Assorted Weekend Style

We have had a wonderful past few days of enjoying birthday parties, and market shopping to finish more inside holiday trimming details. Here is one of the outfits that I wore to one of the evening party events that I attended.

I went all in, and decided to wear a shorter dress with tights, since it wasn't outrageously cold. But, I also knew that I would be inside with heating on full blast, so all was going to be well regardless. I am also preparing to go on Christmas holiday very soon, and many emotions have already set in.It’s fair to say that the anticipation of December and its festivities brings excitement, and chaotic deadlines, but so far everything has been stress-free. Of course, all of these feelings are blended with animated jumps of happiness, which will be this week’s motivation to complete all tasks.

We decided to forgo shopping amongst overcrowded stores and boutiques over the weekend. Even with a full list of things to do, we managed to sneak in fun times with the comfort of close friends and loved ones.

Aside from doing more sewing, I will likely be making a new advent calendar, as this year I will be away from some of my family, but I am still keeping a few traditions alive.

How was your weekend?
The goods: Grey knit coat, Multi-colour earrings, and Printed scarf-c/o Oasap, Leather colour blocked clutch-Kohl’s, Dress-c/o Trendyfine, Heels-Charles David.


Healthy Snacks: One of a KIND

Now that the holidays are swiftly approaching, you may be doing a lot of travelling and burning a bit more energy with all of your holiday shopping ventures. It might seem difficult at times to pack in a well balanced diet around the clock. But, there is hope!

Being the keen traveller that I am, packing along high-energy snacks is nothing new to me! And, as you may know (if you’re a follower of this blog), having a good mixture of healthy food on the go is paramount in my travel essentials.  

I am collaborating with KIND, to share with you their all-natural snack offerings. You can eat healthy no matter where your destination might be, and without compromising good taste. KIND truly takes your snack experience to a whole other level. From Thai Sweet Chili to Honey Smoked BBQ, some of their concoctions include sweet, savoury, and bolder tasting bars, just to name a few.

The company prides themselves in being both, transparent in their ingredients and in influencing the world through compassion—for people and their body. They encourage acts of kindness, regardless of how big or small it may be. In fact, the KIND movement is a testament to their good-nature roots and ethos of the brand. 

As the company has simply stated, “One simple, foundational belief underpins it all: there’s more to business than just profit.” And, that’s one of the many reasons that I appreciate this brand. 

More To Love:
This would be the perfect holiday gift for a health conscious foodie, or anyone that loves tasty snacks loaded with ingredients that even my four year-old nephew can easily utter. All KIND Healthy Snacks are made from all-natural whole grains, fruits, whole nuts, as well as being fortified with ingredients that are high in antioxidants.

Do you have a friend or family member with certain food restrictions or allergies? Don’t fret, there’s heaps of variety when it comes to options to choose from, including alternatives that are entirely nut-free, and vegan-friendly. So, their categories in KINDness is bountiful for all to enjoy!
If you love almonds as much as I do, then I recommend the Caramel Almond and Sea Salt bar. For chocolate lovers, you might lean toward the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar, it’s a delicious way to taste both fruit and nuts together and cuddled with dark chocolate (bonus: this also has vitamin A, C, and E).

I also tried the raspberry clusters with chia seeds, but the cinnamon oat clusters with flax seeds are also great. I sprinkle them atop my morning yoghurt, or crush them into a blended breakfast shake with raw coconut.

What do you think of KIND? Have you tried KIND bars?
A-Almond & Coconut, B-Roasted Jalapeno, C-Peanut Butter & Strawberry, D-Maple Pumpkin Seeds, E-Blueberry Pecan. 

The goods: KIND bars, and Healthy Grains Clusters/Raspberry-Courtesy of KIND snacks. To view more selections or to buy gifts click here.

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Bittersweet Nights, and Unicorns

This week has been quite a busy one, so I took a few days off to get things in order, as well as finish a few projects that I can’t wait to share with you very soon. I was hoping to get to do a bit of vintage shopping earlier in the week, but I could not even get motivated after being somewhat frosty and then exhausted from the autumn day. Fortunately, dressing brightly for most of the week helped to boost my happiness!

Several weeks ago, I was asked to try out a few items from TrendyFine, and selected this big comfy sweatshirt. I actually don’t have many sweatshirts at all, but I wanted to style this one. It has a screened unicorn on the front, which I loved. I figured that a little fashion-fable of a unicorn couldn't hurt!
When one typically thinks about unicorns, pastel colours, or somewhat ethereal and fanciful imagery comes to mind, but the simple black and white actually worked well for me. Plus, it was an easy outfit to wear to an evening art showing. It was one of those nights where I had a few options to choose from for attending multiple events. However, at the end of the day we were disappointed and wished that we had went to option A, instead of option C.

