Seasoned Versatility // V.C. Accessories

For every season, you can always bet that in my wardrobe accessories will likely be present, especially adaptable styles.

Here’s an exclusive look at several accessories to be fixated on from V.C. Accessories. And, if you’re into handmade pieces that might speak to your unconventional, yet fashionable soul, then prepare yourself to be inspired.

Designer, Volkan Celik of the Berlin-based accessories brand, V.C. Accessories (V.C.) creates handcrafted accessories with an edgy aesthetic. From fashion-forward designs to small pieces with a daintier appeal, there’s a little something for everyone."As every piece is handcrafted and made with love, I feel a personal connection to my customers."

V.C. Accessories is a brand that’s all about contemporary individuality—quality goods that make statements in a wear; yet it doesn’t lose its observable nod to a vintage era. The influence of the roaring twenties being evident in the V.C. line works as a solid designing foundation. The result is a range of modern classics, all with a memorable twist. Celik has taken a traditional menswear accessory (the bow tie) and uses it as strong influence within his collection. The concept has also successfully resulted in producing a range of unisex bow tie styles.

There are leather bow tie necklaces constructed with metal hardware clasps, (a personal favourite) which makes it more appealing than just wearing an ordinary bow tie.

Take a look at each piece, they have a character of their own, and I can attest that every item is of high quality and designed with excellence.

But, if wearing a bow tie isn’t your fashion forte, then you may want to lean toward V.C.’s other stylish offerings. The line includes embellished collars, cummerbunds, and scarves with artful trimming details.

Here are some of my favourites below:
(Above) 1- Fokko, 2- Bow tie braided N°7, 3- Mouth Cummerbund N°9, 4- Fringed collar N°6, 5- Double-sided Scarf N°14|1
What do you think of V.C. Accessories? Which pieces are your favourites?

The goods: Double-sided Scarf N°14|1 in silk/cotton, and Leather Bow tie necklace N°1-Courtesy of V.C. Accessories. All opinions expressed are my own. 

To shop the collection visit

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Spotlight Series: The Biscuiteers

When it comes to hosting, details are what make the experience enjoyable. Of course, when there’s an afternoon teatime, it’s no exception.

In collaboration with the Biscuiteers, I wanted to put the spotlight on the exemplary British brand that merges two things that Fashion Tales adores—travelling and fashion, obviously! For the afternoon tea, I chose to use the “Vintage Traveller” biscuit tin, which if you’re a fan of the novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, you will appreciate the inspiration, which was Phileas Fogg. The tin is filled with intricately designed biscuits in the form of a compass, passport, aeroplanes, hot air balloons, and a vintage suitcase.
The “Fashionista” biscuit tin was also a personal favourite, and I used them to dazzle our tablescape setting. This tin is perfect for the fashion enthusiast and would clearly be an edible “statement” accessory. There’s clutch bags, earrings, and embellished dresses.

But, the biscuits are not only unique, they are simply sweet handcrafted treats that are artful and delicious. Each one is remarkably produced in just about every type of theme and shape imaginable: from festival season to Royal Ascot-inspired biscuits. The Biscuiteers is certainly not your everyday type of biscuit bakery. And, being a biscuit enthusiast myself, I do appreciate the range of clever themes and playful styles that will suit any occasion.

If you want something other than biscuits, they also make cakes, chocolates, and macaroons, all of which can be personalised.
Flourishing Extras to Love:
Husband and wife team, Harriet Hastings and Stevie Congdon, established the Biscuiteers in 2007. Their brilliant concept of creating stylish biscuits that are all handmade and delivered with topnotch service is what set the brand apart from the lot of many. And, the proof is certainly in the (sugary) pudding, so-to-speak!

“We wanted the biscuits to be beautiful and witty. We called them ‘collections’ because we knew we wanted to launch them seasonally like fashion collections and to keep refreshing and developing the range,” Hastings said.

The now, well-known brand has partnered and worked closely with award-winning companies and fashion brands, including Burberry, Swatch, Net-a-Porter, and Selfridges, amongst others.

Almost, exactly two years ago, the Biscuiteers expanded the company and opened their very first Biscuit Boutique & Icing Café in Notting Hill. They even offer icing classes for those willing to go onward with the task of learning how to frost a biscuit.

