Sustainable Style: Autumn In Africa

The Gudrun Sjödén autumn collection encompasses nature, vivid hues, and the world of the jungle—African animals are fluid throughout the line as influence.  

A couple of my favourite patterns within this particular collection are as bold as you could imagine,  and given the inspiration coming from the motherland, how could one go wrong? And, since a fashion medley of jungle animals was the sole source influence for this collection, the result is a harmoniously balanced line. You can really feel the spirit of the season all over the line, even in a glance.
The Colours in Nature:
From sunset to sunrise, some of the most splendid blends of colour (in the line) are interpreted from Savanna and the visible horizon. There are earthy tans, deep neutral colours, and variations of dusky pink and purple intermingled with jacquard knits and jersey fabrics.  

The general colour story is charming, and with a jumbled palette like this one, there are abstract motifs that are difficult to ignore.

The leopard, zebra, and giraffe all played a role, and expand the breadth of the collection—pairing the jungle inspired patterns together also make quite a fashion statement. I chose to go along with the rich colour combination, but I added mustard yellow to my outfit. Then, to make it my own, I added my wide leather belt over the cardigan, which also gave the illusion of a peplum.  
Lastly, here are a few other styles that I am completely in love with, some of which are so distinct and smartly designed for layering or even coupling pieces with solid separates that you may already own. I could easily see the cosy zebra tunic blended with skinny jeans and boots, and the printed scarves worn in a myriad of ways for autumn and winter seasons.

Stay tuned, I have more colourful and eco-infused combinations coming soon. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of a few winter knits here.   

What do you think of Gudrun Sjödén’s autumn collection?     

The goods: “Giraff” lyocell dress (sold out!) and “Leo” lyocell/cotton printed cardigan-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén, Leather belt-gifted, Oxfords-F21. *All images: Fashion Tales, other styleboard image, edited by Fashion Tales.

*02/10/14 update: the "Giraff" dress is now available here!
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Style Files: Fruitful Prints

What do you wear when the weather is fickle? Well, this was a question that I was pondering when I wore this outfit, which is exactly the reason why I usually dress in layers. A friend of mine sent us invites to her son’s little league footballers game, so I went to have a good catch up and provide friendly support earlier in the summer season. But, the weather was going to be volatile—rain, sunshine, humidity, and bits of gusty winds would pretty much sum it up.

It was also quite an interesting, but very pleasant day. One of the parents from the game came up to me in the midst of conversing with my friend, and after greeting us she told me that she knew me. I didn't quite understand at first since I had never met her, but then she stated that she knew of my blog because of my friend, and reads it. We spoke quite a lot about interior design (her profession) and other art related things, then talked about antiques and vintage, which I loved!

I was completely dumbfounded, knowing that someone so far away (who was a non-blogger and a stranger to me) would be so kind to mention and be inspired by my little space in the blogosphere. It's always an interesting encounter when you're actually able to meet followers in-person. 
Right, of course, I had my business cards and blogging cards ready in hand, because you just never know what could potentially become of a mere encounter! Anyway, sometimes it's entirely the smallest things ... unexpected and awe-inspiring moments like these that make a day much brighter, despite the weather.

But, I've digressed long enough. This printed dress is one that I have had awhile, however I only seem to don it at the park or on weekend outings. The fact that it has pockets was surely one of the main reasons that I bought it, aside from the adorable cherry print.

I hope your weekend was amazing. I am still away and will be back to visiting your blogs soon.
Do you have any clothing prints with fruit? What is your favourite fruit print(s) to wear?

The goods: Cherry printed dress-Urban Outfitters, Sequins bag-eBay, Cashmere hat-Banana Republic, Belt-H&M, sewn/altered by ladyofashion, Work waistcoat-Express, Assorted bangles, Sandals-Seychelles.

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Fashionary: Visual Style Tokens

If you've been following the blog awhile, then you may have remembered my initial post a while back about an amazing gift that I received about fashion design. This time, I am honoured to collaborate with Fashionary to share with you two of their menswear editions of the Fashionary sketchbook. This book is so much more than a sketchbook, it's an undeniably helpful notebook filled with necessary information that an aspiring designer or any fashion artist can use.
Fashionary, initially started in 2009, as an individual project dedicated to provide efficiency to designers and fashion enthusiasts. It evolved into a fashion sketchbook line—today, the books are still serving the fashion masses.
In the Fashionary book, there is everything from insightful fashion data (laundry labels and industry dates) to useful technical terminology (in the attached fashion dictionary). It's a mere table of contents for a designer, preparing you with some essential elements for developing a visual collection, from concept to all materials used. And, as a former designer myself, I can assure you that having this book would have been astounding for my fellow peers and I during our humble beginnings.

Things To Love: Fashionary is incredibly detailed—it’s equipped with areas for quick sketches, spec sheets, and drawing fashion figures. But, there’s also pattern layout, and concept and line presentation layout inspiration. The brilliant bonus though, is the attached pocket in the back of the book where you can keep swatches, drawing tools, and other items, etc.

The book lends itself to be very valuable, even to the seasoned fashion designer. To be honest, it had been far too long since my last sketching sessions, so I decided to give it a
go and create a few very rough sketches, and grab inspiration from the past. You can be
certain that I will keep at this with stern discipline for a bit, and who knows, I might even
get back to designing again one day.

Take a look at their booklet styles. One of my favourites is the pocketsize hologram set (above), “Fashionary Neon Light,” as well as the exclusively designed version for the V&A museum.

What do you think of Fashionary? Which book would you be interested in? 

The goods: Sketchbook A4 (Mens), and Neon Light set(3)-Courtesy of Fashionary. Shop sketchbooks here. Artwork/sketches by Madison, other images courtesy of *All opinions expressed are my own.