All I did was take off my blazer, to make this outfit more casual, which suited the laid back ambiance. And, thank goodness, we ate beforehand, as the food and wine options were underwhelming, to say the least. Has that ever happened to you before?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Do you have anything exciting planned?
Well, here's some unicorn inspiration to make you happy! 
  Images: (top, bottom)
  Images: (top, bottom)
The goods: Unicorn Sweatshirt-c/o Trendyfine, Leather skirt-Won from a giveaway via Choies, Vintage patent ballerinas-Salvatore Ferragamo, Leather painted clutch-DIY 
*I am also linking this post with Sacramento's Black and White Share-In-Style. View more styles here

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Style and The Darkest Days

During the time of year when we have shorter days and it seems as if the sun has requested its own holiday, there’s still room for dazzling inspiration. Brightness does not have to translate into literal sunshine instead, just bring your own bit of intensity in any environment through your clothing.

I know, the dreary and often lifeless weather doesn't help at times, especially when it’s blended with the bitter cold. 

If you’re a dedicated follower of this blog, then you know that I immensely adore colour! There are times when I wear darker hues, but they still convey a cheerful mood. And, to top it all off, when I need to add a comfort element in my outfit (in general), jersey comes to mind.
Gudrun Sjoden Styleblogger winter 2014
I wore this printed jersey dress from the Gudrun Sjödén winter collection and paired it with tights, and a scarf for this look. The dress silhouette is quite simple, yet the print screened on the fabric makes it somewhat marvellously elaborate. It’s comfortable and easy to style, be it for versatility or dashing out quickly in layers. So, to me it was a clear winner. I almost forgot that it had pockets until I randomly tried out a few more belt options for other ways to wear it—the added bonus of pockets was a smart choice.

Unbelievably, we finally narrowed down our Christmas dinner party menu last week in advance. A couple drafts and translations later, in addition to a few group e-mails, it is now complete. To be honest, I don’t know why I’m always the one elected to take the planning lead for our gatherings and dinner parties, but deep down inside … well, of course I love it. So, I will not complain too much!

How has your November been so far?  
Gudrun Sjoden prints autumn winter 2014

The goods: Klöver" lyocell dress in Cranberry, Nubuck boots in Forest Green-Courtesy of       Gudrun Sjödén. Tights-Selfridges, Leather belt-urban Outfitters, Moto-jacket-Marshalls, Necklace-SF  Flea  market,  Scarf-Goorin Brothers,  Knit hat-Express. *Shop Gudrun’s new winter collection here.

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The Great Outdoors

Since I have slightly neglected our little garden, we decided to go to the markets the past weekend, and grab bundles of flowers, succulents, soil, and clay pots that we needed for the home.

I also had an extra few hours the next morning to enjoy, because a scheduled meeting was delayed until the latter part of the day. So, I was very productive—hopefully seasonal crafting sessions will arise again soon. But, for now, I am working on some outdoor décor projects. If time permits, I will try to keep you posted on some of those in the near future.

Here’s another bold piece that I currently love from the Gudrun Sjoden home collection. This colourful Leo doormat is perfect for showing some style outdoors. It’s very durable and made from coir, the same fibres found from the husk of coconut fruit. We usually have an inside shoe rack to keep some footwear, so having this outside doormat will be very helpful for entries beforehand, especially for wellies or garden boots, etc. There's an elephant version of it here as well.

The Porla embroidered throw (seen below) has a plush feel to it, and even though it’s wool, it did not bother me at all like most wool. I took a very brief moment for a cosy encounter, and wrapped myself in the throw for a morning cuppa. This will also work well as a sitting blanket for a weekend outing or lunch in the park, or even as an inside accent alongside your room décor.
 Above: "Porla" wool throw in “heron.

Have you done any home revamping or decorating lately?

*Lastly, I wanted to share a feature that I was honoured to be a part of this week. A couple weeks ago, I did an interview with Berlin online magazine REglam, which focusses on women’s health and empowerment. It was featured earlier this week. You can view it here.

 Indoor revamp: a few autumn decorations. The goods: "Porla" wool throw in “heron, "Leo" coir doormat, Lace-up leather boots-(worn here), Nubuck boots preview in Forest Green-Shop other colours here-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén. Denim-Acne, Handmade café chocolat cup-similar.

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Breakfast Style: The Morning Chill

One of the many wonderful elements about autumn season that I love is that, it’s not exactly too cold, at least for most— it’s not winter. There’s that in-between period of a tolerable cool, calm, and collected climate, all of which upholds each other in balance, like a bedspring to a mattress.

The weather starts with joyful fluffs of sunshine, you know, those wonderful leftover bursts from the summer. The leaves either spiral in the wind (softly hitting the ground) like a feather dancing in slow motion, or like swift raindrops and brisk winds as the bed sheet. But, there’s also moments when breezes hit your face and feel like they’re wrapped in a chilled duvet.

That’s also why I love this season so much. The leaves are changing colours, and the somewhat volatile climate transitioning into a steady coolness makes for a lovely fireside evening. Although, in our case, it was an early morning breakfast starter (raspberries with Devonshire cream) followed by checking upcoming holiday dates and confirmations. Here's the tablescape that I created for such a time as this.   