Come join the visual tea party in high-fashion. I hope you’ve come with an appetite! Just sit back and indulge in this tablescape voyage, all provided with an imperial front-row seat. But, don’t fret, we’ll skip the tea sandwiches, and keep them stowed, so that you can have tasty seconds for the ultimate biscuit-dunking experience.
Have you bought or tasted a Biscuiteers original? What do you think of the afternoon tablescape?

The goods: Vintage Travelling Tin, and Fashionista Tin-Provided by The Biscuiteers. All opinions expressed are my own. Tablecloth-Vintage, Sheffield china, and all other accessories/food-Fashion Tales. 

*Fancy attending their icing classes? Click here. For more information or to shop these charming treats visit
 (Above) Other inspired biscuit tins. 


Cobalt and Floral Occasions

Typically, when I see many of my day-to-night outfits they are in solid colours, or with layers, and even in the form of a Little Black Dress. But, this time, I wanted to mix things up. I needed a complete outfit that would be appropriate for a presentation as well as cocktail hour and late-night dinner plans.

Versatility and extreme comfort was going to be essential in the style decision, because it was a day that I could not be hindered by heaps of things to carry or assemble (style-wise).
I thought this print was perfect—it has a bold and electric cobalt colouring, yet also a silhouette flattering enough to work for the office and a night on the town. Adding a blazer to this dress also gave me the option for daytime, because I am often cold inside the workspace, hence my scarf obsession. However, not one scarf was required for this ensemble.

Fortunately, this was a dress that needn’t many accessories; therefore, all I added was earrings to complete this look. When you have a long day scheduled ahead, do you have favourite styles that are easy to transform to night? 
What do you think of my day-to-night look?

Special thanks to everyone for your lovely responses on my last post, I ended up using both the chocolates and mini-grooming tools inside the moustache boxes.

*Lastly, I am in the process of shifting several things around, both professionally and personally, including getting caught up with blogs, etc. But, I do have a few special things to share with you very soon. Do bear with me, check out Bloglovin’ and Instagram (see below). I will make my way to reading your lovely spaces soon. 
The goods: Floral printed dress, and Insect drop earrings-c/o Oasap, Heels-Seychelles.

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Productive and Rested

This week has been quite relaxing, considering the tasks load. But, through several breaks in-between meetings and errand runs, I managed to peruse through some inspiring proverbs, books, and magazines. Additionally, I was able to sink myself into a much-needed spa worthy tub of lemon and rosemary—handmade bath salts that my sister gifted me in the package for my birthday.

Here’s a few other things that I have loved and been inspired by this week.
I love bold colour and patterns to the nth degree. But, when it comes to nail colours and manicure techniques, I tend to embrace uniqueness, but simplicity the most. I kept flipping the pages back and forth, revisiting how lovely these styles were. There are colourblocking manicures to midi ring inspired styles, and it looks quite easy to recreate as well. A pre-autumn burst of influence, if you will.

I did a quick restock of some teas, and made a wicked homemade roasted beet, goat cheese, and spinach pizza with caramelized onions and with fresh basil, of course. You may have seen it on my Instagram. Then, we watched an oldie, but goodie, High Fidelity.

Easy Party Ideas: Have a Mr. and Mrs. Party
I am in the process of making a few hosting tokens for a small party for the mister, and had an idea of using these moustaches for little gifts. I grabbed these moustache sheets and paper at an art store, and I made easy boxes out of cardstock and corrugated cardboard. For my girl’s night beauty party, the women had lip smooches on their boxes.

This time the boys will have these moustache boxes. I thought it was a clever and adorable idea to make it special for everyone. I reckon, this would be great for a wedding party as well, so I will keep this concept in my archives.
I am undecided now, but I may fill them with mini-grooming tools with my personal styling tips, or funny fortunes, and miniature chocolates. 

Be Hopeful and Stylish
One of my close friends didn’t get the job that she had been waiting for after several successful interviews and callbacks, so I told her, “tomorrow let’s meet for breakfast, and dress to the nines.” She laughed, and said, okay. Here’s a glimpse below of what I will be wearing. Sometimes, when we don’t get what we want in the exact timing we want it doesn’t mean that something far better isn’t around the corner.

