Cleaning Haus

I have taken a bit of time to regroup, get more sleep, and simply think about future ventures. I know, I am always either seeking a holiday or working non-stop, but I make it a point to enjoy life. To me, having balance is just as important as finding the right fitting jeans! Add a workout schedule, a fabric or window shopping trip, and a good gourmet meal, and then you have one of our typical summer weekends at the moment.

Recently, I had the pleasure of housesitting for a friend as she took her husband away on a surprise weekend excursion. It was perfect because it also gave me a chance to catch up on reading, and finally getting around to deleting social platforms that I never use anymore. I even went through my Rolodex to revise my personal and professional contact list: updating new e-mails, addresses, and minor additions and deletions, etc. Alas, all is well and in fine order now.

Do you remember when you signed up on those sites that seemed like a great idea at that moment? You know, even those exclusive fashion memberships and virtual hubs that you thought you’d actively use, but don’t use at all? Right, I'll admit it, I do! A summer clean-out session commenced. I will probably get ninety-percent less junk mail from now on!

It’s good to know what platforms work best for you. Now, I mainly use Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus (G+), because anything else regularly seems too muddled for my everyday use. And, sometimes those three together are a feat in itself to maintain. But, everyone is different. I know people who don’t fancy Twitter or G+ at all. 

What I’ve learnt is that when you know your strengths, especially for social networking, the upshot is generally favourable. So, pick one platform or select a few and learn to tailor them to suit your needs. But, you mustn't be afraid to have a good cleaning done occasionally either, if ever one is needed. 

What's your favourite platform for online engagement?

Style Inspiration:
Although this outfit has nothing to do with the post frankly, it was just a fun dress that I wore a couple of days before my birthday to a late evening tapas dinner. I bought this dress at a charity shop over four years ago, and it still makes me smile in all of its (fluffy and feminine) glorious tiers.

I combined vintage and contemporary pieces with this outfit, as it tied in the old with the new—not all that is aged is unbefitting and not everything that is modern is better. For me, a mixture of them both will always suit my style and personality best, which is probably why I still love to write snail mail, yet adore the convenience of my Smartphone, and love virtual music radio platforms, yet there’s still nothing like listening to music on vinyl, in my opinion.  
The goods:  Shoes-Hervé Léger, Handmade headpiece-DIY, Polka dot dress-charity shop, Belt-taken from another dress, Vintage bracelet-family heirloom.

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Hashtag Worthy

Generally, you might see special birthday posts about stylish presents and desires that have been generously fulfilled on one’s special day. And, even though I did receive wonderful gifts and tasteful pieces (which I’ll be wearing later) on my own special day, I thought I would do a different post. Here's a fun little gift that I received from my sister, the Lines For All Occasions: Tweets & Status Updates book.

Initially, it was supposed to be one of my entertaining introductory gifts—you know, those items that are in a type of grab bag that’s not to be taken too seriously. Upon opening the most important bag of festive goodies, I just couldn’t help but love this pocket-sized book!

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, then you will understand. The book caters to the art enthusiast, gastronome, techie, bookworm, and many others! It has lines and Tweets that are both, full of vigour and amusement. There’s even cheeky lines from celebrities’ status updates to comical Tweets from the deceased (think, Jane Austen or Salvador Dali living in the twenty-first century and being on Twitter). 
The book is a sheer hilarious and clever introduction to understanding how powerful social media is, namely Twitter. Brief tweeted installments in the book feature topics about, oversharing (ahem, #TMI), ghost Tweets, gossip and rebuttals, and Twitter etiquette, amongst many others. However, there’s also excerpts with a bit more substance—some offering ways to promote yourself properly online, or rather what to avoid. 

Other famous communiqués provided are examples to learn from … and then there’s the little fact tokens of enlightenment. Be it your “how-to” guide to crafting your next Tweet or witticisms to make a note of for the next time you see a friend’s status update, the book indeed is one to remember for stocking filling season!

I’ve assembled numerous quotes and status updates that were some of my favourites, of course there were far more to enjoy with a quiet chuckle here, or a shaking of the head there. But, listen, if you have time to spare this would definitely be an alternative way to rest your head from the crosswords or Sudoku puzzles. 
@ClaudeMonet What a terrible waste of time! #firstimpression

Which one is your favourite?

All tweets in the images above are from the book, edited by Fashion Tales.
*Buy it here on Amazon or AmazonUK here.

