Foodie Style: Unscripted


We were supposed to only have a few friends over for dessert, however somehow additional people were added to the list, then because of scheduling conflicts it was altered again. One of my friends had to unravel a situation, something about her work keys getting mixed up and having to chase down her husband before he left on a business trip. Another person couldn't seem to get off work in time (he joined us later on), and we were completely exhausted from the week.

I have never cancelled a gathering, especially on the night of, but all I wanted to say was, "perhaps we can reschedule, yes let's." It was too late. I took a necessary power nap—all twenty-seven minutes worthy of a restful blink, and it felt like an hour. My alarm rang—even with the dissonance of irritating cow bells, birds chirping, and gigantic ripples of water waves, I awoke frantically refreshed. I needed to create foodie snacks in record time. I work well under pressure, so I did not fret.

The menu that I had foreseen all of us indulging in seemed like a mightily ambitious task to take on, considering the day that I had myself. In fact, earlier that afternoon I was already a bit delayed because of a long meeting that felt like I had been in since the week before. Still, I didn't cancel. I felt like we all needed this night.
I managed to muster up enough strength to serve light sides: a cheese platter, antipasti, fruit, mixed nuts, and so on. Then, I remembered that I was clever enough to bake a cake in the wee hours of the night before (in preparation mode), to have as a back up. I reckon, it was for such a time as this.

On top of everything, my Smartphone was ringing nonstop, and of course it was someone that I had been trying to get hold of. But, the timing wasn't ideal. I took the call, being the multi-tasker that I am, because speakerphone is a godsend!

When all had arrived, it was hilarious to hear in detail about how everyone's day and week had gone. Yes, we were all a bit disjointed. It was nothing that chilled Perrier, a slice of cake, and a generous glass of champagne couldn't remedy; if only as a mental respite from thinking about the scroll of deadlines that awaited us.

Initially, I had a whole other table setting planned for the night, but with two missing from our group (and, at this point I really just wanted to soak in a hot bath sprinkled with French lavender), I improvised. I used these bright eco-linens and blue patterned bowls to lift the ambiance. Everything worked out, albeit not seamlessly, but with marvellous company and a colourful table it didn't matter. At the end of the night there was nothing except laughter, great stories, and full bellies. Mission accomplished.

Sometimes, altered gatherings can be the best mid-week mood boosters in the midst of chaos, especially when everyone is having a tough day. We actually have another foodie night planned this weekend.

Here are a few snapshots from the night. Have you done any impromptu things lately? 

The goods: Striped table runner in eco-cotton rep weave in colour Rowan, “Krumelur” bowls in Turquoise-c/o Gudrun Sjoden, Shop the Eco-home collection here. I made a Meyer lemon cardamom cake, a gluten-free altered version.


  1. You are amazing dear. Great job. Kisses

  2. You are amazing dear. Great job. Kisses

  3. Love the table setting, food and the story behind the gathering. It's inspiring and impressive. Thanks for sharing. ��

    Heel in Mint