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Summer brunch has never been so carefree, nor so casual. And, even though we were able to dodge the early rain, an indoor seaside theme came to mind. After a recent shoot I had finished, our crew and foodie guests decided to have a get-together just before the "official" days of summer arrives. It was also the perfect moment to gather with close friends prior to the beginning of (what looks to be one of our last laid-back weekends before) a handful of summer weddings requiring our presence. And, since I do love a reason to cook and use kitchen accessories, I thought this would be a novel idea to finally use the miniature ramekins that I bought several months ago.

To help get brunch off to a delightful start, it's a pleasure to partner with CHEFS Catalog. CHEFS Catalog caters to the seasoned cook or home cook and offers quality kitchen cookware and accessories. From bakeware to cutlery, all categories are pretty much covered.

I prepared a brunch menu consisting of herb-scrambled eggs, homemade hash, beef chorizo skillet potatoes, vegan and Italian sausages, grilled panini sandwiches with fresh-cut fries drizzled in lemon truffle oil, and do-it-yourself omelettes, amongst several other gourmet sides.

I took advantage of the easy-to-use, duo-sided Waring Belgian waffle maker, which allowed me to cook both an omelette on one side and a waffle on the other. There was something for everyone: plenty of items for carnivores, and vegetarian options of course for me and those in-between.

I decided on two different dessert options. One was on the light side since the epicurean heaviness was going to be a generous portion of delectably adorned Belgian Waffles, fresh fruit salad, and compote.

As a culinary devotee, myself viewing the brand's offerings is a cook's virtual paradise. Whether you're a home cook or a budding chef-in-the-making, you'll find premier kitchen products to help you on your cooking journey. I do recommend the panini press as well, as it's compact enough for a small space, yet still has the style and functioning aesthetic for a gourmet kitchen. Both appliances worked exceptionally well, in my opinion. The only thing I would change would be to lengthen the cord of the Belgian waffle maker.
Summer tablescapes food blogger
 (Above) Gluten-free dark chocolate walnut muffins.

The CHEFS site is certainly a "must-shop" destination for the savvy cook, nonetheless--a hub in the art of cookery with affordable cookware, and even modern canteen essentials. But, just in case you're not that proficient in knowing your way around the kitchen, there are loads of items to choose from as you climb your way up the cooking ladder.

CHEFS' Good Measure Guarantee ensures that you, as the customer, are 100% satisfied. They give you entirely hassle-free returns with free return shipping.

What do you think of our summer brunch? Have you used a Belgian waffle maker or Panini press?

     CHEFS tabletop styling
The goods: Breville Panini Duo BSG520XL, and Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker, Round WMR300-Courtesy of CHEFScatalog, to shop the kitchen collection visit
Images: Fashion Tales. 
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  1. What a delicious brunch menu I love fruits with my waffles. Have a great weekend.