Happy weekend! I hope that you’ve been inspired by my brief captures of the week. 
 (Above) vintage clutch bag with dazzled heels, and an off-the-shoulder silk rosette top (both handmade by me).

Have you revelled in life’s simplicity and little treasures this week?

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In The Know: You Khanga

Throughout the year, there’s constantly a good number of designers that I keep on my radar before sharing. This is especially the case when I come across particular brands that have a genuine sensitivity and passion in the products that they produce.

It’s always nice to see emerging designers flourish. But, even when it takes a bit for the rest of the world to catch on, there are brands like You Khanga that are special enough to be both respected and recognised in a mere glance. Of course, having a dose of brilliant colour united with striking patterns doesn’t hurt either!

You Khanga is an Italian footwear brand that produces uniquely printed slippers and ballerina flats with a bold colour story.
Through travelling the world and having a high regard for Kenya, Veruscha Rossi and Benedetta Ceppi established the You Khanga brand. They decided to merge two cultures with a high-fashion theory—combining “African life and Italian style” would be the foundation of the You Khanga philosophy.

So, what is khanga precisely? It’s a colourful and printed piece of cotton fabric that is rectangular about 1.5m by 1m, and often has a border along the sides (or pindo in the Swahili language). There is no mass production in Kenya. With that being said, each You Khanga item is quite exclusive, and there’s no exact khanga that equals to another, therefore one shoe might be cut in a different point of the material—individuality being even in the smallest amount of detail.

I remember seeing the type of fabric (in my youth) that my parents had received that were later, made into dresses. The khanga is often adorned with bright colours and messages in the form of proverbs, or riddles. Perhaps you’ve seen it or similar cloth if you know about African fabrics, as it’s a traditional type of dress amongst women from the African Great Lakes area.
  Above: from the spring-summer 2013/14 collection.

More to Love:
The brand’s contributing efforts for women and children in Kenya is just one of the many reasons to love the company more. In fact, donations from their very first collection for spring-summer 2014 will be given to an orphanage in Mambrui, the Asante Sana Roberto Children’s Home. Thus, You Khanga intentionally creates small handmade khanga bags at a local setting, which allows them to devote their involvement in charitable works there specifically.

What do you think of You Khanga’s designs?
For more information visit: 
*Special thanks to YouKhanga. Images: courtesy of You Khanga, edited by Fashion Tales. 

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Style Adjustments

When you’re a spontaneous person just as I am, then it generally doesn’t get you flustered if a friend asks you to grab your handbag and swiftly head out to a (spur-of-the-moment) gig or art show.

Some time ago, this is exactly what happened. It was an occasion to remember—I had enough energy to dance the night away, my body did not feel bushed by lack of sleep, and I finished a work project far earlier than expected. The “i’s” were dotted, and the "t's" were crossed! And, these rather winning types of moments during the week called for an unprompted happy hour of almost anything worthy of a favourite lipstick reapplication!

Even though I had plenty of things to wear, I wasn’t up to completely changing my clothes, so I brought out the pastels. Have you experienced this feeling, when you could really think about your outfit, but you really don’t want to think about your outfit? Of course, you have!  
Since I had no time to waste, I kept the tulle skirt and shoes that I wore earlier in the day, and swapped my blazer and blouse for a teal tank paired with a pastel pullover. I needed accessories and wore a statement necklace. Although, at first I had on a seafoam-beaded necklace, I switched to this ivory fashion piece. I did buy a couple of art pieces, which I will likely show at a later date.

This outfit was fine for the event, because I was determined that it was going to be just that … fine! There was no need to second-guess myself, and no time for messing about. So, I confidently dressed partly summer and mildly autumn, which worked since a cool summer night breeze graced us with its presence.

Sometimes, spontaneity is all you need to keep your style versatile and sharp!

What is the last thing that you did spontaneously?
The goods: Vintage camera bag-Hinson, Beaded Necklace, Pastel stitch jumper, and Retro-style sunglasses-c/o Oasap, Glitter heels-DIY, Tank-H&M, Tulle skirt-F21.

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