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Floral and Fantastic Flavouring

I must admit, it was slightly difficult to get back in the swing of things, but I am happily back to blogging after a small holiday and extended birthday weekend. There’s far too much to share, but overall it has been an incredibly wonderful summer so far.

If you’ve been following the blog for even a smidgen of time, then you've likely noticed by now that I am a foodie devotee. In the past few months, I have been challenging myself to cook, bake, and even use my kitchen tools a lot more … that is, when I actually set aside a designated time. Fortunately, even though I may not be near my own appliances at all times, I am thankful to have close friends that also host fun foodie nights just as I do, but in a different way.

Therefore, I recently took over one of their food processors and made homemade (all natural) frozen yoghurt for a delicious dessert. Their foodie nights are usually, a sort of potluck—each one of us does something: one-person helps with the main menu, one sets up and chooses the games, another may even be in charge of making all of the drinks, etc. My contribution was fruity dessert. I am not really a dessert person, so I thought a healthy and refreshing option was perfect. I made lemon-blueberry frozen yoghurt, and then raspberry-basil was the second option! Homemade dinner was a four-course seafood and veggie feast, I will share more pics later. 
Double Dipped Style:
I had forgotten about this outfit, so here it is … enter, sheer floral goodness! This printed jacket was a lot less delicate than I had expected, which was a good thing. I had seen a similar 3D print somewhere else in another colour, but much preferred the flatter version and shade here. It’s part sporty and casual, however I think the golden hardware and translucence made it a lot more modern and versatile. So, I just wore it out for a late lunch date, and then again on a weekend window shopping trip.

This time, matching the lavender colours (from the pastel eyeglasses and jacket print) was the unforeseen style element that just happened to work well together. Yes, even on a slightly balmy, partially sunny, and rainy type of day this floral had its moment to blossom!

How has your summer been so far? Can you believe that August is just around the corner!
The goods: Printed organza jacket, and Leopard faux stone earrings-c/o Oasap, Denim-Levis, shopper bag-Goorin Bros., Geo nude sandals-Local boutique-Canada, Skirt-Express, Necklace, and Tank-H&M.

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The Jersey Dress

There has been a variety of colours that really speak to me this summer, including coral, teal, and chartreuse. Whether off-trend or on-trend, none of that matters because I’ve loved wearing them more than ever this year. But, to be fair, there’s not any colour forsaken in my wardrobe.

This cotton dress is a vivid coloured jersey that’s incredibly easy to wear. The easy to wear dress was a great alternative to my summer maxi—it's an ideal and breathable choice for daytime.

Isn't it funny how our tastes change over time: our personal style and even food flavours can undergo a slight makeover. If I remember far back enough I do recall a period when I might not have worn large-scale prints or ultra feminine florals.    
Creative Nostalgia
I thought there was no better reason to break out the 3D floral creation that I made around this time last year. The revamped cardigan was one of three style options that I had in mind for this look—opting toward a simpler colour palette, I decided to pair my chartreuse dress with the black and white combination.

Although, recently experiencing a great deal of busy times, I am hoping to get back to a few art projects that I’ve had to put on hold. The juices are flowing and there’s an abundance of creativity in the works. Not every angle of it may be blogged about, yet charily documented elsewhere. Perhaps, it’s a special save for a “rainy day” future posting.

*I am taking a short holiday to celebrate my birthday (officially, this Friday), and I will see you back on the blog next week. Enjoy your weekend!*

In the meantime, you may catch up with other stylish and inspiring happenings via my Twitter and Instagram.
The goods: Metallic sandals-Peperosa, Green jersey dress in eco-cotton (colour=Sharon)-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén, Geo-wooden black necklace-African art market, Floral cardigan-DIYHandbag-Nine West.
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Random Bits and Pieces

Here are a few random things that made my week special.

Fantastic Fruit:
For me, moments of indulging isn’t really a box of chocolates per se, being that I have a very low to no raw sugar diet. However, this week my life did get a bit sweeter by taking a break to delight in fresh cherries. 

With so much of the weather being up and down (mostly a heaping of warmth), it was nice to refuel my palate with refreshing bites from a fine bowl of sweet cherries. Plus the benefits of eating cherries aren't too shabby either: high in potassium, fortified with vitamins, great dose of antioxidants, low calories, etc. Read more here.

