (Above) Date Beige/Brown Timepiece
What do you think of the WEWOOD concept? What’s your favourite style/timepiece above?

The goods: Timepieces-Style in Alpha and Date in: Courtesy of WEWOOD. For more information visit All opinions expressed are my own. *Read more interesting bits about the history of timekeeping here.

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Optical Accessories: Retro Appeal

As you may know, I consider my eyeglasses very much a fashion accessory, just as any statement necklace. Accessories are often the finishing touch to an outfit. From work meetings to reading at home, I have finally managed to procure a nice collection over the years. So, I was honoured to be chosen as one of Coastal’s Style Ambassadors.

Eye frames, in general have positively been ushered into new fashion territory just within the past decade. Undoubtedly, even with new technology, frame shapes, and colours, there are a plethora of other factors that can affect your decision in selecting fashionable frames. Let’s not forget, fit and style is very important when choosing a frame that is perfect for your face shape and lifestyle.
Coastal -Valentino accessories LookAmbassador
I would say that I grew into adoring my eyeglasses, meaning that when I was a teenager, I did not fully appreciate them. However, with getting older comes wisdom, and seeing the big picture, came in full effect by the time I attended university.

Since I love the bold, of course this time I went for a striking patterned style of frames, and took swift night shots with my leopard knit that has been on fashion repeat.

Below is my curated collection of various eyeglasses styles that I am loving at the moment.

(Above) 1-Raen Pogue Black Polarized 54, 
2-Dolce & Gabbana DG3115 1895, 3-Alexander McQueen AMQ4156S 6LB LF, 4-Yves Saint Laurent YSL6371 PL9, 5-Love L740 Cotton Candy (I actually bought these seen here)

*Let me know if any of you are interested in receiving 25% off glasses. I have a few more cards left and I will send you an exclusive discount card code (first come first serve basis). You may e-mail me, tweet me or leave a comment below about it. Check out more of Coastal’s selections here. See the lovely feature here!

If you’re an eyeglasses wearer what are your favourite frames? 

Do you tend to wear bold sunglasses, colourful eye frames, or classic styles, such as wayfarers or aviators?

The goods: Valentino eyeglasses style V2602 280 Vintage Havana-Courtesy of Coastal. All opinions expressed are my own.

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