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Summer Delights + Special Accessories

I have been enjoying a nice holiday, and visiting family and friends for the past week. Fortunately, we’re able to keep it up for a few more weeks before heading back into full-time mode. In the meantime, I will luckily be in semi-work mode with a beautifully flexible schedule.

I will likely savour quality time (lately, the creative juices have been flowing), satiate myself with little epicurean luxuries, and once again experience what sweet slumber actually means. Yes, do give it a try … it’s marvellous!

I haven’t had much time for style captures, but I do have a few posts that are just about sorted and a couple that I queued up before departing—although, it will be shown at a later date.
Here's a beautiful shot taken with my Smartphone. It's a nice and restful view to enjoy nature, natural light, and my current spot to get some fresh air.

These are several items that I am excited to wear soon, including: two statement jewellery pieces, one bold and chunky style, and the other quite playful.

Obviously, this necklace will be doing much of the talking here when worn. However, styled my way, this could be one special piece of fashion jewellery.
Owl socks egyptian eye socks
Special Soles: aren't these socks are adorable? I think they're perfect for those moments of sitting on the bed relaxing, and reading a book with a cuppa in hand.

The Bag: I must admit, this is the only item that was entirely unpleasant. Not only was I disappointed with the colour (which I chose), but the size, and everything amid the seams. For some reason it looked different to me online. I may or may not take it out for a proper fashion stroll. But, no worries, I have a great friend who has already requested this, so nothing is ever futile when it comes to my wardrobe or accessories. I will have to search for another hunter green handbag in the future.

What are you up to this weekend?

The goods: Printed Eye socks, and Owl socks, Lips necklace, Handbag-c/o Oasap.

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Eco-Style: Animal Kingdom

As summertime comes to a close, and fall slowly unfolds, I wanted to start showcasing inspiring autumn eco-styles from the Gudrun Sjödén collection. This season the line takes influence from the depths of Africa, and in a big way.

Mother Nature will always provide bountiful ways of inspiration, especially if you allow yourself to soak up your daily surroundings. Sometimes, you can be moved by the undeniable beauty in nature, even in the smallest capacity. I know that I am constantly influenced by nature, especially when it comes to my artwork and fashion in general.
Gudrun Sjoden Elephant top
I am wearing this elephant top in support of Ivory for Elephants (IFE). The team at Gudrun Sjödén also supports the preservation of elephants in Africa, and will contribute $8 from each “Elefant” top sold from the fall collection.

The African elephant is an extraordinary creature, and they are highly intelligent animals. Elephants have an incredible memory. Their large and complex brain allows them to have social and ecological awareness. Unfortunately, an elephant is slain about every fifteen minutes, and because of the global demand for ivory rising, 35,000 of the 300,000 elephants in existence in 2013 were killed for it. Therefore, in about ten years if the trade with ivory persists, then elephants will sadly become extinct. 

For more information on IFE, visit

A Foot In The Right Direction:
Gudrun Sjoden Autumn Winter 2014
If you’re in the neighbourhood, head to the New York store on Greene Street, IFE will be doing a talk about their campaign. There will also be fantastic live music, food and other special treats to enjoy. It will be held on Saturday, 13, September, at 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

For more information click here.
Gudrun Sjoden style bloger
Gudrun Sjoden Elefant Elephant top
The goods: Elefant Modal Top, and Lace-up Leather Boots in colour Calcined Sienna-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén, Denim-Cheap Monday, Tweed hat-Kangol, Beaded necklace-gifted. *African Elephant reference (here) *Links updated.

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Ethical Luxe: Trust Fund Beauty

Trust Fund Beauty makes doing your manicure an enjoyable experience with class, style, and sass. The eco-friendly indie brand wants “to bring out the inner rich bitch in everyone, no matter what your financial situation is.” So, naturally coming up with a fun and clever theme, such as abundant luxury living was a match made in heaven.

I recently tried their nail varnish in the Just Talk to My Lawyer” colour, which is a glistening deep burgundy hue, and from the Heiress collection. I’m sure every lady has their own favourite colour that they usually buy, and this is pretty close to mine. Although, I generally gravitate to pink variations, deep plums, or natural/nude colours for my nails.

“We are a lifestyle in a bottle.”
Ethics and Smart Concepts:
From the transparency in their approach to listing full ingredients to being a cruelty-free company, there’s a lot to appreciate about the Trust Fund Philosophy. My favourite are the titles of each colour and style, giving every bottle a character of their own.

Some examples are; I Wore It Better, Old Money, Hamptons Hookup, Champagne Problems, and Kiss, Kiss Darling, to name a few. There are also collections called, Prenup, Scandal, and Entitled, so there’s a collection for every type of affluent style that you’re after. Take a look at a few more styles below.
What I Loved:
The nail varnish itself is very comparable with most quality brands, but I think it’s similar to my Essie, and OPI bottles.

Initially, I did my manicure without using the “101 manicure essentials,” including a base/top coat. I must have been a bit anxious to give it a try. But, obviously, it worked far better when I used a base coat and a top coat. So, I would definitely recommend using both, as it will alleviate problems with chipping.

I really liked this colour and I used two coats on top, which lasted over a week+, so far. You can completely get away with using only one coat as well. If you’re an indecisive fashionista, don’t worry, Trust Fund Beauty offers mini-trios! In the three-pack samplers, you can choose from a variety of colour options to try-out.
Have you tried Trust Fund Beauty? What colour would you choose?

The goods: Nail Varnish in “Just Talk to My Lawyer”-Courtesy of Trust Fund Beauty. All opinions expressed are my own. 

*View more colour options here.

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