The Product:

Nothing says opulence like these stylish and sleekly designed Marc Jacobs beauty items. Appearance may not be everything in our daily lives, but for anyone who appreciates chic product and package design, they know better. Have you ever been captivated by a bottle of wine or a perfume bottle based on aesthetics alone?

Pristine packaging with a quality product is everything! Designed by the creatives of Established, the highly anticipated Marc Jacob’s 2014 fall beauty collection will launch next month in August, firstly available in NYC at Sephora stores, but actually now online for Sephora beauty insiders. The fall line includes the Twinkle Eyeshadow Stick, Kiss Pop Colour Stick, and the Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick. Stay tuned for more items from Marc Jacobs cosmetics coming soon.

The Winning Pool:

Unless you aren’t into sport at all, if you have some form of internet or have been watching the World Cup, then you’ve likely heard about the win by Germany. Although, bittersweet for a few cousins, I think between my co-workers and immediate family, festivities might still be happening. Since my predictions were correct, I ended up winning a prize bundle from our little FIFA2014 pool at work. There were only two of us in total that won. Perhaps, I will treat myself to a pair of shoes or something soon. Did you watch the game?

The Details:
With wedding season being present, I have been helping a friend with a few different concepts for her reception. As seen below: Inspiration from decorating books, and charming miniature boxes of wedding tokens, I finally found my necklace that I thought I had misplaced, and my mini travelling trunk filled with sewing notions for those "on-the-go" crafting and alteration moments.
What was good for you this week? Were there any special moments that happened to you?

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Titá Bijoux: Jewelled Refinement

When there’s a unique story behind a brand it always gets my attention, especially when there’s undeniable passion within its roots. Titá Bijoux is an Italian brand that specialises in luxury lace accessories and fine jewellery.

Keeping It in The Family:
Innovative mother and daughter duo, Laura and Céline founded the Titá Bijoux company. In 1996, Laura, a successful interior designer opened a design workshop in Milan, called Laurarte. Seven years later, she decided to provide her clients with furniture covered in finishes of lace and macramé. Her clientele as well as her daughter, Céline, adored the lace detailed decorations. And, in 2005, Céline used the macramé and lace bits from her mum’s remnants to design statement earrings, which now sells in their shop.

The talented designing pair produces high-quality accessories that are easy to love, and carry an imperial aesthetic. All of their creations are handmade with precision and fervour, and are in essence pieces to be cherished and fully talked about when worn. 
What To Love:
Today, the Titá brand carries everything from diverse jewels of precious metals to colourful and elegant lace pieces. Of course, with lace being timeless, it intrinsically has a history of its own. Based in Milan, Laura and Céline makes certain that each item created is of the best quality. They also use local manufacturers to develop and reproduce a vast range of their own patterns in lace.

In collaboration with Titá Bijoux, I wanted to show you pieces from their stunning Skyline Collection. These intricate designed cuffs were one of my favourite items in their jewellery line. As an avid traveller and accessories devotee, I unsurprisingly gravitated to this collection. From postcards to posters—distinct cityscapes are always a much preferred way to remember any great metropolis, so the thought of having jewellery that evoked that concept was brilliant, in my opinion!

In the Skyline collection, you will find exquisite cutouts: earrings, pendants, and cuffs offered in cities like, Milan, London, New York, Paris, and Rome, etc. Check out a few of their other designs and more of my favourites from the Titá Bijoux brand below.

What do you think of Titá Bijoux and their Skyline Collection?
 (Above) From left to right: Lace earrings-"Lace and Macramè" collection, Pendant and Jewelled earrings-"Skyline" collection, necklace-"Under the sea" collection.
The goods: “New York City,”and “London” cuffs from The Skyline Collection in gold (Silver is also available)-Courtesy of Titá Bijoux. All opinions expressed are my own.

*Visit Titá Bijoux’s e-shop here. You may also follow updates on their Facebook page. To view other collections visit

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Planted and Printed: Straight, No Chaser

I could not be more ready for the weekend. This week involved me running every type of errand imaginable, but all for things that I needed. You know that feeling when you are almost out of everything? And, being that it’s summertime if you have allergies like me, then it makes an undemanding task seem arduous in every way.

Even though I do not like extremely hot weather, there are a few things that I do appreciate in the summer: going to the beach obviously, extended holidays, and refreshing beverages. Here’s an easy mint, cucumber, and lemon flavoured water here that I like to make, as well as wonderful sangria with blood oranges to tryout.

