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You may have seen some of your fellow style bloggers on Instagram wearing a few more sparkled pieces than normal. It might be thanks to Rocksboxa subscription based service, but not like any of the traditional services offered by similar beauty and fashion e-commerce sites. This is an e-rental type of service, and an ingenious way to provide jewellery loving fashionistas with a wide-range of accessories to try-out before buying.  

The savvy entrepreneurs, Meaghan Rose and Maia Bittner are the women behind the Rocksbox brand. They have created a marketplace that gives business professionals, and ladies with an on-the-go lifestyle options in wearing designer jewellery pieces in each set received. This might be a viable alternative if you want to wear certain fashion styles, but don't want to buy a heaping of jewellery immediately. 
Here's the Details: 
The box will cost you 19 USD per monthwith a custom set (avg. $200 per set) that's curated by a personal stylist--each box is based on the selections that you choose from via your style survey and wish list. You're even able to request certain pieces via Instagram with hashtag #wishlist. If you end up loving the pieces sent in your jewellery set, then Rocksbox members have the option to buy each piece at a discounted price.  

The ladies at Rocksbox were nice enough to send me these jewellery sets to try out. In the past I have tried several subscription boxes, and for many reasons stopped them mostly due to busy schedules, and multiple charging errors. 

I spoke with Rocksbox, and they let me know that you are only initially charged for jewellery pieces that you want to buy from your sets, an initial twenty-five dollar validation fee, which is automatically voided and given back to you. You are free to keep selecting pieces to wear and swap during your membership.   
Of course, this is not meant to replace grandmother's vintage gems, but if you're interested in wearing designer jewellery to have in rotation with your wardrobe, then this may be a great option for you. It's also nice to because you don't amass a large amount of pieces that you simply don't wear as often.  

You can always return your set or pieces whenever you want to try three new pieces, swap them out. Or, if say … a clasp broke or you aren't happy with a piece that you thought you were initially keen on, Rocksbox will fix it immediately. You get $10 of Shine (money to spend on purchases) per month. For all sets sent there's also free prepaid shipping both ways of sending and returning.  

Although, many of my followers come from Northern and Western Europe, USA, and the UK mostly, at the moment this service is only available in US territories. But, I am hoping that the team will be open to expanding the concept and service globally as they continue to succeed.  

What do you think of this concept? Have you tried Rocksbox or a similar service with jewellery? 

If you're interested in this service, then use the exclusive code "maddberlinxoxo" to receive a one month subscription FREE. 

If you love it, then you will also get three months with 50% off each month. If you're not certain, but still want to try it out, you can always cancel with no hassle.  
The goods: Jewellery: Perry Street Chelsea earrings, Jenna and Avery necklaces, Lotus Studio Petal necklace, Gorjana earrings, and Sophie Harper ring-Courtesy of Rocksbox. This is not a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own.

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