For the breakfast table, I used lively and fun eco-prints from the Gudrun Sjödén home collection. These are some my favourites, because of the unique blending that can be done with the printed pieces. Throughout the homeware collection, there are bold neutrals paired with stripes and abstract florals that can be easily carried into other seasons.

The kitchen towels were a big hit at our table, as well as the place mats. The jungle theme that was constant in the autumn collection continued within more interior pieces, like the elephant embroidered cushion. I chose to add loose leaves on the table for an artsy autumn touch. Then, I accented the colourful palette with plum purple, olive green, and rustic orange. 

If you happen to be near a store, check out the new line of pottery by Gudrun, there are plenty of pleasing patterns to liven up any kitchen.

What do you think of these Gudrun Sjödén pieces? Are you looking forward to entertaining soon?
Gudrun Sjoden autumn Winter Style Ambassador
gudrun sjoden Home autumn 2014

The goods: “Tuskaft” place mats in eco-cotton in colour, “peat” (shop the matching table runner here), Kitchen towels (similar "Frukoststund" eco-cotton kitchen towel here), "Botanik" organic cotton pillow in “nature,” Embroidered "elefant" cushion (or similar Karavan” floor cushion in eco-cotton)-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén. Candle holders-Pfaltzgraff.

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Casual Style Notes

To move away from the norm, I thought it was best to give you a few random moments of the week.

#1 Card Shop Tunes:
I went to purchase a birthday card the other day for a friend, and I heard a man humming in song really loudly. It was a type of humming that you do when you think you’re alone in a room. Well, the humming started to increase to an earsplitting volume that I had to laugh, because his voice was pretty good. However, I wasn't at all expecting to walk into a concert as I selected a birthday card. A bunch of other people started to draw near the aisle he was in. 

I peeked around the corner to see who this mystery songster was. The well-dressed man with a purple tie was determined to sing his little tune, which was a muddled version of Love and Happiness, a jumbled remix rather, only because he later began to insert his own words to the song. I will let that thought steep in your mind for a moment. Needless to say, it was quite an experience, and made my day a bit more interesting.
#2 Work Wears:
I decided to take my outfit in a more casual direction for an after work dinner, so I changed into this shirt and kept my heels on. Sometimes, even swapping a top or opting for a different shoe can make you feel better (or in my case more comfortable), after a day of being in a pintucked blouse and fitted blazer.

This skirt is one of my favourite pieces to wear, and I've literally had it for many years. It was one of those amazing H&M pieces that I stumbled across early on, and entirely by chance, and it’s still in excellent condition. I love the way the skirt moves—the swishing and swooshing whispers of the chiffon and lining touching your knees as it sways from side to side. 

#3 Last bits of randomness:
Uplifting tech reads: this good story is one that I read weeks ago and it’s really inspiring.

I’ll take one! This self-cleaning fishtank is brilliant!

Can you believe that official gift guides are already out! I saw my first one of the season last Saturday. I guess, marketing-wise it’s on time. But, my inbox needs some cleaning now. Oi, November always sneaks up on me … At least we have a few weeks until Christmas carols start, right?

Enjoy the rest of your week.

 (Above) Jewellery details, new pink H&M pouch, and favourite on-the-go rose scented salve for the skin.
The goods: Pleated skirt-H&M, Printed scarf, Inspired vintage England shirt, and Boat and anchor earrings-c/o Oasap, Heels-BCBG, Leather bag-Vintage, Cropped trench-Topshop, Lace tights-Express, Skull bandanna-gifted, Necklace-seen here.

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Relaxed Geo and Fashion Decoration

A little bit ago, I did somewhat of an inventory of my wardrobe to sift through what to donate and what to keep—excluding jewellery I started to compile a list of knit and woven garments. Then, I analysed how many printed knitwear pieces I possessed.

I thought that I had a few Geo-printed cardigans, but it seems that I actually only own one. I was excited to wear this cardigan, although I wish it were long-sleeved instead of a three-quarter sleeve length. I wore this for running errands on a busy weekend, so comfy-chic, but warm was the goal.

For some reason, this chiffon scarf reminded me of my aunt who has loads of Bohemian jewellery, fabric, and curtains in an antique trunk that I used to love peruse. It’s not exactly because of the colour, but rather the length of the scarf and embellished tassels.

The wind loved this scarf, and it wasn't at all difficult to get a blowing effect—it was more difficult to capture the right angle. So, I gave up trying to unfold it as the wind blew strong, and just went with the flow. The result was a fun draped effect that was also blown in the wind.

I call this look the kitchen sink, although I think it somehow still works, even with all of the extra elements. I sort of felt nostalgic and brought back these trimmed bootstraps … remember those?

Have you ever been inspired by friends or family members indirectly for outfits?
The goods: Geo-printed cardigan, Black and white necklace, and Printed scarf–c/o Oasap, Belt-Michael Kors, Boots-Dirty Laundry, Denim-Acne, Tee-H&M, Bootstraps-DIYEye frames-Coastal.

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