Of course, with always having all things culinary on my mind, summer spices and cocktails predominantly influenced this outfit. This could easily be a sangria or spiced punch inspired ensemble with the plant print as the umbrella trimming. Since I adore floral prints, this time I thought that I would try these tree printed trousers, and the fact that they are far different than anything that I already own made them even more special.

What’s one of your favourite summer beverages to enjoy?

 Reflected: The sun catching the metal neck embellishment on my blouse!

The goods:  Shoes-Charles David, Plant printed trousers, Leaf bracelet, and Coral blouse with trim-c/o Oasap, Animal printed clutch-DIY, Wooden necklace-H&M.

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In Your Ear: Summer Interludes

There are literally millions of different recording artists amongst us. Therefore, how could one possibly know them all? And, if you only find your music simply by mainstream platforms, then you're probably missing out on a whole other lot of talent.

As a person who is in love with music as much as I adore fashion, I am always on the hunt for something different, and thankfully (because of having great musician/DJ friends) never have a problem finding fresh tunes to give a listen. Of course, there are moments of bringing back archived records from my youth, or even memorable track favourites that will obviously forever be embedded in my mental music library.

There's an art in discovery. It's quite an exciting feeling of listening to the "unknown" for the first time. Sometimes, it's a mere lyric that stays with you or a song that might be on repeat from your friend's playlist. Let's be honest, someone can tell you about a band countless times, but until you actually discover that particular band or artist for yourself, it's just not as personal.

There are musicians and singer/songwriters who are constantly in your face, whether it be on commercial advertistments or on the "Top 50" charts. However, there are others who might have a decade of experience or more under their belt. Those that are sprouting up the industry ladder at a pace of their own, and making a name for themselves amidst the conventional flood of bouncing beats and sensational rhythms. Some may not exactly even be a (global) household name yet, but that could very well be the reason why they're so special to you.  

It was very difficult to narrow down this list to six, but here's an inspiring diverse lineup of artists that will help to get your summer started a little differently with a fresh tune-up. I do hope you enjoy some of these talented artists, both emerging and well-seasoned.

Special Concoctions, On The Rocks:
Hurrican Love: After a friend of mine put me on to the Swedish pop/rock band, Hurricane Love last year after he saw them live, I immediately wanted to hear more music from them. They have a very unique and melodic sound. Here's an acoustic session of the song, "Nowhere To Go," which you can hear the harmonious blendings of both of the lead singer's vocals very well. Although, formed in 2008 the band has managed to edit themselves just right and find their signature sound. The track, "Only Human" is a great song that also captures the essence of the band's alternative range.

That's a Wrap: take five
Sango & Waldo: AGO is a provisional collective from the creative works of solely Michigan-based artists, and in the track "Channel-8," it features Waldo & The SEVENth, which was produced by sharp-crafting talent, Sango. From high-frosted lyrics to distinct cutting edge production, even if you remember the quality from the pleasingly softer side of creativity like in "Above us" (from Dpat's In Bloom record), there's a little bit of everything for the hip-hop listening devotee in Sango & Waldo's new five-track project entitled, "Until Then." You can check out some of the other works from Sango here, as well as Waldo here. 2014 sounds like it will surely be a flourishing year for them.

Night-life Lounges, and Cocktails:
Nao vs. A.K. Paul: the soulful voice offerings from London-based singer, Nao is the perfect companion to the polished production chops of Anup Paul, (known as, "A. K." rather) in the new track, "So Good." If A.K. sounds familiar, that's probably because he's the brother of known British singer/songwriter, Jai Paul.

Benoit & Sergio: you can count on this Washington DC/Berlin house duo to create tunes that you can either dance or even work to as you listen. If you're into bits of high-functioning electric tunes added with a few synth. and piano bits, then you may have heard their track, "Shake Shake," of the "Adjustments" EP last year. Now, the producing pair returns with a three-track EP, "Your Darkness." The record's digital release date is July 28.

Tender Soul:
Jessie Ware has actually been around for some time, but she's been gaining much deserved recognition and a dedicated fan base lately for a reason. Ware recently released her new single, "Tough Love," which is beautifully carried with breathy whispers and full-on emotion. If you've heard her initial album Devotion, back in 2012, chances are you will love what she's been cooking up in the studio after listening to this track. Stay tuned for her next album to launch hopefully soon, as there is no set release date, but is said to include collaborations with Kid Harpoon, and Ed Sheeran, amongst many others. 

Are you planning on attending any live shows this summer?

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